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  1. no news on the PICC line BUT Joe posted this on FB this am ; " Good News, my cancer markers in my liver down to 4861 it was somewhere in the 6000s "
  2. I do ; I post love and best wishes from his TIWWA family
  3. they are hoping to replace a PICC line and not go back to a chest port .
  4. update from yesterday ... " Today I had to get my port taken due to some swelling in my chest " nothing said if or when it will be replaced . the port is for giving chemo treatments .
  5. a great update from Joe ! [ 14 hrs ago ] "Good News, my white and red blood cells numbers looking really good and my anemia has improved as well " lets keep all that healing and positive energy going !
  6. Walkabout

    Happy Birthday Sadeyes

    happy Bday , hope it was special !
  7. Walkabout

    Millennium Frank Black wallpaper

    another fine Job
  8. posted yesterday ; " Back to Mercy Hospital to put another port in my chest for more chemo. Not too happy but I know it needs to be done ; Chemo starts next Wednesday " continue to send Joe positive energy .
  9. this update from Joe's FB page ; " Well back to Chemo I go. I have been off of it for quite a long while. The CT Scan showed a small cancer spot on my lower rib and the lesions have gotten bigger. My fight with cancer continues.......I am never giving up " keep sending Joe positive and healing energy !
  10. Walkabout

    Millennium family photo!

    excellent !
  11. Walkabout

    Updated Privacy and Community Guidelines

    Old Man . your the bomb !
  12. Walkabout


    excellent , keep them coming !
  13. Walkabout

    Lance Henriksen in at Fanboy expo TN

    congrats .... how great was that . I did make it to 3 Stargate cons back in the day , they can be so much fun !
  14. Walkabout

    Frank Black Figure

    very nice , I have two [ I think ] but they are still back where I use to live . a lot of my extra stuff is back there yet as I now live in senior housing [ single small room ] do to my disability and family insisting I move closer.

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