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  1. I have a Link here to what I have been working on for the past two years. I only ever add to it when I have an idea as to how the story will go, if you guys have any suggestions or wish to help me with it, please do let me know! 

    and if you like how the story is so far, I would like to know if any of you would like to help me complete it.

    This is my Millennium Episode 1 season 4 story.




  2. So far school is okay, I have Biology, English II, Raiders Challenge, and Seminar.

    Haven't had the chance to catch up on my Millennium Binge, but hope to soon.

    Hope everyone has a good weekend!.

  3. I hope everyone can say they had a great 2018!!  I sure did!  And one of the great things of 2018 was meeting this group,  this family of people brought together by something we love and support!  I hope to hear that 2019 will be even greater than the past!  

    1. The Old Man

      The Old Man

      Belated Happy New Year! (I now refer to January as Wanuary, after being asked by dentist's receptionist when would I like my next appointment. 💉 True Story.)

  4. The image below if of the message I have received multiple times while attempting to post a GiF on the site, was curious to know if anyone else has received this message?


    1. The Old Man

      The Old Man

      Hi, sorry about that. 503 errors are often quite hard to source. It's possible you were posting when I applied a server upgrade  yesterday evening after a CPanel security update. I remember you were the only member logged in at the time but it said last action was 15 mins ago, so I took a risk and applied the patch, rebooted the server.

      I can check the logs for further clues, feel free to PM me with which time zone are you where it says 9.34pm? Could you confirm the date it happened or are still seeing it?

      Many thanks!

    2. B1SH0P-BL4CK


      Oh! Okay! I will certainly let u know if it happens again!

  5. In a time of need we all need something to help us believe we can make it..and sometimes Frank Black's story and how he made it through his fears and trials can pull a person into believing in themselves!

  6. "Evil has many faces, hope only has one"

    That face of hope is a face that dares to wrestle with the many faces of evil, at the cost of his family and friends! Frank Black is the hope many in this new Millennium need to see! The world still needs something to hope for and believe in! the world needs motivation, the world needs Frank Black!

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