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  1. Almost 10 years ago I had the pleasure of speaking with Erin and I still have the posts archived in my messages. I am so sorry to hear of this loss. I almost lost my wife twice to two large blood clots (A.K.A. pulmonary embolisms) after our daughter was born. My wife now will always be plagued by this life threatening anomaly that seems only to be cured by medicine that will greatly shorten the future. My deepest condolences..
  2. Little bit of a twist at the end as I just read episode 5. I'm a die hard fan of Millennium and would sure like to see more episodes generated. I'm always appreciative of new work to keep this awesome series alive. Regardless of anyone's personal opinions in regards to these comics...all I say is please keep it coming as I'm one guy who sure looks forward to new Millennium material. This comic mini series was awesome and sure appreciated for all the hard work put into this project. Thank you for making this happen....And another big Thank you for the Old Man letting me go back and enjoy the moments of this treasured show on your site.. After watching Big Time Rush all day with my daughter I need this!!!!!!! Archer out...
  3. Just read episodes 1 through 4 of the comic series and so far I have enjoyed it big time...I downloaded and purchased through Comixology.. Still hear the Millennium theme music in my head while reading. Also liked the Lone Gunmen cameo. Just need Peter Watts back.. Awesome work.. Also enjoyed reading Back to Frank Black. Awesome...Flash Backs for this die hard fan... Old Man this site is awesome..Tiwwa!!!
  4. lol...anyone out there!
  5. Still an awesome site..

    1. The Old Man

      The Old Man

      Thanks Archer! Always good to see you at TIWWA!

