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  1. Joe continues to improve slowly . best news is hes starting get his appetite back ! GO JOE ! keep th positive energy flowing and yes, I sent love from all @TIWWA . * healing energy sent *
  2. AlienCon 2018 coming in June 2018 to Pasadena , CA . http://www.thealiencon.com/ they also have a FB page and same for Ancient Alien fans !
  3. update one hour ago from Joe's wife . ' He is home!!!! After 8.5 hrs of surgery, 3 days of mostly drugged up conversations, visits from wonderful friends, great nurses and doctors, we're glad this part of this journey is over. He had one small set back when the doctors found a blood clot on his upper arm where the pic line was. They put him on blood thinners for the next three months and took out the pic line. In another month when chemo starts again the doctors will have to put another port in. For now he is resting after a much needed full body shower. Thank you again for all your thoughts, prayers, good vibes, help chauffering Gabe for me, visiting him in the hospital and most of all, your friendship. It means a lot to us ' this is wonderful news !
  4. far as I know , he is still in the hospital. I will post updates as I see them on FB .
  5. Joe is planning a celebration once he's feeling human again . no word yet how long he will be in the hospital .
  6. another positive update 17 minutes ago from Joe's wife Bernadette " An update on Joe - today he's more alert as he not taking heavy duty drugs any more. He was able to walk around the room a few times during the day with the help of a PT. The doctors have cleared him for liquids - clear broth, jello, juice, sherbert and water. He had all three meals today. Tomorrow the kidney doctor will remove his caterer as his bowel activities improve. When we left tonight he was sitting up watching the Cards game. If you are in town and would like to visit him, I'm sure he'd love to see you. Thank you again for your continued prayers and thoughts. " keep all those best wishes , positive energy and prays coming
  7. Joe's wife posted on his FB page 1 hour ago ! "Joe is progressing. Slowly but surely. He slept most of the night and day as he is still pretty doped up, but doesn't seem to be in any pain. The nurses moved him to a chair so he can sit down for a while and also to avoid bed sores. He cannot have anything solid until some of his bodily functions go back to normal, according to the doctor. For now he is just sleepy. Thank you for your continued prayers and thoughts. " keep up all the positive energy for Joe
  8. Joe's wife has posted updates ; " UPDATE 2 - Joe is out of surgery. The surgeon just came by and told us that everything went as expected and all is well. We're now waiting for him to go to the recovery room. UPDATE 1- the first part of the surgery - the kidney removal is done and it came out nicely. Joe is doing well. The colon-rectal surgeon is doing his part now. still a long way to go but great news so far !
  9. today is surgery day for Joe . it is expected to take 6 hrs [ or more] . I am keeping tabs on his FB page and will keep you updated . keep him and his family in your thoughts and prayers .
  10. always nice to see new members ! don't be shy about posting or asking questions !
  11. Lance's New Movie "Gone Are the Days"

    I can't wait for his upcoming , sure to be a mega hit .... " Exorcism at 60,000 Feet" . its in post production as I type LOL !
  12. Lance's New Movie "Gone Are the Days"

    don't remember this being released , did it go straight to DVD??
  13. another update posted by Joe on FB ; ' My surgery will be moved up to April 9 at 12noon. It has been changed due to time conflict with the kidney surgeon' . keep send energy and prays to Joe !
  14. 3/ 22 / 18 update from Joe @ Facebook ; " Just to let you all know next Friday the 30th I will be operated on to get the tumor and my Kidney out that also has cancer in it too. I will admitted for a 4 to 5 day period. Would love to have visitors but I would suggest to come two days after my surgery. I will be at Mercy Hospital "

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