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  1. update today : surgery has been scheduled for 30 March for Joe on the blue moon eve .
  2. update on Joe posted by his wonderful wife this AM @ FB ; " An update on Joe - last week he had a PET scan done and today the oncologist said everything looks really good. There are no more lesions on his spleen and lungs. The lesions on his liver have diminished in size by about 40% and the "activity", which means how the bad cells multiply, has gone down from 13 to 6 on one and from 6 to 3 on another. I'm not quite sure what these measurements are, but the fact that they are smaller/lower is a good sign. We'll talk with the oncologist surgeon next to see about the surgery to remove the colon tumor as well as the lesion on the kidney. Most likely he will have to do separate rounds of chemo for the kidney lesions, as those are definitely a separate type of cancer. For now he's at home resting. Thank you all for your continued support, prayers, good vibes and love. They are very much appreciated. " keep Joe in your thoughts and prayers as he continues to fight the good fight .
  3. another update from Joe ; " This Friday will be an important day for me. I will be doing a 90 minute Pet Scan on my body to see how things are inside my body. I continue to stand strong against cancer. " please continue to send Joe positive and healing energy !
  4. new update from Joe 30 minutes ago ; " Today's chemo has zapped my energy plus found out that my body isn't staying hydrated. On the other hand my markers for my tumor went down again....1589 to 1449. I will also have a pet scan for them to look at the tumor. I am getting there slowly.... " keep up the well wishes and positive energy for Joe !
  5. The Miscellaneous Thread

    very funny Libby
  6. yes , it is very sad news . hope he can continue to write amazing songs . I too was lucky to see him perform back in the early 80s [I think ]
  7. cloning could be used to cure deformities and disease . its not always about creating Frankenstein .
  8. another great update from Joe [ posted 2 hrs ago ] please keep sending Joe positive and healing energy
  9. Howdy Folks

    WB Jabbapop .
  10. The Miscellaneous Thread

    thing is during th 4th Dr [ my fave] we met a female time lord who regenerated just for the hell of it . so I am not surprised our current Dr could regenerate into a female time lord . I will check it out !
  11. New Lance Pottery Website

    sadly no finger movement and the arm only works about 60 % , but better than nothing .
  12. FB update just 45 min ago ... " Just got back from Chemo. My markers are down from 2413 to 2218......glad my body is responding " keep all the positive energy and love flowing !
  13. New Lance Pottery Website

    one hand typing for 10 years , it still is a pain !
  14. Welcome to our latest members!

    welcome new members ! its a huge site and don't be shy about posting .
  15. New Lance Pottery Website

    its art work and should be displayed in a place to be admired , not stuck in a kitchen to get greasy from cooking residue .

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