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  1. new update from Joe [ 2 hrs ago ] " Finally back on chemo. At least the nurses are glad to see me again. " keep sending Joe and his family all the healing and positive energy you can !
  2. gave him love from his TIWWA family so he knows we are sending positive / healing energy from us all
  3. this was posted 30 mins ago on FB; " Saw my doctor today found out my radiation treatment to my liver helped out a lot but they can't tell if the cancer is dead or dormant. There is cancer in my adrenal gland and more cancer has returned to my lungs. This Tuesday I am back on chemo......uggh " keep sending positive and healing energy to our brother 💥
  4. Joe just updated his FB page ; " Good News! My nurse called to let me know that my tumor markers went down from 3760 to 1473. I have been off chemo for at least a little over a month which means the radiation blasted the cancer cells.....thank you God! " keep up all that positive energy !
  5. Linda took the blame after the split because she wouldn't admit and get help for her bi-polar . I believe they are still friends and there is no record of her getting married again . they have one child , a daughter who will soon turn 26 .
  6. maybe it was going to be when Cameron was going to be more involved . now we will have to wait to see where they pick up the story line and develop the story .
  7. it has a November 1 release date and is considered a reboot not a sequel or prequel .
  8. I am shocked that Cameron is only listed as a producer on the new movie . I know he is busy with Avatar but thought this was suppose to be his baby
  9. another update ; " Well tomorrow morning [ today ] I am going for my second radiation treatment (last) to my liver. I found out my CEAs are pretty high but in three weeks I should back on chemo. Thank you all for your prayers, thoughts and hugs. " keep the positive energy flowing for Joe and his family !
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