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  1. Did you ever have any luck with your scanner @The Old Man? I would so love to get a look at The Curse of Frank Black!
  2. 4 downloads

    PINK draft dated 7/25/1996 - Written by Chris Carter
  3. Attached is the aforementioned “Gehenna” script and a few more from The X-Files which can be added to the downloads section... The X-Files - 2x05 - Duane Barry.pdf The X-Files - 3x03 - D.P.O. (GOLDENROD).pdf The X-Files - 3x04 - Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose.pdf The X-Files - 3x10 - 731.pdf Millennium - 4C01 - Gehenna.pdf
  4. Wow, thanks so much Libby! Lots of my favourite episodes in here. Very much appreciate you taking the time to re-upload them.
  5. Awesome, thanks so much! I don’t know about anyone else, but I’d also be interested in the scripts from TXF, HR and TLG mentioned in the original post if you happened to still have any of those too? But I may well be pushing my luck 😁
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