  6. is there a place to order a cup like that! lol.. awesome cup
  7. One of the best episodes in my opinion..
  8. Has anyone seen the new Steven Seagal Movie called Pistol Whipped? I just watched it and Lance has a role in the movie as the leader of a militant crime fighter group that uses Steven to do hits on bad people! lol The movie is pretty cool if you like Steven beating the crap out of everyone! Personaly I love it! lol Archer Out..
  9. I have watched the first and second season... It's pretty cool and filmed about thirty seconds away from my work.. lol There is a super hot deputy sheriff on the show that worked at a tanning salon previously to this show... Got to love local talent. It's worth watching...
  10. HOLY CRAP! I hope Spencers leg is okay!!!!!!!!!! That is just horrible.. Lucky you were there to save him.. I sure hope Spencers leg heals quickly...And I hope the vet bill doesen't empty your pocket. Troubled times it sounds like for our kids! Your in our thoughts and I hope your Spencers comes home soon is good health..
  11. Thanks everyone! Taz has a heart of gold... He is running all over the house and attacking my dogs feet. My siamese cat Kalin just hisses at Taz and runs away. lol Our loss of Sheba is still very fresh and hurts like hell, but Taz has put some light back into our home and Taz keeps us all busy wondering what's next! As the day is long, the adventure grows... Hold your little ones tight...
  12. Thanks Raven! My wife phoned me tonight at work to let me know Taz was hidding under my son's bed for awhile. She said they were worried as Taz was MIA for about ten minutes before a super fast run, jump and role attacked on my sons foot..lol Apparently he is in to the art of sneak attacks! My other Cat named Kalin who is a full blood crossed eyes siamese doses not hide he just gives you this look then attacks head on..lol
  13. Thanks, he is awesome... Taz starts his martial arts training tomorow!
  14. My new small family member "TAZ" Here are two pictures of my three Legged Warrior Kitten Taz!!! We are lucky he found us... I'm currently looking into a bionic leg! lol
  15. Thanks for asking..... I just took a whole bunch last night. I will post them later on today for everyone to see! He is a hand full, I just wish I could have even an ounch of his energy. Taz has put a smile on some broken hearts... He has put some happiness back where all else has failed....
  16. First I would like to thank everyone for sharing a part of your live's with me that is personal, I also would like to apoligize for opening some closed doors in all your live"s. Your experiences have knocked on my front door it seems. This morning when I came home from work my wife asked me how I was doing? I just smiled, she smiled and we changed the subject. In some ways I still have so many doubts and I believe I should have walked more then the extra mile before agreeing to do the right thing as we all say. I guess I will live with this question for sometime before dealing with reality... All of the personal experiences I have read are heartbreaking and at the same time have provided me with some clarity in my thoughts and feelings. I still feel a part of me has been stolen, it might have been selfish if we decided to prolong this decision one might believe, but I'm overwhelmed at how much this hurts... Now I have a kicker to add to this.. While all of this was happening at the animal hospital my wife could not deal with seeing our loved one move on... My wife was distraught and turned away as she could not watch only to be greated by a small cat about 4 weeks old reaching through a cage towards her. My wife touched the little kittens paw then noticed it's back right leg had been amputated. Well without my knowledge my wife apparently made several inquires about this little fella after we left the animal hospital. Here is the story.. The cat was injured at a farm! (we still have no idea how the cat was injured) and left to die by it's owners thinking it was so young and who would want a three legged cat! So the the owners just left it in a field thinking nature will take it's course. Apparently someone seen this poor soul crying out loud and reported it too a cat humaine society. The cat was brought to the same hospital and the society paid to have the kittens leg saved if possible. Well the leg was so badly damaged it had to be amputated to save the kittens life. Now the kitten has been in the hospital for two weeks according to the vet and the hospital and the society could not find a home for the little fela. So once again that Fu%$^% word Euthanization was going to happen seeing no one wanted to adopt the little fella. Today when I woke up late in the afternon as I worked graveyard shift last night, I was introduced to the newest member of my Family... I now have a three legged cat that we named Taz that was adopted @ 1530hrs by my wife. All I can say now is what a ride we call life.... Sheba will never be forgotten or replaced in my heart, but my wife and I love animals in an abnormal way! Bless you all for listening.....
  17. Thanks for all the kind words and thoughts. I'm truly having one hell of a time dealing with this loss. This is the first member of my family that I could not help or make things better some way. I tried everything from exams to blood tests, medicine.. (you know what I'm getting at) Sheba had three masive siezures, and each time I held her in my arms and drove like a mad man with my wife to the doctors. I felt truly helpless... The doctor said he believed there was a problem in her brain and it was time to let her go... My wife was in shambles and to top it off we have just added a new addition to our family! My wife just gave birth to my beautiful daughter Katiah, and the though of my daughter never getting to know Sheba just seemed not to be an option. I know I sound mental but, I was taken by this little dog. I wrestled with what to do for four days without a minutes rest wondering is Sheba hurting, do I have the right to do as the vet says and let her go peacefully via their method. Sheba stopped eating and drinking over the next few days also... We tried to hand feed her but, she just seemed tired... I'm trying to believe I made the humane decision as my wife said we should consider letting her go. Sorry I'm having trouble saying that Fu#$@ing word Euthanization. Three years ago I could see she was falling and we worked our asses off trying new diets, medicine, and we even adopt a little wenner dog we named Cyrus so she would not be alone when we were at work. Cyrus was an angel in disguise, they became best friends and Sheba seemed to find her self once again. She was a little monster who always put her head out the window in the car so she could feel the wind in her face.. I know you guys know what I'm talking about.... Well see has not done that for a couple years now and when we brought her into see the doctor after the third seizure she put her head out the window on the way and it suprissed the hell out of us... Then she turned and looked at us like she knew what might be happening... Well after she stopped eating once again we brought her in and we were told we need to let her go so she dosen't leave us in pain... At this point I consulted everyone I know and I was told she has been on borowed time being almost 18 years and all...So here I am.. I asked for the doctor to sedate her so she could rest while we wrestled with what should happen next. When they sedated her to let her rest I was holding her.. and I truly believe she left us at this point.. My wife started to cry and then they told us we should just let her go.. THEN Against every fibre of what I believe I am I agreeded and they gave her the last needle and she was gone. I feel like s*** and it's hard to breath knowing I might have made the wrong decision. I have to tell my son in about 6 hours when he come home from camp... I guess my question in all this is.. What gives me the right to let her go by these means? How could I be sure I did the right thing! Do we have thr right to make these decisions? When will I stop thinking what a s*** I am... A lady was there and seen what was going on, she told me we were making the right decision and then she said "God Bless You" then smiled at us... At this point all I could think of was knocking her out as I'm going to be the one to make a decision that will ultimately leave a whole in my family... Now I'm sitting at work questioning eveything that has happened... Please feel free to speak your thoughts.. I need to hear something or feel something at this point.. Thank for lending me your ears....
  18. Our Old Girl Sheba [Family Dog] More then a family dog! A family member...has passed on... Sheba was a class act and a member of my family, I already miss her terribly. The old gal was just about to turn 18 this year and she has been a member of my wife's family since she was 16 teen. I personally have had the pleasure to be a part of Sheba's life for the past ten years and loved her more then words can say... Our hearts are broken and we miss her terribly...Sheba's death weighs heavily on us.. We held her in our arms right to the end and letting go hurt like hell. Well Sheba.. We miss you and love you Old gal and your in our thoughts... If anyone has a special friend like we did, Cherish the moments and show your love everyday... Sorry for the sad message.. But I miss her dearly... I have attached a picture of my fallen angel Sheba as my avatar. Archer out...
  19. Old Man... if you have not seen American Gothic it's a must see!!! Loved it. I bought the series. And Brimstone was awesome too!!!!
  20. Thanks SoutherCelt... I just usually delete this spam. I also get a super big amount of the Nigerian and some Russian ones to. I just wish they would send me a damm cheque! I guess I'm not as popular as I thought I was Maybe I will send them some snow!
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