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  1. I have a B.S. in Biology with a concentration in cell biology. You provide the equipment, I'll create the ultimate!!! :grin:  :devil:

    (And I'm just kidding for all the men in black that are monitoring this post!) :ghostface:


    The Men in Black can be nuked too!


  2. Hillary Swank is in negotations to star in a movie called "The Reaping", she plays a myth debunker that travels to a small town in Texas to investigate events of 10 biblical plagues.  This sounds good to me.....plus i love hillary


    Maybe this question has already been asked. (Sorry) I had to put down my hooked on phonics to ask you when might this show be aired?

  3. as far as i have heard, Diabetes has nothing to do with meat intake, only sugars. type one and type two deal with the amount of insulin the body can produce and make you either metabolize too quickly the amount of sugar in the body or too slowly, depending on which type. i am not sure which type does which, and i always get them backwards. i am wondering if there is a significant amount of sugar in beef to cause your friend to eat this way. there is definitely fat, which can turn into sugar, to some extent, but fat is mostly protiens, i thought........?


    I think he eats salad all the time to loose weight. He just jokes around all the time saying my Wendy's late night diet will kill me. I just like to have fun and offer him lots of suger doughnuts and stuff, but due to his foreseen circumstances he says no.

    I think what he is saying is if you have diabetes you have to watch your diet and weight.

    I could be wrong I'm not very educated in this topic. :nope:


  4. Tell you what folks, if you want to kick the fast food "habit," become diabetic like I discovered I was last July.  When you go on a weight loss/blood sugar control diet, YOU CAN'T EAT THE REALLY APPEALING FAST FOODS. :k_crying:   You'll be surprised how fast your love of Whoppers, Big Macs, pizza of all descriptions, etc. diminishes when the alternative will cut you off from food altogether! :m_yes:


    My partners at work is a diabetic and when we go for lunch he always pulls out his big bag of salad then tells me he is having steak and a burger for lunch. LOL

    He tells me the lettuce is potatoes and the tomatoes are pieces of steak.

    Then he smothers it with 1000 Island or as he says bacon bits... :rofl:


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