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  1. Dune Part 2 has wrapped production recently with a release date of early Nov 2023. I do hope the IMAX version of the movie (which has the full image area where the disc release and digital is the cropped standard theatrical ratio but I think it should be cropped to 1.66:1 instead of the full 1.4:1 ratio) and it will be the extended version (since some scenes filmed were cut and they would develop the characters more)
  2. James Cameron said the latest Terminator failed because they made our Grandfather's Terminator with having both Arnold and Linda returning. He said a new Terminator would focus more on AI if it is rebooted
  3. I did finish watching the season 1 finale of Pagan's Peak and I am going to binge season 2 in Jan 2023. Got the 99 per month (for two months) trial on Roku
  4. Season 3 of Picard was filmed back to back with season 2. the new ship looks like it happens to be Riker's old ship from the end of STAR TREK: NEMESIS. As for THE ORVILLE, some can argue it outdoes STAR TREK in being good STAR TREK.
  5. Season 2 does have it's moments (and problems), but season 3 will feature a reunion with the entire cast of TNG along with using some of the old music cues in teh third and final season (which has already been shot and will premiere in 2023)
  6. I did watch most of season1 of Pagan's Peak on the Roku Channel and I was able to get up to half away into the season 1 finale before the free access to it expired at teh end of the month in back of July. Topic does have season 2 also available via their app. I really liked what I watched and I need to do a free trial to topic so I can finish teh season finale and watch season 2
  7. I was looking through the Apple TV store via the Apple TV app on my Roku TV when I saw under rentals that Millennium After the Millennium (search by complete title to find it in search results) is available to buy on digital for $8.99 and to rent for $2.99 and it is in 4K. I own the blu-ray already and I just wanted people in the US who have the Apple TV app that they can get this excellent documentary if they haven't already seen it or own the blu-ray of it.
  8. Millennium could show up on Hulu unless they put it on the Star section of Disney+ in the UK. Maybe Shudder (and/or AMC+) would be a better home for Millennium episodes
  9. I have been wondering what Scott has been up to all these years. Has anyone heard from him after his account and site were hacked all those years ago?
  10. There are some great European crime and sci-fi drams on Netflix like young Wallander, The Chestnut Man, Biohackers, and Tribes of Europa. There are a few great sci-fi and horror series on Netflix As for 4K TV, I love my Roku smart TV and my 4K Sony UHD player. Both are worth the investment
  11. I would totally ditch cable if TCM (Turner Classic Movies) had a stand alone pay monthly app.
  12. I still have to watch season 4 of the Bridge (have the bluray and multi-region bluray player I can play it on). I love the Tunnel. I do feel the US version of the Bridge is a letdown in season 2 in the way it portrays women.
  13. Given that many of us are just watching our shows and movies via streaming? I want to know what streaming services do you use to watch and discover movies. There are some of us who still watch just physical media while others do both (physical media and streaming). The Poll is multiple choice and doesn't reflect all streaming choices and etc. There are about over 15 options you can check
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