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  1. Has anyone heard of the Hollow Earth theory? Just thought I would ask as this seems the right place to ask interesting questions.
  2. I thought the episode "Our Own Flesh and Blood" was awesome too! Very gripping right to the end. Great story Line. The only episode I'm troubled with is "Akuma Odori"? I didn't understand if the Group was involved or if the Dark dressed man was Mabus? What is your take on this episode? I also liked the episode "The First Prophet" I thought this was very interesting as there is some strange theories on this possibility. Have you heard of the Hollow-Earth Theory? Check this website out. Very ODD! https://www.hollow-earth.org/ Looking forward to your input.
  3. I have just read up to Rapture. I'm looking forward to reading this two parter. So far I like what I have read and I thought I would search for some feed back on this upcoming story line. Hope it reads as well as you have posted. What is your favorite story in this Virtual Season so far?
  4. "Akuma Odori" September 17, 1999 Written by Eric Davis I need some information to help me understand this episode? Was the group involved in this episode? Was the guy dressed in black Mabus? Please I require help from the experts out there? Archer ...AKA Ron B From Vancouver BC. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Everyone!
  5. Virtual Season 4 is just great. Wish the powers that be would write a Virtual Season 5 and keep it going. Ron B.
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