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  1. On 3/11/2019 at 9:31 AM, ENGINECOMICS said:

    Hi all, so I was thinking, for the MM fan comic stuff I'm working on in the background, about adding in places and people from the forum as a thank you for peoples ongoing support to TIWWA and the fandom. I have a list of main characters, and plenty of opportunity for other supporting cast members. If anyone wants to nominate their hometown as a potential setting for an episode (though traditionally of course every episode should look like Vancouver!), or would like to have their likeness included, please let us know.


    Also I want to include quotations from 21st century sources at the beginning of each episode, whether from speeches, poetry etc, so anything you've come across you think might be millenniumistic please include. The themes include mortality, loss of self, and new beginnings.

    Oh heck yeah!  I have been hoping that someone great like you would step up and make another Millennium comic!!!  I would love to be of any help!  Just ask me!  I got a fan page with almost 600 followers so I hope that can help spread word if you need it!  I also have been working on my own script for Millennium for a year now,  and only add to it when I have a true spark of motivation and creativity. If I could,  I would love the honor to have my Last name even if it is brief!  Smiley for the win!  In JROTC everyone calls me staff sergeant Smiley. Maybe you can incorporate it.  

    And if you'd like,  it would be an honor to have you view my script for Millennium! 


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  2. On 8/25/2018 at 1:55 PM, Earthnut said:

    I have a few VHS tapes that I refuse to part with because they haven't been put on DVD yet, and may never.  I will try and find the time to search for Profile for Murder.  Like to see it.

    There's a VHS on sale at Amazon for 18.  That's all I could find, but someone has posted it on YouTube with a couple ads for other movies at the beginning, which can be edited out with an editing program.  It's not the best copy, but at least it's watchable.  Starts out with Lance in a sex scene, but all I could think of was Lucy Butler...LOL.


     and sadly Profile for Murder is one of those films! I can't even find the soundtrack for it because it was never digitally released!   

    I remember Lucy Butler having a run with Frank! LOL!


    19 minutes ago, The Old Man said:

    I did a quick topic search and here's one example thread, very interesting, gosh way back in 2009 during the great days of our relationship with B2FB, before the 'Millennium Cold War' began. Oh well, sadly looking at it, the Flickr images are gone. (That wouldn't happen these days as for some time the software permanently caches any remote third party images by default). You may find the link to the online store there or certainly on the B2FB site with photos.  I'm sure Baz still has the designs and I will no doubt have the images on my main PC as I recall making a animated banner way back, but they may be exclusive to B2FB and we may have to come up with new versions and ideas, not hard. He'll be aware of this discussion at some point due to the mention, but I recall he's such a busy chap. With great talent, comes great responsibility.


    Woah! 2009!! These are great idea's!!! 

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  4. Earthnut, i understand your point and thats what I was thinking because people have a bad opinion of Millennials , and it is a little disappointing that people are angry with the generation! I'd also like to see the website you were speaking of that had all the Merchandise! And I like your idea about the shirts! You should definitely see what we can do to make it happen!

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  5. On 4/3/2018 at 2:22 PM, Earthnut said:


    I think the killer in the first question in the restaurant is the lady or the man in the red shirt, i think the lady because the body is in the ladies room, but the man in the red could have sneaked in and got out of the rest room faster as he is the one closer to the door and could be blending in with the people around him.

    The scene with the lady on the gound, I would suggest to be a suicide though he could have been posed by the killer but based on the blood from hee head she was not shot from behind and i don't know where the door is, she was clearly looking at the mirror so she could have seen the killer and someone fight back, but there is no sign of struggle and no proof of anyone breaking in, wait, hold that thought! I think she was in front of a window! And I actually think she was murdered, she was not posed correctly after she had died! The chair did not and should not have fallen to the side, it would have fallen backwards! And her body would be up against the wall not on the group in almost the fetal position! My final conclusion is that she was MURDERED 

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  6. 17 hours ago, seesthru said:

    There once was an evil wizard. He took 3 women from their homes and turned them into rose bushes that looked exactly alike. He put them in his garden. One of the women had a husband and children and begged the wizard to let her see them. He agreed. At night he brought the woman to her house. In the morning he came and took her home. Next day the husband decided to go rescue her. So he snuck into the wizard's garden. He looked and looked at the 3 identical rose bushes trying to figure out which could be his wife. Suddenly he knew the answer and he took his wife home. How did he know which rose bush was his wife?

    I believe that maybe what sparked the answer to how he knew which one was his wife, is the chance his wife's rose bush would look a little younger than the others, as they have been bushes longer, buf if thats not the case, her bush could have been placed a little farther from the others.

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