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  1. Tuesday, Jul 18, 2006

    Suspect in killing of two Saskatchewan Mounties turns himself in

    REGINA (CP) - The intensive manhunt for the suspect in the slaying of two Saskatchewan Mounties ended Tuesday when Curtis Dagenais turned himself in to authorities.

    Regina RCMP held a news conference to say that Dagenais surrendered without incident to authorities in Spiritwood, the site of the fatal shooting. "There is a sense of relief," said Cpl. Brian Jones. "He came into the detachment on his own . . . We're just glad that he did." Dagenais is charged with two counts of first-degree murder in the deaths of constables Robin Cameron, 29, and Marc Bourdages, 26.

    They both died a week after suffering severe gunshot wounds to the head during a police pursuit stemming from an investigation into a domestic dispute.

    Dagenais is also charged with attempted murder. A third officer was shot at during the July 7 incident but was not injured.

    I hope they :death:

  2. Sunday, Jul 16, 2006

    Two Saskatchewan Mounties die from wounds received in gun battle

    SASKATOON (CP) - The grievous head wounds received by two Saskatchewan Mounties in a gun battle last week proved too much to overcome, an RCMP commander said Sunday as he announced the deaths of constables Robin Cameron and Marc Bourdages.

    "Robin died at approximately 11 p.m. (Saturday) and Marc about two hours later," said Assistant Commissioner Darrell McFadyen."Both succumbed to severe head injuries. Despite all of the excellent care that was provided to them, they were unable to recover."

    Hits home when your brother is a Mountie :smokin:

  3. Hey Archer! YES, I have "The Night Strangler" but it's been a LONG time since I have seen it. Isn't it the one that takes place in the subterranian city below the actual city? Personally (IF I remember correctly) "The Night Stalker" was more of a straight forward Vampire film, and thus more classic in nature; but I remember "The Night Strangler" being pretty darn creepy in those below ground places and I found the story line and execution a bit more imaginative, but more progressive in nature and less classic like the first film. That's my wretched little take on it... :yes:

    Finally someone admits it!!! L@the_of_Heaven___you hit it right on the nail. I could not sleep for days after seeing the city underneath the city. I had nightmares for a long time after seeing that show.

    My kid says I'm a wussy!

    What a blast to see this all over again and still get the creeps walking my dog at night! I guess I'm a wusssy! :smokin:

  4. I just finished watching the series Kolchak Thre Night Stalker... Loved it!!

    Although after watching the complete series there was something missing. I remember before the series came out, there was a midnight movie called The Night Strangler Staring Darren McGaven as Kolchak The Night Stalker.

    Amazon has the midnight double feature listed. Here is the write ups.

    The Night Stalker

    Wisecracking Carl Kolchak (Darren McGavin) is a rumpled news hound plucked from the fast-talking newspaper flicks of the 1940s and dropped into the swinging '70s. What makes the eccentric Kolchak even more unique, however, is his nose for the supernatural, a trait that leaves his editor (Simon Oakland) exasperated and the police less than amused. When he insists that a late-night Las Vegas serial killer (who leaves his victims drained of blood and sporting twin holes in the neck) is a modern-day vampire, he's practically run out of town by the local authorities. Naturally, he stalks the vampire himself, an unlikely Van Helsing armed with a silver cross, a wooden stake, and his ever-present tape recorder and flashbulb camera. Carol Lynley is his understanding girlfriend, and Ralph Meeker, Claude Akins, Kent Smith, and Charles McGraw costar as the Vegas cops and politicians Kolchak systematically alienates with his abrasive charm and smart mouth. Directed by Dan Curtis from a witty script by Richard Matheson, the quirky mix of horror and humor turned The Night Stalker into a ratings sensation that inspired a sequel (The Night Strangler) and a short-lived TV series (Kolchak: The Night Stalker). The X-Files creator Chris Carter acknowledges the show as a major inspiration, and has cast McGavin in a recurring role as a retired X-Files veteran with an acerbic personality and a familiar rumpled wardrobe. Kolchak lives! --Sean Axmaker

    The Night Strangler

    The Night Strangler finds down-on-his-luck investigator Carl Kolchak in Seattle, hot on the trail of a serial killer hiding in the underground city beneath the streets, a gas-lit fantasy world frozen in time (L.A.'s famous Bradbury Building--which has also appeared in Blade Runner andDOA--becomes the spooky city's architectural centerpiece). Exotic dancer and medical student Jo Ann Pflug tags along as partner and bait, and the exasperated Simon Oakland returns as Kolchak's harried editor. Genre fans will enjoy the appearances of popular character actors John Carradine, Margaret Hamilton, Wally Cox, and Al Lewis. Noted horror and science fiction author Richard Matheson scripted this meandering, low-key thriller with plenty of humor, which McGavin delivers with deadpan delight. --Sean Axmaker


