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  1. I guess you guys already know, but the MATM Video is available through Amazon Prime (in some areas) and to for download (even a 4K 5.1 version) through the official store! MATM Store I am more than happy!
  2. Just watched Gehenna for the second time. The mood from the Pilot continues. Plus: we learn a bit more about the Millennium Group. Ex Feds, very high observation and intellectual skills. But what is it Frank sees, when he sees something? We are the only witness to his "ability", so do we see what he sees? Or are these flashes just a symbolical representation of what he feels? Maybe he is psychic, meaning that his skills go beyond natural processing of external stimuli. That would be special, but not impossible. You guys know that people with Synesthesia process sensory input in a different way. They can describe seeing noises or hearing colours. Additional to that we do not need to wander off into esoteric theory to understand that everything is connected; Quantum theory can show that, too. So is it possible, that Frank Black is more than just a very good profiler? That he can process information and stimuli on such a way that he can feel or see what has happened to someone? And would he be able to control this gift while being with others? I am sure, the next episodes will reveal more, but as you guys know: I am new to the series and don't know yet. The more I watch (I watched until episode 4), the more I could imagine putting the Millennium universe into a pen and paper roleplaying game, where the players would take the roles of Millennium profilers working together with Frank. Or playing FBI Agents or Detectives in the same universe. I don't know if you heard of Delta Green? It is actually an RPG where you play FBI Agents in an X-Files-like universe...although it is not X-Files, it feels very much like it. The good thing about something like that would be, that the players could even play in forums, just like this one here. But that is another story, @lex
  3. Thank you for your answer. I will have a lot to think about, especially what you wrote about spirituality is of particular interest to me. I am a very spiritual person as well, thus my nickname. And being a psychooncologist, fear is an emotion with which I am confronted on a daily basis...a different kind of fear of course, but fear in a very pure kind of way. Maybe that kind of undertone is what I really like about the series. Emotions...spirituality... Well I just watched the first three episodes...I will take my time with this one, I guess
  4. I haven't read the previous comments, as I am starting the series for the very first time. I am not so afraid of spoilers, but this time I don't want to simply consume just another TV-show, because Millennium touched something inside, I cannot properly describe yet. Here are my thoughts and first impressions about the Pilot and the series. I really like the overall tone. It is the dark and greyish colours, it is the high contrasts that create a unique look, that I haven't seen in any other production. By comparing the visual experience to modern profiler series like Mindhunter you can clearly see the difference. Mindhunter is by David Fincher, a director who knows what he does, and it looks polished, clear and properly lit in almost every moment. Even when the potential serial killer stalks through the house of his next victim. Only the darker music gives us a clue of his evil intentions. Millennium goes another way: it creates scenes where you almost cannot recognise what is going on. You only see a part of a face, the rest disappears in darkness. It looks more like Seven, a movie by Fincher, that could be the visual father of the show and even the subject of hunting a serial killer is the same, but in my option, Millennium goes even beyond Seven, because of its emotional aspects that motivates the main protagonist. Chris Carter describes Frank Black being the superhuman, who carries the weight of the whole world, like Atlas. And besides Lance Henriksen can create this specific atmosphere around him with one single look, it is of course Frank Blacks ability to see and understand the most unpleasant thing: fear. And it is not just some superficial fear, it is the most existential kind of fear where he can put himself. The serial killer that experienced destruction and trauma is without any guidance and is overwhelmed by his own fears. To control his fears, he must gain power. His powers come to life though very strange and twisted acts of destruction. This is where Frank Black comes in. He is not just a simple profiler, but he carries the weight of fear inside. That is why he understands so good, that is what makes him so special.
  5. Yeah it seems to be sold out everywhere...but as I understand it, they produced only a very small amount of it. But wasn't there supposed to be a HD download somewhere to buy? Have wonderful day (In Germany its an official holiday today). @lex
  6. Tank you very much. As mentioned in my profile, my name is Alex and I am from Germany. I was and am a big X-Files fan from the first episode on, back in the 90s, but I somehow totally missed Millennium. I remember watching one or two episodes, but it didn't really catch me back then...really don't know why. After finishing another X-Files "run" I asked myself how to feed the need for good mystery-series and then it happened: Millennium! And what shall I say! I love it. What I think fascinates me most is the melancholic atmosphere and the dark and greyish look. What really hit me, was that I found out that you (the fans) wrote virtual seasons (4-6)! That is awesome and I will definitely look into them, after I finished the series...but until then I want to take it slow. I just don't want to binge the episodes away, but want to take my time. There is one question that I have: Where can I get the Millennium after the Millennium documentary? 😄 Best wishes from Germany, @lex
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