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  1. Well put. I think that describes my thoughts perfectly. I agree 100%
  2. I have to disagree. Sorry Joe. I don't think Frank would have been this sceptical and unsure of himself. I think Frank would have spotted the camera punks taking pictures of him. There would be more answers then questions if Frank was on the case. The show is definitely awesome but I think far from Millennium. Just my opinion Joe.
  3. Firefly was a show made of all the dead bad guys from Buffy & Angel. It was alright.
  4. Just love both the shows! I'm such a nerd I have all the season's of both shows on DVD... I was destroyed when Angel was cancelled! Damm the higher powers!!!!
  5. I think he is just a crazy crack head!
  6. I agree, I found it very spooky, interesting and full of suspense.
  7. Tru calling is pretty good but Eliza Dushku was at her personal best jumping around in leather on Buffy. Damm Sexy!!!!!!!!!
  8. Your a crazy nut Walkabout! I just read your signature comment on the bottom. I laughed so hard I almost put my back out...... Where did you come up with this? You can pick your noise stuff?????
  9. MillenniuM Number One! Carny's are Scary! There is no comparison People.....
  10. The Men in Black can be nuked too!
  11. We are doomed! I say nuke the areas where these viruses are....
  12. I found this link. If you scroll through the page there is a trailer for the show. https://www.tvtome.com/Miracles/
  13. We are all lucky! DVD is being released on April 19th at Amazon.com
  14. Kind of freaky stuff? Any thoughts...... https://vaandel.co.za/voice%20of.htm
  15. Has anyone ever heard of this theory? I was wondering if this theory is all based on UFO conspiracy stuff or if it has been linked to people on medication? I know strange question to ask but, thought I would.
  16. Maybe this question has already been asked. (Sorry) I had to put down my hooked on phonics to ask you when might this show be aired?
  17. SouthernCelt, Thank you for the validation and great information you have provided.
  18. Nice to meet you>! And great find.....
  19. I think he eats salad all the time to loose weight. He just jokes around all the time saying my Wendy's late night diet will kill me. I just like to have fun and offer him lots of suger doughnuts and stuff, but due to his foreseen circumstances he says no. I think what he is saying is if you have diabetes you have to watch your diet and weight. I could be wrong I'm not very educated in this topic.
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