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  1. Did people in 1997 wonder why Frank looked sad at the end of "The Wild and the Innocent"? If they did we now know why.
  2. I chose February and it takes place in the 23, 24, 26, 27 and 28 of February 1997.
  3. Thank you! But wherever I decide to put it, I'll make a note of both possible dates and why I chose what I chose. I know a newspaper article places "Jose Chung's Doomsday Defense" in November 1997. I'm not sure when the coffee shop meeting in "Somehow, Satan Got Behind Me" takes place but I would like for it to take place in late April 1998 or early May 1998 before the events of "The Fourth Horseman" and "The Time Is Now". I think all the flashbacks take place after Frank moved back to Seattle, between February 1996 and earlier in 1998. The attire doesn't matter because they dress for winter even in episodes that look like they are in Summer like "A Single Blade of Grass" (I know it takes place in New York) and "Beware of the Dog". Also isn't it always raining in Washington state?
  4. I know, but the trial in "The Well-Worn Lock" and "Broken World" take place in late May and June 1997 after "Paper Dove" and "The Beginning & the End". The teaser of "Paper Dove" takes place on the same day as the final scene of "Maranatha" (they all take place in May 1997) The present day of "The Wild and the Innocent" (I presume) takes place months later around the second birthday of Maddie's child in July 1997. It makes sense to me since Frank looks at the picture of Jordan rather sad.
  5. Have you looked at my timeline? The episodes in season 1 are not in the order in which they aired and take place all over 1996 and 1997, several even take place in season 2. "Gehenna" took place months after the pilot and other episodes took place in between. The X-Files episodes are all over the place as well. I like the August for Force Majeure better because it would ruin the episode, its just that the news article prop complicates things. They mentioned the May 5, 2000 date nine different times and the thousand days twice. Also Frank could have just been in the yellow house to take care of Jordan and just because a couple is separated it doesn't mean that they can't act civil, also Catherine didn't start ironing her hair until "Monster" which takes place in October 1997. ILM: I accept that on May 5th the planets will align and massive Earth changes will occur - not as a referendum on man's wickedness but as part of the eternal order of the cosmos. We cannot stop this. It is not about us. And once you accept this, Mr. Black, it is your responsibility, as a human being, to do everything you can to preserve what is good about humanity. I was hoping for the future that you would understand. [Frank disgustedly rises and goes closer to the machine, resting on it with one arm and leans in even closer to the ILM.] FRANK: The two girls. You talked to them before they died. They were your daughters. What did you tell them? ILM: The truth. FRANK: What truth? ILM: That the Thousand Days had begun, and that I'm dying. I won't make it with them to the other side. All my children. I pray they'll be all right. https://millennium-thisiswhoweare.net/tiwwa/profile/7284-crunch7204/?tab=field_core_pfield_52
  6. I have been working on a timeline for the show on my wall and I have gotten up to "Beware of the Dog". The order of the show so far is "The Pilot", "Kingdom Come", "The Judge", "5-2-2-6-6-6", "Gehenna", "Dead Letters", "Blood Relatives", "Wide Open", "The Well-Worn Lock", "The Wild and the Innocent", "Weeds", "Sacrament", "The Thin White Line", "Sacrament" (epilogue), "Walkabout", "Covenant", "Lamentation", "Powers, Principalities, Thrones and Dominions", "Maranatha", "Paper Dove", "The Beginning & the End", "The Well-Worn Lock" (epilogue), "Broken World", "The Wild and the Innocent" (epilogue), "Beware of the Dog". "Loin Like a Hunting Flame" can take place anywhere between "Kingdom Come" and "Wide Open". It would be interesting to rewatch the show in that order. I'm conflicted on when "Force Majeure" takes place. The characters kept saying that the thousand days until presumably May 5, 2000 has started. May 5, 2000 minus 1,000 days = August 9, 1997, but there is a newspaper article of the river turning red dated February 1997 (I can't make out the day.) The potential problem with that is that "Paper Dove"/"The Beginning & the End" take place in May 1997 and it looks like Frank is still living with Catherine in "Force Majeure" since she doesn't move out until "Beware of the Dog" which takes place in late September 1997. I'm undecided on where to place the episode in February after the epilogue of "Sacrament" or in August 1997. I also subtracted 1000 days from January 1, 2000 which equals April 6, 1997, but conflicts with "Covenant" and "Lamentation" on my timeline. What do you guys think?
  7. I like to think of this as an arc, the Bobby Darin arc, he was mentioned and his music was in several episodes and I think the payoff was the "Goodbye, Charlie" episode which I really enjoyed.
  8. I always thought that it felt like season 2 was paving Lucy Butler's big return. I kept thinking when will she be back when first watching the show. She ended up only having one appearance two episodes before the season finale. I mean I wasn't disappointed, but I felt she could have been in more episodes.
  9. Ahhhhhhhhh ://// You're my favorite member and this community will never be the same without you! You will definitely be missed! Good luck on your writing and other future endeavors! xoxo.
  10. "The Pest House" is a Legion episode, though. The killer in the episode can be seen shape shifting into the other inmates in the asylum much like Lucy Butler, Mabius, etc and Purdue said he was the devil.
  11. Thank you! I wish more people would attempt to do this!
  12. She was a very underused character that should have been in more episodes. I wish she'd been in "The Time Is Now" (a cameo during Lara's breakdown), "Seven and One" (a flash of her would have been nice) and "Goodbye to All That" (to confirm that the Millennium Group has been corrupted by her influence.)
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