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  1. our brother Joe is have a very tough go round of chemo that is making him very sick .. please sent all the positive energy to him and his family .
  2. Joe posted earlier today on Face Book ... " I just got a call from my nurse that my CESs are going down and improving to 1765...any good news helps " nice treat for Joe !
  3. Walkabout

    My halloween!!

    great progression in photos !! thanks for sharing !
  4. posted @ FB late last night : " Bernadete and I met with a Liver Specialist today in regards to doing a more aggressive treatment to the cancer spots in my liver. This will include radioactive beeds will be injected into my blood stream near the liver and will blast these cancer cells. There is a lot of upside with this procedure. Plus I am so ready to have my life back. I want to continue on as an educator and enjoy life. I feel very comfortable and confident with this doctor. It looks like this procedure will be done in December." lets hope this will make Joe cancer free !
  5. two updates from Joe just minutes ago ; #1 " My nurse called to let me know my CEAs went down 111 points." . and # 2 " I got more news today. I got a call from a Liver Specialist. I will have two more treatments and a MRI. Once the specialist gets the results from the MRI he will do some aggressive procedures with me" keep sending all that positive energy to Joe and his family as they fight everyday for final victory !
  6. he must be thrilled MATM is doing so well and its not even out yet !
  7. Joe is having a real bad time with his current chemo. keep all those prays and positive energy headed his way !
  8. Walkabout

    Frank Black

    very well done , thanks for sharing !
  9. Walkabout

    Happy Birthday, Libby!

    HAPPY BDAY and know how much we love and miss you !
  10. poor Joe is really struggling . everyone please send all you got for him ! " This morning chemo has been cut down 20% due to side effects and the sickness. Plus the Doctor told me I will do three more rounds and get a scan again. I am so worn out and tired. I wish this was over " [ posted 4 hrs ago on FB ]
  11. sent Joe * more healing energy * from all his friends @ TIWWA and Joe responded " Thank you Randee Larimer and everybody at TIWWA "
  12. update one hr ago on FB : even though Joes numbers continue to inch down the chemo is making him quit ill . please continue to send healing energy to him and his family . *more healing energy sent *
  13. FB update from Friday morning : " Happy to report my tumor markers are down to 2400. For me any good news make my day " keep that positive energy flowing !
  14. new update from Joe's wife on FB : " If you have a few minutes to spare, plz send Joe a quick message to help cheer him up. We just met with the oncologist who told us that even though the spots on his liver haven't changed - for better or worse - he still wants to keep the chemo treatments going for another round of six sessions. It's not what he/we wanted to hear and it kinda bummed him up a bit. I'm sure he'd love to hear from you. As always, thank you for your continued prayers. " keep sending Joe positive energy !
  15. just posted @ FB ; " Woke up this morning thinking of a California sunrise. I was then greeted by a good morning kiss on the cheek by Gabe. I am feeling much better today. I am thankful for all of you that keep me going through prayers, cheers, love, hugs and being there for me. I am a blessed man " lets keep the positive energy flowing

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