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  1. The death of Steve has saddened this household greatly. What crummy news to end the weekend with. I got so mad at some thoughtless peoples' posts that I countered by writing my own blog directed at inappropriate humor. It's a bit too vulgar to post here, but it's on my myspace site. He died doing what he loved. We could all hope for the same. Hug your loved ones a bit tighter, kiddies.
  2. House is awesome! That is the most simple way to put it. I live for Tuesday nights at 8!!
  3. Hello guys! Tonya here...Mark suggested I should stop by and say hi! Sorry I've been rather "MIA", but life gets busy, you know! I am currently working as a research assistant for Duke University ( a big deal in the Southeast USA) and I'm also in the process of moving to Durham, NC from Raleigh, NC. Also trying to keep track of a 12 year-old, boyfriend and various critters..so I have been pretty busy! But know that I have you all in my heart and that I have turned 2 new people onto the love of the show! That's dedication, I tell you! Anyway, all are welcome to stop by My Personal Ramblings and Etc. to see how I'm doing.... I wish everyone the best... and this is "Who we are!" Love ya! ~T
  4. If you're serious...yes, they are! They FLOAT, an evolutionary advantage in order for the seed to find new places to germinate! And if you're kidding, I'm a dork! Thanks for the greeting!
  5. "Your mother was a hamster and your father smelled of elderberries!!" Niiice. HAHAHA But I'm not French!
  6. Thanks, guys! I did happen to check in today...weird, huh? I appreciate the birthday wishes and hope all of you are doing well. Southern Celt is right, I tend to spend a lot of time on myspace, as well as dealing with my boyfriend (yeah! -I have one now!) and preteen daughter. Please stop in and say hi!! Warning, though...I'm rather frank in my blogs, so if you read them, be prepared to hear everything and anything!! Tonya's Myspace Take care, everybody!!! Oh, new pic for ya...
  7. Thanks Old Man, for the advice! You know, you're like the third person this month that has recommended Firefox, and I've been having quite a few problems lately with hijackers, cookie-handling, etc. I think I might give it a try! But baby steps...just baby steps for me! Thanks! And wonderful greetings to you!! :)
  8. I have some great new pics-you've probably seen them at myspace, but I'm still trying tio figure all the ends and outs of Windows 2000 and a new computer-haha-it's fun in a weird sort of way-it's like being in a candy store after not having candy for years! First problem-I used to be able to log in as "remember me" here, and come back still logged in-but I'm apparently not saving the correct URL to my favorites-any suggestions? Hope all of you are doing well, and no, no one has asked me about my tatttos, and the contacts here are still good! Cheers! Tonya
  9. Taught an evening class tonight~3 to 5 year-olds on astronomy...I learned a lot of stuff because you have to bone up on things you're not so knowledgable in , ya know? Did you know stars twinkle because they are so far away, and when their light is traveling thorugh space, cosmic disturbances can shift and refract the light, as well as the stirring of our own atmosphere. This shift is seen as "twinkling" or movement of the light. Planets don't twinkle because they are much bigger and closer in "light" years. Cool s***, dude. We also saw a "shooting star" tonight in the Blue Jay field~I'm sure most of you know that it's really a meteor(piece of rock) that has ignited as it entered our atmosphere. We are seeing it's final stages of life, unless it doesn't combust completely. Oh, and the definition of a constellation is a group of stars that have been named way back when people saw "pictures" in their alignment. There are 88 constellations in our night sky. I finally was able to recognize Orion, the hunter as well as the Dog, with Sirrius, the brightest star, in it's collar. Kickass! I will be picking up my computer system, complete with a Fugi 4.4 Megapixel Digital camera, tomorrow when I get my lazy ass up. I'm stoked! The only thing I'm stressing about is putting together the computer desk (which is awesome, BTW). Anybody not busy this weekend is more than welcome to come over and pitch in so I don't lose my mind~I will feed and juice you up with beverages of your choice...if you don't mind helping out. Otherwise, don't expect to see me online until I get it all figured out! Oh, and I got bored, so I decided to color my hair reddish-blonde. My daughter thinks it looks stupid, but I kind of like it. Oh well, we'll see how it holds up. I have this overwhelming desire to repierce my nose...I had it done about 4 years ago, and wore a small stud in my nose for years. I removed it when I started working for the parks and with young children...I keep waffling as to whether I should just forget about it or go ahead and risk the scorn of some of our more conservative patrons. But damn, I loved that nose stud! I also am in the total mood for another tattoo...see what a little bit of money does to you?? Haha~don't worry, all my bills are set to be paid. I just really want to enjoy myself a bit with a little of it. I AM going to get Shelby a bike~hers was stolen two Christmases ago, and we haven't had the money to replace it. After we pick up the computer tomorrow, we will look around at Walmart or Target to find a decently priced bike. She'll be happy~she also wants to dye her hair. I'm not too fond of the blue she wants, but I did agree to some red streaks. I don't think I'm overly conservative..it's just that blue is so, I don't know, BLUE. At least for hair. Red seems to be more acceptable to my mind. Hell, she really wants to dye it black...I can feel a wannabe goth coming on...I don't mind that she wants to experiment, it's just funny to watch kids go through these phases of what they consider cool. Is she too young to play? I don't think so...you give them the freedom to play, they will have to the strength to confront other challenges in life. Kinda philosophal, but that's just my thing, I guess.
  10. I couldn't make out anything on the video personally!
  11. Good for you Erin, for being honest and standing your ground. I know that is hard to do, so I commend you on that. Unfortunately, many of the friends we meet in life really aren't meant to be true friends, but maybe they are there to teach us something about ourselves. And it sounds like you grew, in spirit and mind. Take it for what it is, and you will appreciate your true friends even more.
  12. Yep, I saw that one on snopes.com. Rather amusing, I'm embarrassed to say. But jokes attack all forms...one must be able to laugh at everything...I think it helps to accept things (including tradgedies) a little easier.
  13. Thank you! I miss you, too. I have actually gotten rather caught up in my other website, "Myspace"-only because I have met people that are local, and I have so few friends that it's nice to be able to speak to others that live around you that you can sometimes interact with and meet. And to be rather honest, I feel that there's so many gifted people here-in words and knowledge on MillenniuM-I feel a bit overwhelmed when I visit and have nothing that I can add! DO NOT take it personal! I miss everyone as well...I stop in often to read some posts and update my blog, and I always consider this my "safe haven"-if that makes sense. I just don't feel I have any more insight that I can add to a majority of the topics! I really miss having people close to me, and I guess I'm on a mission to seek out those that I can have friendships with...I have turned into someone that spends more time on the computer than actually living...and that's not healthy! Haha-at least for me. Feel free to email anytime-you have that...and for all of you, I do have yahoo messenger under blondton13. And it's always on, though I'm usually invisible-too many weirdos out there! Hehe-but not you guys!! I hope everyone is doing well, and I think of you guys often...if I could have one wish it would be to meet all of you and be able to hang out and just , well, just BE. I wish I could gather all of us up on a plane and bring us together for a week of jabbering-that would be great! Okay, sorry for the long-windedness...Fourth horseman-you're rubbing off on me!! Cheers to everyone and hope everyone is well! Tonya
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