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  1. voidprime

    Anyone else watch Luther?

    That's BBC for you with small episode runs for seasons and years between seasons while people work on other projects
  2. voidprime

    Anyone else watch Luther?

    (Spoiler alert) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Luther_(TV_series) DCI John Luther (Idris Elba) is an obsessed and sometimes violent police detective who doesn't always do things by the books as he investigates serial murders while entangling himself with crime figures and a beautiful pyschopathic murderer woman Alice Morgan (Ruth Wilson) who becomes obsessed with Luther. There has been 20 episodes over five different season/ series with the fifth season leaving a cliffhanger and bringing the show full circle. It is a dark crime thriller written and created by Neil Cross. It delves into the same gritty dark areas that Criminal Minds and Millennium get into. John Luther often leaves his superiors in the dark and gets his partners involved with the bending of the law while working the case. Luther is brilliantly played by Idris Elba and I hope a sixth season is getting made soon (instead of a feature film that Cross and Elba want to make (where they tried to get a prequel film together years ago after the first three seasons aired).
  3. Cameron would have directed a third Terminator back in the 90s if he was able to buy the other 50 percent, but he is making it now as a producer because all of the rights to Terminator went back to him recently
  4. voidprime

    HDTV Frank

    The only way Millennium would come to blu-ray if Disney licenses it out to another company to release it on blu-ray and Disney will probably be looking for ways to get returns on the $52 billion they spent to acquire 20th Century Fox, FX, FXM, FXX, 30 percent stake in Hulu which adds to the 30% that Disney have which makes Disney major shareholder in Hulu. Hopefully it is a label like Shout Factory or Kino Lorber (and not Mill Creek Entertainment) because you might extras for the show like a retrospective featurette or two and maybe the FOX TV spots
  5. voidprime

    X-Files 2018

    The Millennium group zombie episode was crap. Millennium had better closure with last season 3 episode
  6. voidprime

    X-Files 2018

    I think since Disney is going to own all the Fox movies and shows soon, they are going to look for ways to exploit the properties like Avatar, Die Hard, Planet of the Apes, Alien, and the X-Files. However, I do think they need to kick Chris Carter to throw curb since the last good X-Files he wrote was the last movie and it could even be a better Millennium episode if it was rewritten for Frank Black. If Disney gives J.J. Abrams an exclusive deal to develop new TV and movies, The X-Files could be something that Bad Robot could produce as a soft reboot revival that could fix what Carter has been flubbing since season 7 or Season 8.
  7. Well, it is a sequel to T2. They are ignoring the last three movies. Arnold is in it, but I think he isn't a Terminator in this one. They have a new actor playing the Terminator
  8. voidprime

    The Crossing

    I think The Crossing is gone for good unless they decide to revive it for Hulu since Disney owns the show, but they (ABC) cancelled it back in May and usually streaming services don't revive cancelled shows and focus on new content
  9. voidprime

    X-Files 2018

    Here's speculation- I think Gillian Anderson decided to not play Scully anymore after this season because she didn't like what Chris Carter did with the whole William story line and have Scully have a miracle pregnancy. I base this on a non-verbal reply that Gillian gave to fans on Twitter who weren't happy with the season finale. It was a gif of Scully rolling her eyes. However, I think they could fix The X-Files if they brought it back again by having Mulder being in a mentor role where a grown up Jordan Black is an FBI Agent paired up with Mulder in the X-Files. This would give the show a chance to finally meld Millennium and X-Files mythology. However, the next way to fix the show is get Chris Cater to take a backseat to the show and have Glen Morgan and James Wong take over the show running. I think the most horrible episodes of the last two seasons are the mythology episodes written by Chris Carter (like he doesn't know how to write good mythology episodes anymore).
  10. voidprime

    Mr. Robot

    now we wait for season 4 in 2019 which will be the final season
  11. voidprime

    The Crossing

    and they are trying to reboot the 4400 for The CW https://tvline.com/2018/11/07/the-4400-reboot-series-the-cw/ Also I wish The Crossing wasn't cancelled
  12. Now James Cameron is working on getting the CGI done for Avatar 2 and 3 done since live-action and motion capture work is done. Going back on-topic, I think they will drop a trailer for the new movie soon (maybe we will get lucky and they will drop it during the super Bowl). They have been shooting in and and around Budapest, Hungary.
  13. voidprime

    Star Wars 8

    now let's discuss Episode 9 because they may have some TV spots dropping during the Super Bowl

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