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  1. its an I , ME , MINE world full of snowflakes with no grit . no one told them ' no ' as children so nobody can tell them ' no ' now . and while the younger generation may survive unscathed , they are passing it to more vulnerable people . sad they just don't care . 😢
  2. most parents in the States were NOT prepared to have their kids home all day , every day . they counted on them being @ school and using their toilet paper so they panicked .
  3. welcome and don't be shy . looking forward to your posts !
  4. I was sick starting Christmas evening . horrible cough and low grade fever that would not break for 6 days . its possible it was an early form of the virus that morphed into COVID-19 . since I live in senior care , I automatically go into self isolation . took 6 days and then poof , no fever or cough . since lockdown we have had 7 confirmed cases of COVID-19 , but they were in an isolated area . we eat in our rooms and I rarely leave it except to get mail and start my Jeep and drive around the parking lots . have not left the premises since 12 March . hoping I can get my refill meds mid June . take care all !
  5. They may have had no choice . scheduling is often an issue with reoccurring actors and looking @ her roles on IMDb she was fairly busy .
  6. all the best and success with your books . for you [ and them ] The Time is Now !
  7. watched the pilot and sorry , was NOT impressed . like much of hollywood , nothing new just more recycled material .
  8. welcome and don't be shy about questions or posting !
  9. saw the pilot and coming attractions and I probably would pass even if it was free . too much retread story lines from other ST and even Blade Runner . as bad as all the remake movies lately .
  10. don't be shy about asking questions or posting !
  11. did they talk about the fungus they found thriving on the radioactive waste ?? they have also found it at the Japan reactor damaged after the tsunami !
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