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  1. I have been collecting the X-files and Millennium books, and have come up nearly empty on 5 books which are listed on Wikipedia, three are Millennium novelizations, and two are X-files novelizations as follows. MILLENNIUM * Weeds by Victor Koman ISBN13: 9780061058424 * Force Majeure by Lewis Gannett ISBN13: 9780061059629 * The Wild and The Innocent by Jorge Zamacona and/or Elizabeth Massie ISBN13: 9780061059230 X-Files * Ascension by Quentin Thomas ISBN10: 0694518662 ISBN13: 9780694518661 (this is a novelization of the episodes Duane Barry/Ascension/One Breath) * Hunter by Charles L. Grant ISBN10: 006105416X ISBN13: 9780061054167 (novelization of the episodes Colony and Endgame) The only books on this list i couldn't find a photo of online, were Force Majeure, and Hunter. Most of the editions of the Millennium books i found online, were of editions in languages other than English ( i believe they were in French and Spanish and/or German) if anyone has any additional information on these books, or suggestions as to where I might obtain a copy of any of them, it would be greatly appreciated.
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