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  1. Symbols are significate to ID occultist, like I said they put it in your face! Ouroboros
  2. When you know who you are ,you know the truth and can see the lie, same players different names been going on for 5,000 + yrs, so, if u say your ignorant [lmao] to events all over the world, can't see what's in your face everyday, don't know satanic, wicca, mason, illuminati, Vatican, Bilderberg group, 13 families, CDC, WHO, Pizza Pedophile Pizza, Adrenochrome, torture, rape, skinned alive, drain & drink blood, eat kids CPS deep state signs, symbols & how they communicate most likely will be the 1st causalities and/or locked up in fema-walmart death camps[ CDC BONUS for detainees jab up to slave up or chop it up with Mr. Guillotine wtf ! yes CDC bought 30,000 from hold on this will spin your wig "Chanel " the fragrance company Bottom Line People Wake Up! It's all about your SOUL If u don't Know your Adversary game over! Stay Vigilant REPENT DAILY
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