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  1. voidprime

    New Millennium Comic

    I was disappointed with the climax of issue 5 since it was more like an episode of the X-Files or an episode of Charmed
  2. voidprime


    The Stalker cliffhanger is something I didn't care for as I found Mira Sorvino's character to be so-so
  3. the series starts on Jan 24th, 2015 on FOX and then it will be in Gotham's Monday time slot for five weeks
  4. voidprime


    I felt underwhelmed by the season finale after all of the build-up
  5. voidprime


    CBS is burning off the last three Stalker episodes in the Scorpion slot on Mondays which puts it in direct competition with the other kevin Williamson show- The Following. One episodes aired last monday and the first of the last air on May 11th. It is good to see the show come back and it wasn't hard choosing which show to watch (I chose Stalker over The Following) while I hold out hopes for a second season renewal
  6. Glen Morgan, James Wong & Darin Morgan Sign On For Fox’s ‘X-Files’ Revival- http://www.tvwise.co.uk/2015/04/james-wong-glen-morgan-sign-on-for-foxs-x-files-revival/ Frank Spotnitz is busy with The Man in The high Castle for Amazon while Howard Gordon and Vince Gilligan also aren't expected to be back for the revival. However
  7. voidprime


    I just don't want to watch CSI Cyber which is in the Stalker timeslot and I just can't warm up to the main character when she guest starred on CSI (and early CSI is so good compared to recent CSI which just OK)
  8. there is some gore- not too much. Then again I was paying more attention to the weird light shows and light effects they had in the movie in addition to the odd times when the music score would come in. THE VISITOR is a truly strange sci-fi horror movie- very bizarro.
  9. Last night, I watched a strange Italian sci-fi movie called The Visitor (1978) where Lance Henrikson plays a guy who works for a cabal of evil powerful old guys and they want him to marry this woman (who has a demonic eight old girl who is the descendant of an evil cosmic alien named Santeen) and get her pregnant so they can make way for the Anti-Christ. In the way of this plan is a cosmic warrior (John Huston) from another world who works with a cosmic Jesus figure (Franco Nero) and a housemaid (Shelly Winters). Anyway he has his group of bald monk warrior followers who really don't do much in the movie other than mediate on the roof of a tall building in Atlanta, Georgia. You also have a police detective played by Glenn Ford and the demon child's pet hawk. The music cues at the oddest moments and then nothing happens. You have weird effect sequences and moments where the demonic girl plays video games. It is a baffling Italian sci-fi Omen which you can laugh at and scratch your head at what you're watching. Lance Henrikson does what he can with the part where the mother of the demon child doesn't want to tied down to being married (even after she ends up in a wheelchair and demon child's letter to beg her to marry evil Lance). TCM Underground shows some very unique cult underground movies and you can also check this movie out via digital, DVD, or blu-ray
  10. voidprime


    you can probably view through Hulu after a week, sign up for Hulu Plus (or sign up for the free trial to watch a few episodes at once since USA Network wants people to sign in with their provider to see it online), or purchase it digitally through Amazon/ iTunes.
  11. voidprime


    I hoped they have a second season and they took a break form the show which has five more episodes to air (and they left things with a cliffhanger- dang you, CBS).
  12. voidprime


    I do hope they renew the show since it is the only new drama that CBS hasn't renewed yet. Four more new episodes to go out of the six-in-a-row run they have going right now. I like how the relationships between the characters is developing. This week's episode was good even though I guessed who the stalker was (early on).
  13. voidprime

    12 Monkeys

    I think they could have developed the plot for the first episode to two episodes. I do think the second episode is better than the first. I hope they use Jennifer Goines more since I think she is the best character of the show
  14. voidprime

    New Millennium Comic

    great covers
  15. voidprime

    New Millennium Comic

    MY problems with the first issue are that the story barely starts (It could have had more story packed into it), Frank Black doesn't show up until halfway into it, the art isn't my favorite, and people who last saw Mulder in the last X-Files movie will be confused with the fact he is an FBI Agent again (which is probably covered in the issues of the X-Files Season 10 comic). It makes me think they should have chosen someone else to write the Millennium comic as I wonder if he is just padding the story out without developing it further. The good parts is the beginning of the story shows the Millennium Group is just going underground and being presumed dead as a group, a great cover, and Frank Black is off the grid.

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