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  1. In an early show wasn't the police chief part of a plot to get rid of Grimm? I seem to remember this blond that was working with him? I do like waitng for the Chief to try something or for Grimm to "see" him as well.
  2. Interesting couple of posts. Dualism or the idea of good and evil being opposides of the same coin shows up in a lot of religions and philosphies. The salvaton through Christ with the electric metaphor is a new one for me, and I need to read it a few more times. I do believe that selfishness lies at the root of most evil and that I can not fully understand God at this point in time, because I see "as through a glass darkly." I look forward to when, "I will know as I am known."
  3. Yes, Anubis Gates and Last Call are my next two reads. I think one of his other books is the basis for one of the Pirates of the Carribean movies.
  4. I watched the pilot and was a bit interested, but thought it would be a criminal of the week kind of show. Guess I'll have to relook and catch up...
  5. Drawing of the Dark is set in Veina as the Turks are about to attack in the 1200's. The main character is an Irish mercenary hired by a peculiar fellow to be the bouncer at a "pub" / brewery that is used to be a monistary and before that a Roman fort. Like carnival there are many characters that don't seem to quite figure out who or what they are... The story if full of the supernatural and well placed humor. I think this was publishe around 79 and a welcome change of pace to Lord of the Rings and all that.
  6. Here's to hoping that zombies can't stand the tast of ketchup!
  7. I am wondering why the police chief would of hire a Grimm for the force?
  8. I have stopped watching this series, but I'll check this episode out. I wonder how many serial killers have been on this show? I'd like to compare that number to the actual number of documented serial killers in the US since the show began airing?
  9. I caught a little bit of the show last night. I saw a section about a couple with lots and lots of food and ammo. Then the "experts" rated how they were doing. I know people here (Colorado) that have a secluede place set up to get away if needed. They certainly wouldn't want to broadcast this info. on national TV. I have emergency supplies for a few weeks should the power go out or something. And I have a bug-out -bag with survival gear should the zombies attack. So, this show is a interesting for me. Anyone else have supplies on hand?
  10. Grimm reminds me a lot of Supernatural. Has anyone else watched it?
  11. After telling someone about how much I enjoyed Carn. and how I wish it had continued, a friend suggested I read books by Tim Powers. Though I rarely read fiction, I am enjoying them very much. They are sci fi/ fantasy set in historical context. The concepts and character development are very much like Carn.
  12. balding man with giant catapiller eyebrows? really? this is the guy? I remember some freaky stuff back when I was trying to controll my dreams via instructions from Carlos Castodada...
  13. I remember watching our basement wall (block construction) doing a little dance during an earthquake near you in the 1960's; and I've heard from family about people freaking out and stocking up on supplies when the New Madrid gets some publicity. I hope those big rivers don't have their courses change by another "big one". On a broader note, aren't there inconsistancies with the plate theory? Aren't there places where things are moving in the wrong direction?
  14. Ha, that should help him restore his somewhat damaged reputation with his peers. I'll have to check it out.
  15. The show has stood the test of time and some actor changes; beats the CSI and Law and Order stuff.
  16. There are many examples of barbaric activity going on in the world today; clearly we are not as modern and civilized as we would like to think we are.
  17. and.. cars can keep running at high speed even after seveal "small" crashes any anti-gay character is a repressed homosexual military leaders are simiple minded pshycos court rooms are dramatice places with wonderful speaches all police stations have access to super powerful science tools all native cultures are more noble than the western culture women always have make up on and it never gets messed up
  18. I've actually had a murderer in my fourth grade reading classroom (years ago). He and two other boys had kicked an infant and beat him with chains when had been around 7. He was not punished in any way, but did go to a lot of state funded coundiling. He was not a "great" student, but he was not violent at school. Of course only a few teachers administrators knew about his past; his peers and their parents were not aware. I understand the desire to fix not punish, but I thought that the parents of other school children had a right to know about his past. I now teach 7th grade in a middle school, and some of our students were arrested for violent crimes. A few have run away from their homes, and their have been two suicides in the last 7 years. Don't think this is a horrible shcool. Most of the kids are pretty typical and some go on to be honor students in highschool. The school is mostly a place where working familes send their kids. Like the two boys mentioned in your post, some of my students have been getting high, watching porn, and other "life-style choices" since they were very young. There culture sometimes remind me of Mad Max. The thing is only a few of them actually seem to go very bad. Most seem to still have good intentions with other people. I've seen horrible parents with great kids horrible kids with great parents; I don't completly buy into nuture over nature.
  19. Wow, that's quite good. Are you working on the screenplay yet?
  20. I love this season, but having a cop date the bad guy (okay, bad guy's daughter) is so season two!
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