  5. Just got back from a 9-day X-Files related trip to Vancouver and the Millennium house was on my list of things to see. I've been in love with that house since I was about 11 years old, and seeing it right in front of my eyes, well... I am short for words. It's so friggin' beautiful and it was still a light shade of yellow:





    Maybe just a very eerie coincidence or a strange twist of fate... but there was even a red Jeep Cherokee parked right outside LOL:


    I had just snapped some pictures from the street at first. Then this young guy came up to us as I was gawking at the house and asked what 9 of us were doing standing on this random street corner with cameras. I explained that we were fans from all over the world and that the house was a location used on TXF and Millennium and he responded with "I know. I live in that house."

    So-- coolest part ever-- he invited us onto the property. I talked with his father, John, for a while about Chris Carter, the shows, the house and whatnot. And then he invited us all into the house (his wife even offered us dinner haha, but that's a lot of mouths to feed). They were so friendly and welcoming, and it made it that much more awesome to know that they are very proud of their house and love it. I was ecstatic to see that a lot of the old woodwork was still there and the staircase beside the front door was exactly the same. (I didn't take any pictures inside since they had a lot of family photos up on the walls and I didn't want to intrude too much) but I definitely took advantage when he told us to go wild on the front porch with the pictures:



    Ooh and we were staying at the 2400 motel on Kingsway which was another common filming location and they had autographed pictures of Lance and Terry O'Quinn in the main office (among other things):


    It was nice to know that even though it's been almost 10 years since the shows were filmed in Vancouver, their essence is still there.

    That's funny! The 2400 Motel is a notorious location in Vancouver for our local prostitutes / crack heads / murders and at one point some terrorists that were building a dirty bomb as they are called. I believe the terrorists were captured at the Peace Arch. There was a document about the crazy farts I think on A&E..

    I used to live just down the street.... I was one of the lucky ones who was able to enjoy the filming first hand.

    You were just lucky not to get mugged!!! :rofl:


  6. Sounds like a job that screwed me before! Sometimes we need to get removed from a S.O.G job by force. lol

    S.O.G. = Same Old Grind

    Sometimes it's the move that finally gets the ball rolling the right way. Some how we always land back on our feet so don't worry, all will work out in the end!


  7. if it's 6"x8" it's absolutely not a domestic cat. my guess is Bobcat, although, 6x8 is still a little large even for a Bobcat.


    I think there is a slight possibility it might be a possum! I was walking my wiener dog last night and a possum jumped out and hissed at me and Cyrus! I blacked out and Cyrus almost lost his life in a fight to the death with the little F%@#@#.

    Needless to say that was a lie.. Although a car ran over one last night outside my house. Of course I had to go and look ! They really have big teeth. Possibility is there.. :smokin:

  8. Speaking of skulls....does anyone know the laws regarding human skulls?

    My mother was at a yard sale the other day, and was totaly creeped out when one of the items she saw, sitting on a cloth...was a HUMAN SKULL. She said it had blunt force trauma to it....cracking the skull, and it looked rather dark, like maybe it wasn't too "fresh". She was horrorfied, but almost bought it, just to try to find out where it came from, and if it is illegal to own one. She was very concerned (as I am) that this could have been a murder victim, or it was dug up by grave robbers or something. What should she have done?

    Maybe call the police? In form them there is a head for sale. This way they could get a head start ! lol

    "Sorry I could not resist" I was just a little head of myself!! :swingin:

    I know! Not funny

  9. It has canine teeth like a cat or a dog. It's hard to tell, because I can't tell the size of the skull. Can you please send me other pictures, with something to show the scale?

    I was just informed by my little guy that he and his buddy found the head together. Apparently they are sharing ownership and it was his friends turn to hang out with the head. lol

    So the head is M.I.A. till it's our turn again! lol

    The Cranial was about 8" by 6". The front upper mandible tear teeth were about 2"1/2 in size.

    I"ll try for a scale shot when the mystery head returns! lol


  10. I saw it on first run showing on TV and really liked it. The plot mythology was just getting developed well when it suddenly disappeared. Don't know if there are any eps that weren't aired the first time around.

    I'm thinking about buying the series although I remember it scared the S#@@ out of me. LOL

  11. I saw the series! Awesome. Keeps you at the end of your seat all the time. The series is definitely worth buying for sure.

    Off topic here for a minute. Has anyone seen American Gothic the series?

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