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  1. I just finished Virtual season 4. AWESOME!!!!!!!! I really wish the season would have been released in hardcover. I would have paid to have this great season, just to read it all over again.

    To the various writers>> you are a very talented bunch of individuals and your work is most appreciated in keeping the Millennium theme and story live. I know this must have been lots of hard work in writing and keeping a normal life schedule. Call me greedy but I wish you guys would have wrote a fifth season.

    Great job and thanks to all the writers for this Awesome work!!!!!!


  2. Post moved into this thread, where it is more approprate.  In the future, please click "Add Reply", rather than starting a new thread.

    As for not trying this progect with you.....I'd be interested in something focused, dedicated to doing some real good in the world.  What is your proposal, and I'll let you know if it is in line with my talents, abilities, and ideals.


    With all due respect what would be your Talents, abilities and ideals. Do you have a background in any security or law enforcement work? Curious just thought I would ask. Once again I mean no malice in asking.


  3. I think this would be an awesome idea. I think this community as being international could offer worldly insight and information on topics in a serious manner. I think the Old man should over see the project and make it a tight system. (Security Wise)

    The premises of this would help out people who are not able to obtain information on topics through the regular channels. Just a thought :ouroborous:

    One more thing would be sharing the responsibility in making this unique data bank any suggestions? Also how would this unique system work without out people compromising information for fun?


  4. I think before we read all the interesting books we need to form a special opp's team and raid Area 51!

    I think if there were more answers then the growing questions we would have more in sight into the coming and past events. I see there is a new thread saying take Odessa out of the Hollow Earth?

    A plausible theory, although the Nazi’s were involved in many of the events that have unfolded by religion or science due to their drive for ultimate power. They say all the events from the past will have meaning in the future and will return for reasons not foretold?

    I think the best explained theory for events today somehow were answered long ago and hid from the public. The Hollow Earth theory is just another unanswered fact maybe already answered?

    Food for thought!!!!!



  5. I just finished "Rapture" & "Tribulation". This episode was excellent.

    One question for all? I was under the belief the Old Man was killed in season three by a member of odesa. I'm not sure but I believe his name was Lafur? I believe he killed the Old Man in Frank's Basement?

    Need help from you guys on this..


  6. Well I'm at tad slow. Where could I find this Virtual season three?

    I'm hooked bad on Season 4 (Virtual) I just read part one of Rapture

    and I'm so impressed.

    So if anyone has a weblink or if the Old Man has some thought on how I can look into this would be most appreciated. :eyes:

    Sorry I'm am Canadian!!!!!!!!!!! hehehe

  7. Okay I just read Rapture part one. Holy this was excellent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I just can't wait to read part two. I just have to wait for all the exciting people at work to leave so I can use the excellent laser printer. hehehe

    I would have to say this was a great read so far right to the end.

    My hats off to the excellent writing skills of the writer on this script.


    I don't think it's to late to start the season 4 up and put the goods on TV.

  8. I agree with all the posted theories. I've also heard there is relevance to the movies (Raider of the Lost Arc). I think there is substance to all the claims and reports although I wonder if there has been relics of importance found with out public knowledge. Reasons why we would not be informed of findings would be the standard approach (not to debunk religious theories). Although the questions remains are there theories or prophecies that are kept from us for a greater purpose. For Instance I believe the Group Odessa was real?

    Any thoughts?

  9. That is quite the analogy in depth for this theory! I Guess Hitler was looking for just about everything back then. I’ll have to do more research on this topic to understand it more.

    Do you have any suggestions on good sites or books?


  10. I'm not sure. A few weird websites noted some world war one and two pilots came across this so called place then as always could not explain where the location of this so called hollow earth could be located.

    There was also the theory that the Mammoth that was found preserved perfectly in Antarctica some how lost it’s way from this location and could not find its way back. I just find the whole thing funny that there have been minimal attempts to debunk this theory of an inner earth.

    Maybe the Group has something to do with this! heheh

  11. I thought the episode "Our Own Flesh and Blood" was awesome too! Very gripping right to the end. Great story Line.

    The only episode I'm troubled with is "Akuma Odori"? I didn't understand if the Group was involved or if the Dark dressed man was Mabus? What is your take on this episode?

    I also liked the episode "The First Prophet" I thought this was very interesting as there is some strange theories on this possibility. Have you heard of the Hollow-Earth Theory?

    Check this website out. Very ODD!


    Looking forward to your input.

  12. I have just read up to Rapture. I'm looking forward to reading this two parter.

    So far I like what I have read and I thought I would search for some feed back on this upcoming story line.

    Hope it reads as well as you have posted. What is your favorite story in this Virtual Season so far?

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