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  1. Attached is the aforementioned “Gehenna” script and a few more from The X-Files which can be added to the downloads section... The X-Files - 2x05 - Duane Barry.pdf The X-Files - 3x03 - D.P.O. (GOLDENROD).pdf The X-Files - 3x04 - Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose.pdf The X-Files - 3x10 - 731.pdf Millennium - 4C01 - Gehenna.pdf
  2. Wow, thanks so much Libby! Lots of my favourite episodes in here. Very much appreciate you taking the time to re-upload them.
  3. Awesome, thanks so much! I don’t know about anyone else, but I’d also be interested in the scripts from TXF, HR and TLG mentioned in the original post if you happened to still have any of those too? But I may well be pushing my luck 😁
  4. That sounds like a great idea, but unfortunately I only have “Gehenna” (linked above). It would be a shame if the rest of the series were lost to the ages.
  5. Thanks for replying @The Old Man i didn’t really expect any of the original files to be retrievable, but thanks for trying! Maybe somebody out there grabbed them when they were still available? As an example, this is the only Millennium script that seems to be available online: https://scripts.tv-calling.com/script/fox-millennium-1x02-gehenna/ But if anybody has any others, please do let me know.
  6. “Gehenna” is available here: https://scripts.tv-calling.com/script/fox-millennium-1x02-gehenna/ If anyone knows of any others, I would also love to read them!
  7. Greetings, I have become something of a collector of Ten Thirteen scripts in PDF format over the years so was very excited when I found this topic, then of course so disappointed to find all the dead links. I’m sure this is a long shot given how many years have passed, but I don’t suppose anybody still has access to this little treasure trove? I know there are plenty of transcripts around, but I’m always hopeful of tracking down original Millennium scripts as PDFs which are even rarer than those from The X-Files...
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