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  1. Welcome! Have you read the virtual seasons? That's what made me fall in love with this place to begin with, and (bonus bonus!) it turned out that the people here are pretty great too. It's good that you bought the DVDs, let's hope that your purchase is the one to finally convince the right people that a continuation is warranted.
  2. Great show with a magnificent villain/anti-hero, Alice Morgan, who rivals our own Lucy Butler. And anyone who likes the first season of Millennium should also like Luther's serial killer galore.
  3. Seems to be a great cast all around with Wanamaker, Kaas, Reilly, Morrissey and Crook.
  4. From the man who gave us Luther. Should be good then. Too bad it got canceled.
  5. Wow, that could be taken straight from the show, very ominous! Are we sure Millennium was fiction?
  6. Man, I need this, seems to be just my kind of show. I'm getting the DVD/BD when my funds are in order.
  7. How could I forget Van Helsing? Script-wise it leaves a lot to be desired but makes up for it with darkness and gore and my favorite villain of all time in a fantasy series. And it's always fun to see Christopher Heyerdal. It's not as good as Wynonna Earp (the best fantasy series since Buffy) but definitely worth tuning in weekly.
  8. Love the eclipse one. Millennium is almost an infinite source of tee-worthy quotes and images, the possibilities are endless.
  9. What do you think about a shirt with those jersey style numbers on the back and ACTS underneath where the last name of the sports player would be?
  10. I saw and liked it. It wasn't as good as Judgment Day and nowhere near as fantastic as the first one. But Dark Fate did retain the ominous tone of 1 & 2 and was packed with decent action. I say decent because of the occasional overuse of CGI that gave it that Transformers effect were you don't really see what's happening. That and the fact that it was the same ol' story and the attempts at humor didn't work is what drags it down a bit for me. But like I said, I liked it still and will probably see it again.
  11. I'm very, like super very, interested. I like the idea of wearing a t-shirt with 268 in those jersey style numbers the football players have on their backs. To most people it would look like any other sports jersey but we'd know. Kinda like an in-joke. Man, I wish the day would come when I pass another prime example of a human being flaunting Millennium gear.
  12. Off to see the new Terminator.

    1. The Old Man

      The Old Man

      Hang on, I'll just get my jacket! 

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  13. Popping cans and exploring new artists

  14. Oh me? I'm just trying to convince my brother that Tropic Thunder is the funniest movie ever.

    1. Beerbelch


      Yes, Tropic Thunder is one of the funniest (in cheek) movies ever.

  15. One, no doubt, definitely season one. First of all, let me say that every season has great episodes. With that being said I just didn't buy what seasons two and three were selling, group-wise. Did the wise Old Man condone or even instigate mass murder and chemical warfare? Was the morally sound crybaby Peter Watts really a bloodthirsty criminal mastermind? Come on, that's ridiculous. But my main issue is not with any particular individual, it's with the Group itself and how it was presented in the two follow up seasons. I'm just so sick and tired of the Hollywood cliché that doesn't even leave room for a possibility of a benevolent group of people with influence. It's just so American, every group of people with more than five dollars and twenty brain cells between them are automatically evil. I don't know, maybe I fooled myself into believing that Millennium stood above all that. Shame on me.
  16. Thank you! I've always thought the same and I'm a sucker for gay twists so that the episode a little better to me.
  17. In no particular order: Lamentation - intense horror, gallows humor, a charming villain (legally, I'm not guilty!) a shocking death. Lamentation has it all. The Thin White Line - as good as serial killer horror gets. Broken World - so, so disturbing. Very Thomas Harris. Luminary - better than Into the Wild. There, I said it. A Room With No View - she's so fine. Oh yeah, the rest is great too. The Curse of Frank Black - awesome Halloween slow burner, rich in suspense and character development. Force Majeure - sad and sweet, Dourif rules. Jose Chung's 'Doomsday Defense' - just hilarious. Somehow, Satan Got Behind Me - equally hilarious. The Time Is Now - Lara Means psycho tripping to Patti Smith is possibly the greatest minutes of TV ever produced.
  18. According to an interview with Gallagher that I can't seem to find again it wasn't a request from her or a contract issue. My memory ain't what it should be but I seem to recall her saying she wasn't miffed about it.
  19. No, sorry, my bad. I meant she was killed off due to the lack of ambition from the writers. They could have taken Catherine further, made her fiercer, more godly and riveting. But they chickened out.
  20. Definitely, Catherine was suspicious of Peter Watts and the group from the beginning, and she picked up on the evil Odessa vibe all by herself. And by God did she know Frank. Catherine was seriously underused and killed off due to lack of ambition.
  21. I've always thought of Crocell's attempt to persuade Frank to sit this one out as a play by the Devil to try and keep Frank's mitts off his (future) instrument of evil. Had The Curse been a season one episode I'm sure I'd have thought differently about it.
  22. This episode probably more than any other is why I listed Carter as a favorite writer on Millennium. I don't have any experience in the subject matter but it all feels realistic to me: the victim, the social worker, the perpetrator. And that is great writing to me, to be able to make the viewer feel right at home in an alien environment, like David Simon did on The Wire.
  23. My favorite episode by a mile, and that's saying something. First of all, I love slow burners and they're rare indeed in shows. I mean, there's plenty of episodes of various shows that dial down the action, but episodes that almost completely shut down for the sake of suspense... I just love it. I choose to regard the abundance of ACTS 268 as synchronicity gone bananas, a metaphysical disturbance foreshadowing the apparition of Crocell. Wikipedia on Crocell: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crocell
  24. That's what I call a haunting piece of music. Unfortunately, I'm real bad at noticing music in visual media. I mean, the music sure does contribute to the ambience and I would definitely miss it if it were gone, but I don't remember it afterwards like I remember a sweet camera angle or great montages or whatever. I wish it were different because I love music. So thank you.
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