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  1. I saw it twice- once on HBO Max and once in theaters. Waiting to buy the 4K UHD blu-ray. I liked the new version. great casting, production design, great cast. The only downside of the movie is that I wish the IMAX scenes would be included on the 4K and blu-ray releases, and scenes cut from the movie would have made it better (and those cut scenes are mostly character and plot development scenes in the book). I hope there is an extended cut, but the director unfortunately hates including deleted scenes or doing extended cuts
  2. I bought the blu-ray back in December. It is finally available in the USA at this time. Great documentary. Too bad they didn't and/or couldn't have gotten interviews with Terry O'Quinn, Morgan, and Wong. This is a great documentary to include as an extra if Millennium is ever released on blu-ray
  3. I watched the first few episodes. Haven't tuned in for the last 3 or 4. It feels pretty generic crime procedural stuff. I rather have Hannibal come back than the so-so of Clarice
  4. I've seen the first three episodes. Too bad FOX already cancelled the show. Hopefully, they will show every episode made.
  5. I have watched the first season of the new show- I didn't like the characters as much as the original and the supernatural elements are down played. I had a friend comment on how this could be a drama about race tension without even having any supernatural elements. I just wonder if teh supernatural elements will be played up for season 2 if teh show gets renewed
  6. I recently bought Haunted on Blu-ray as part of Kino Lorber's going out of print sale for $8.99 along with The First Power (a Milleniumistic horror movie starring Lou Diamond Phillips). Haunted lasted for 11 episodes and only the first six aired on UPN. It follows Frank (Matthew Fox)- an ex-cop turned private detective- who has a near death experience after getting stabbed by the guy (Simon) he believes responsible for the disappearance of his son two years ago. After his near death experience, the door to the other side isn't closed and he is haunted by ghosts including the ghost of Simon. The TV show has the same color palette of Millennium and a score by Mark Snow. I wish Haunted lasted longer, but Matthew Fox went on to do Lost
  7. But also they might have another roadblock in making another Terminator movie from the original producer Gale Ann Hurd.
  8. And we probably won't get another sequel since the movie bombed at the box office
  9. The series finale was kinda of a head scratcher as I think they didn't really need to explain everything about Elliot's state of mind over the series and before the series started
  10. I loved the show. If you liked Hard Sun, you should also watch Luther (a cop series created by the same guy who created Hard Sun) if you haven't seen it
  11. so did anyone go see this? I saw it and I thought parts of it were better than some of the stuff in the last three movies (even though I really like TERMINATOR: SALVATION and bits of TERMINATOR: GENISYS were good)
  12. They haven't even started production on season 2 of Taboo, Earthnut. Also Tom Hardy is busy with other projects.
  13. What shows are you watching or looking forward to? What shows have you decided to bail on after an episode or two? I am watching Batwoman, Mr. Robot (back for one final season), and The Walking Dead on Sundays I already passed on Prodigal Son I am going to watch The Flash and Arrow on Tuesday. I like Emergence so far Wednesday has AMC 1984 which isn't a bad season so far and it is a good homage to 1980s slasher horror films. Stumptown is wait and see. I am going to check out Nancy Drew Thursday seems dead unless I watch Supernatural. Evil is already a pass after the first episode I am waiting for Treadstone, The Purge season 2, Watchmen (October 20th), His Dark Materials (November), The Expanse season 4 (December on Amazon Prime), and Lost In space season 2 (which is December 24th on Netflix). Daybreak looks interesting from the trailer. I do have to catch up on The Runaways and finish season 2. Season 3 is on Hulu in December. Also got to finish Titans season 1 and season 2 is on DC Universe now
  14. And Fox decided to bump the show to a full season order from 13 to 22 episodes
  15. Watched the first episode. It was one badly written show full of bad cliches. I don't think I'm coming back for this one
  16. Another similar movie to watch is Child 44 (which I hope one day they release the longer 5 hour cut one day since the 137 minute version has some issues) and it is loosely based on the novel of the same name (which is part of a book trilogy). I have to check out Citizen X sometime
  17. I would love to see Lance back as Frank Black and have a grown up Jordan taking part of the lead in the show- so a new Millennium series could be part of a passing of the torch series while still having Lance being one of the leads and continue off old threads while opening up new story threads
  18. Maybe Disney (the owner of all 20th Century Fox movies and shows now) needs to license Millennium out so another company or studio can produce a new series
  19. I watched I Am The Night too and also read up on the real life person who inspired the show. There are a few differences between the show and the actual events in her life
  20. I loved the first season. I haven't seen season 2. I have seen parts of season 3. I will probably rent it when it comes to DVD/ blu-ray
  21. Now I wonder what is the next great crime drama to watch or anything else I can recommend
  22. I hope it doesn't take another 2 to three years to resolve the cliffhanger that season 5 ends on even thought this latest season does bring things full circle. I know Neil Cross and Idris Elba really want to get a Luther movie done which probably explains why there are so long periods between season 3 and 4 and taking another three years for season 5 to be made after that. Then Neil Cross has created the Millenniumistic series Hard Sun which has one season air already (on the BBC in the UK and on Hulu in the USA) in the meantime too. Too bad Hard Sun was cancelled after one year when Neil Cross has a five year arc planned for that show- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hard_Sun
  23. That's BBC for you with small episode runs for seasons and years between seasons while people work on other projects
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