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Behavorial Science Unit: Analysis

  • Favorite Millennium Episodes
    The Thin White Line
    The Beginning and the End
    Sense and Antisense
    The Curse of Frank Black
    Jose Chung's 'Doomsday Defense'
    Midnight of the Century
    A Room With No View
    The Fourth Horseman
    The Time Is Now
    Skull and Bones
    Borrowed Time
    The Sound of Snow
    Saturn Dreaming of Mercury
    Goodbye To All That
  • Favorite Millennium Seasons
  • Favorite Millenium Characters
    Frank Black
    Catherine Black
    Peter Watts
    Lt. Bob Bletcher
    Det. Bob Giebelhouse
    Lucy Butler
    Lara Means
    Special Agent Emma Hollis

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About Me

I am a young Millennial who happens to adore the past, that is the reason as to why I know and love the Millennium series! 

I have a growing interest in old films and products such as the type writer and I am a fan of the si-fi movie series Alien.

I am an artist and a person who's goal in life is to join the US Army and in the end work in law enforcement as a crime scene investigator or profiler!

I strive to be a better person and never hesitate to tell others my love for the Millennium series! 

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