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  1. FB update one hour ago ; " Next Friday I will have another radiation treatment to my liver. I am taking this one step at a time " keep all that positive energy flowing
  2. only 5 on the veggies and stuck on 4 on the car .
  3. found 4 on the cars . how many are there suppose to be ??
  4. I see the difference on the burgers , took about 5 minutes .
  5. Walkabout

    and the winner is .....

    new trailer has been released !
  6. tonight , Joe is feeling better and spent a great day with his wife and son ! keep that positive energy flowing .
  7. this update from Joe just 1 hr ago " Well its my second day since the radiation treatment to my liver. I am having very minor pain but a lot of feeling sick to my stomach. Tomorrow will be last day for being bed bound. Thank you all for all if your prayers and thoughts " please continue positive energy and healing for Joe
  8. latest update just posted by Joe ; oday wasn't the day for treatment for my liver. Instead they did a mapping of my blood streams in and around my liver and they put a stent in for when they do the treatment to my liver. They kept me all day. I will be contacted when they decide to do treatment.....ugh will you up to date . have passed your best wishes on to Joe from every one here .
  9. think I found both bears but would need conformation by see the answer . not found the doll yet .
  10. Joe posted this one hour ago on FB; Well tomorrow morning I am going in for a radiation treatment to my liver. I am feeling positive but I also feel uneasy. I know this procedure will be a major step forward in regards to my cancer. I am asking for prayers or thoughts of comfort. Thank you all for your love and support Please continue to send energy and prayers to Joe and his family .
  11. yep , found the dog once I enlarged it . found the sheep too and the lollipop .
  12. are you sure in the sheep one , its not finding the dog ?? found the umbrella and your name but not the doll .
  13. both good . took a few for the fish but found the soccer ball right away .

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