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  1. I've noticed a lack of posts on here re: the campaign and site. Is there some reason for this? (been away for a while).
  2. Hi, I haven't posted here in forever, so...hello again! Oh, and look who I met today!
  3. Happy Birthday!

  4. Hey guys. Oldman, do you remember many moons ago I got you to design an awesome MM desktop theme? Its old location was at Downloads/misc/MDUK_ActiveDesktop.exe on the original site, but obviously it has vamooshed now. Any chance of getting it again? I have just purchased a brand new PC for doing sittingnow, and I (of course) got rid of Vista instantly in favour of XP :D It's been my desktop background for many years now, and would love to get it back. Our original discussion of the subject can be found here ---> http://www.millennium-thisiswhoweare.net/t...mp;hl=kenscanna T
  5. Hi there, i've certainly posted since August Anyway, i'm ready to record Skype etc like I mentioned in our email conversations. I have full recording facilities here and recording multiple Skype conversations is really simple, the key is investing in a decent quality microphone, I would encourage all involved in this project to consider buying a cardoid USB mic, or a regular cardoid mic and small mixing desk (that has a USB interface). It's quite exciting this prospect, however I do not feel it should be a vehicle exclusively for the MM film. I feel that may alienate fans that just
  6. WOW, i'm glad I read this post! haha I TOTALLY thought that as I walked out of the theatre. It even crossed my mind that this could have been a MM script transferred. So many points of this film felt like they could have had FB in them...wouldn't FB have been the perfect replacement for BC's charecter? OK, not as a pedo-priest, but as someone with a gift that only Mulder could actually access on a personal level... anyway, thats my thoughts :)
  7. i should be free too, i'm really busy in the week, can you guys agree a time and i'll make myself available, if you could email to let me know on ken@sittingnow.co.uk I would be super-grateful! oh, skype name is 'kenscanna' if I didn't mention it before :)
  8. Ok, how about this Sunday evening? My Skype name is 'Kenscanna'
  9. i propose a skype conference, perhaps this weekend or possibly next?
  10. nah, Skype is fine if setup properly, I think we should set an idea/content and get moving on this ... my internet has been down for a week, sorry for late reply!
  11. hi, you are correct I am on holiday :) back tomorrow quick word on the skype thing, I have a clever bit of software that will assist with the recording process, however itonly works on a pc. I think that a fan commentary, however I don't think it is the best idea to only do a commentary per episode. I also think that we should limit the amount of people 'on the mic' per segment, some other casts have tried with lots of people and it's hugly confusing for the listener. anyway, I'm off to bed, plus I'm typing this on my phone, so please excuse my semantical flip-flops on this post :) s
  12. I can mix/edit all the shows, as well as being a 'binder' host (one that is on all episodes, generally to bind together all the guests/hosts). If you listen to our latest episode, my co-host jacob is on a Skype call with me. As per mics, I would deffo invest in a reasonable quality USB mic ... i'll advise if ness. Dean Haglund was just using the mic built into his Mac I think, and he sounded really good, however this isn't always the case if you listen to the R U Sirius episode, that was also using a Mac mic and it sounded a bit dodgy and required uber-editing my end to make it listenable.
  13. oh, and if you have the time, write us a review on iTunes :) now..back to mulling over our MM podcast :D
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