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  1. Would you recommend this tv series (Haunted, by M Fox)? it seems there are possibilities of getting the dvd's from the net.
  2. Thank You Julian. First time for me to be in this kind of social media - closed circle somehow, for enthusiasts. Maybe therefore very interesting. As to my opinion, this pandemia was already predicted in the Millennium series over 20 years ago. That is why , in the beginning of the January, when the first news from Wuhan virus, that time allegedly only in China, was announced in Finland, I realized that the world is f***ed up soon... Hoped to be wrong but wasn't. After getting flu symptoms in 8th April I was sick for one week - never been that sick - and of course it was this virus. However, during the one month quarantine I had plenty of time to watch the Millennium series a couple of times. Hope you all avoid this nasty virus!
  3. Thank You. I shall wander around and try to learn how to use this platform. Interestingly, I think, it was some 7-10 years ago, might be even more, when I first found this place. However, now the time is near, so I decided to jump in as a candidate.
  4. Hi there Regarding to Millennium series and group - I am never shy. First saw the series as it aired in Finland in the late nineties and my life changed. Then I have been watching it over and over again, whenever felt like it. Now is my, maybe, sixth time. The series foresaw the pandemia already 22-23 years ago, which tells me that it was way ahead of the epidemiological medicine experts... and also that the creators and writers were truly professionals in this interesting field of human mind and human mankind... This is who we are.
  5. Thank you. I have first seen these pages a couple of years ago. Now was the time to join. I am still a big fan of the series - just last week had a tattoo (the first tattoo ever) taken to my left arm, an ouroboros of course... The time is near.
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