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  1. Perhaps, the slightly sleazy subject matter; and how it’s portrayed. Also, it includes some oddities about sexual lifestyles; which many prefer not to acknowledge as being part of the “modern” world. Arguably, these societal traits are even more prevalent; today.? Thus, from that point of view; this could be another example of Millennium being ahead of its time.?
  2. Hi, and welcome to the group. I’m fairly new to it, myself. Hopefully, it will become a more active place; once the global pandemic and passed. If you have any questions for me, I will answer them if I can. “This is who we are”.
  3. On my first viewing, I just couldn’t connect the comedy episodes with the rest of; this brilliantly dark and enigmatic series. It didn’t take long for them to grow on me, though.
  4. That surprised me too. It’s generally one of the most popular episodes, as is Mikado. It’s more meaningful, when one ponders Lucy’s motivations for imprisoning those school students.? Her behaviour tends to demonstrate different ways, in which worldly evil can manifest itself.
  5. Great lists and evaluation. In series one, I would probably have put Dead Letters right at the bottom; though. It’s to me, an episode which could almost be from any detective series. And, a pedestrian one; compared with the high standard of other episodes. I’m also pleased, that you seem to recognise the greatness of Skull & Bones. When re-watching all three series (which I do regularly), that episode almost always brings a few tears; to my eyes. Usually, I tear-up at about when that perfectly apt song starts playing; “Love Hurts” (as Emma moves aghast amongst those grisly relics of murder in the workshop!). Another episode of particular emotional resonance, for me; is the one in which that young fellow gets lost in the beautiful Alaskan wilderness (whilst trying to find himself as part of his journey of discovery) (offhand I don’t remember which series that one’s from). All the best, and please post when you can..!
  6. I agree with the points made by Crunch. There are some good insights in the book, “Back To Frank Black”; regarding Lucy Butler. In terms of, what she represents, her relationship with Frank Black in the stories; and potential for developing her personae more fully.
  7. I never found it a problem, that each series of Millennium went in a new direction. Having said that, I don’t even see that there was a really severe disconnect; between series two and three. Stylistically, yes. But, series thee still seemed to flow well; in terms of continuity. And, the introduction of Special Agent Hollis also helped to provide a source of some new storylines to take, in the sense of episodes which linked in; with her background or personae within the story. The music is also one of Millennium’s strengths, adding power and emotion, in such a way that the viewer almost feels; as if the narrative is unfolding before one’s very eyes.! Like with no other series, which I have known; Millennium’s audience feels drawn in - to the dark and sometimes frighteningly real situations; which comprise this world...
  8. Love never dies, for those who share ongoing love, with family, friends and those most dear to them. During this Corona pandemic, we must also hold onto hope for a brighter future.
  9. Hi, and thanks for the welcome. I first became interested in Millennium, in around 2012; after buying a second hand copy on DVD; of series one. Since then, I’ve never looked back.! I’ve always been a keen fan of The X-Files, so Millennium kind of feels like the next step.? Almost like, a kind of progression to something darker. So strong is my emotional resonance with some episodes, that my eyes actually produce tears; despite regular viewings....
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