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  1. update one hr ago on FB : even though Joes numbers continue to inch down the chemo is making him quit ill . please continue to send healing energy to him and his family . *more healing energy sent *
  2. FB update from Friday morning : " Happy to report my tumor markers are down to 2400. For me any good news make my day " keep that positive energy flowing !
  3. new update from Joe's wife on FB : " If you have a few minutes to spare, plz send Joe a quick message to help cheer him up. We just met with the oncologist who told us that even though the spots on his liver haven't changed - for better or worse - he still wants to keep the chemo treatments going for another round of six sessions. It's not what he/we wanted to hear and it kinda bummed him up a bit. I'm sure he'd love to hear from you. As always, thank you for your continued prayers. " keep sending Joe positive energy !
  4. just posted @ FB ; " Woke up this morning thinking of a California sunrise. I was then greeted by a good morning kiss on the cheek by Gabe. I am feeling much better today. I am thankful for all of you that keep me going through prayers, cheers, love, hugs and being there for me. I am a blessed man " lets keep the positive energy flowing
  5. a FB update from Joe just one hour ago ; " Had some rough days Sunday and Monday but today I am so relieved that my markers are down to 3142 from 3740. The chemo I am getting for my liver is doing its job but it sure makes me sick. Next up is a scan of my liver. I am crossing my fingers and praying that the results of this scan will lead to oral medication and I can say goodbye to chemo. " keep sending Joe all the positive energy you can . his son just started 8th grade and he has many milestones yet !
  6. Walkabout

    Disney buys 20th Century Fox

    CGI works only a point ; its why they gave up the idea of a CG Leia for the last star wars . it didn't go over good with the Fast and Furious and Paul Walker .
  7. Walkabout

    Disney buys 20th Century Fox

    what a monster they have become . wonder how this will affect future ' Avatar ' movies . 2 & 3 are being filmed now and 4 & 5 in a few years. course if they wait too long the main actors could be deceased .
  8. Walkabout

    HDTV Frank

    thanks for the info . had no idea it was that complicated . I know they have spent millions saving classic movies found deteriorating in film vaults , many my faves and Academy award winners .
  9. update 2 hrs ago on Joes FB page : " The nurse just called to let me know my tumor markers are down to 2474 a big decrease. Right now I am suffering from the side effects from today's chemo. They gave me nausea meds that's making me feel loopy " keep sending Joe positive energy and good wishes for the day hes cancer free !
  10. Walkabout

    and the winner is .....

    winners to be announced this fall :
  11. this was posted @ FB on page of director James D Morris : We won Best Documentary at the Out of the Can film festival!!
  12. Walkabout

    Millennium wallpaper

    interesting pose from Lance . well done !
  13. Walkabout

    Terminator Sequel

    he has to make money to pay for all that deep water sub diving he has done . I think he holds the record on the number of dives on the Titanic and he has done the deep trenches in the Pacific Ocean. supposedly he is using footage from those trips in the Avatar movies .
  14. Walkabout

    Terminator Sequel

    thats the beauty of time travel and reboots , just wave a magic wand and undo what you don't like . director Tim Miller is also listed as one of the writers for the story but not the screen play . since James Cameron is up to his big blue monkeys filming Avatar #2 & #3 and pre -production of #4 & 5 , I am sure other than script approval and casting he will have little to do until editing . with all filming at the same time it will keep him very busy for the next two years . then more Avatar movies .
  15. Walkabout

    The Handmaid's Tale

    it is a scary thought that zealot christian right could take over . those who say it can't happen need to read up on prohibition . it was an attempt of religion to dictate morality and in force their beliefs on a country . ' 1984 ' , ' Logan's Run ' and ' THX1138 ' are excellent movies that come to mind too . if I had seen the movie version [ THT ] first I would have liked it better but after the series it is quit diluted .

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