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  1. Thanks for the response, Earthnut. No, l have not seen that video. I found it on Amazon for $3. It has bad reviews, but at that price I can afford to watch it just for fun.
  2. I resolved to watch all three seasons again. I finally searched for my dvds today and couldn't find them. Of course I ordered another set online. Hope it is as good as I remember it.
  3. Men will do most anything to see a naked women, while women just want to see what men look like in a suit. I watched a couple episodes, but it was too contrived for me; much like the show about the FBI students, the FBI to guy taking the superbrain pill, and many other in this genre - too much alike
  4. Wow, been a while since a show made me flinch in my chair. Very intense, lots of graphic gore. I don't know if the Poe motive will afford as deep a thread as demons did in Frank's show. There was some interesting foreshawdowing, and Bacon's character was easy to identify with. I wonder if in the real world a serial killer has ever taken a personal interest in the lead investigator like so many serial killer shows so often protray. I also wonder how many more people have been killed in fictional accounts of these sicko's than in real life.
  5. the picture takers are gone now... so, is it the rich kid or his dad that killed her? I think this is my 1000 th post... how do I retire?
  6. No DVR here. I can watch them later if Comcast has them on demand. At the end of my contract I plan on going to an atenne (sp?) and the net.
  7. Those would have to be some huge spaceships! Consider that about 100 earths would fit across the diameter of the sun. The look at the size of the images.
  8. My first guess is that it is the FBI or someone that is investigating the corruption/ murder/ dover up ?
  9. Saw the trailer on TV tonight. I rarely go to the theatre, but might have to for this one.
  10. It's like looking at inkblots to me... what do you see?
  11. good call, good instincts! Now, I'll have to watch this week for sure. Mark was the only person at this site that supported me when I was pulled into some "stuff" here.. good man.
  12. Yes, years ago I saw full page bra ads in our newspapers that would have been soft porn when I was a child. I remember when no one bled in movies - not even when they got shot. Of course many years ago, people went to large arenas and watched people hacking each other with swords and feeding Christians to the lions...
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