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  1. I guess this will help us sharpen our recognition of when half truths and misleading assertions can take us down a dead end path? Kind of like watching the nighlty news. Seriously, sorry I missed the first show. I do enjoy this kind of stuff. Here is a local story that he might want to look into. https://www.denverpost.com/ci_13956752
  2. Although I am facinated with conspiracy theories, I think there are simpler elements at work in most of them. First let me say that I do believe in absolute good and absolute evil. There are good and evil people in every walk of life. Now, when powerful/rich people that are evil go about their business - they naturally bring about evil that comes down to us all. They aren't necc. getting together at wild parites and deciding how to manipulate us; they just naturally do things that make good sense to them that happen to screw the rest of us up and further evil. And I don't mean to say they are always doing evil, but it only takes a little...
  3. lol, yes it's just us talking.... how about the kidney in the fridge though? I loaned season one to a young guy I work with because he likes to watch Supernatural. He only wathced the pilot and returned it to me. He said it was too violent for him and gave him nightmares. Wow...
  4. When you slam the 'fridge closed, because last night's leftovers look like a kidney When someone compares Sarah Palin to Lucy and you wonder what secret handshakes that person shares with people trying to bring about the end of the world as we know it When someone goes into fits over seeing Americans peacefully protest at tea parties and you wonder what experimental drug was slipped into the water while they were at the clinic
  5. yeah tin hats abound, but why is the guy being arrested in such a fasion? seems very over the top. Why would people in power unleash a virus on its own people? To gain more power of course. When you manufacture a crisis you are needed to fix it at whatever the cost. Didn't Hitler stage an attack to gain "permission" to attack? I agree that there are a lot of crazy accusations going around, but that doesn't mean some of them are not worth looking into.
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WRjY_x08Bj8&NR=1 What's up with this? I found this posted at the site with the link to the video- Watch the actual videos as he is surrounded, gassed, and tasered. Joseph Moshe is a microbiologist who had called a radio station, and stated that the H1NI vaccine is actually a bio-weapon, and is the DEPLOYMENT OF A PLAGUE. The official propaganda line is that he had threatened the President, although there is no evidence that this is true. UPDATE: At first we were told that he had been deported to Israel, but he never arrived in Israel. Then we were told that he had been locked up at the Patton state mental hospital in San Bernadino, CA. A call to that facility (909) 425-7543 will obtain a claim that they do not have him. We called the Twin Towers Correctional Facialty in Los Angeles at 213 473-6080, and reached an employee who admitted that Joseph Moshe has been held there since 8-13-2009. He is charged with "violating a court order". He has a Court Date on 01/25/2010 at Los Angeles Municipal Court (DIV 141) located at 11701 S. La Cienega Blvd. Los Angeles, CA We might ask for an accounting of all drugs, or vaccines, that he has been forced to take. All of Moshe's documents have been confiscated. Where are they now? The Los Angeles Inmate information web site is at: https://app4.lasd.org/iic/ajis_search.cfm Enter this data for the search: Joseph Moshe DOB 12/05/1952 According to the Los Angeles Sheriff Department website, Moshe is charged with a misdemeanor. Yet the media is claiming that he had threatened the President. Yet no such charge has been made. Gee, have we got this story right? When a misdemeanor suspect is apprehended is it normal to use tanks, robots, massive amounts of gas, a taser, and a virtual army of Secret Service and FBI? Why is Moshe not out on bond, or on his own personal recognizance? This event has been quite useful for flushing out the government shills. All you have to do is see who it is that parrots the "party line". Look for the demonization "trigger words" like "nut case", "conspiracy theorist", or terrorist.
  7. One of my student's father went to high school with this guy and says everyone knew he was nuts.
  8. Well done and very funny. You can't get too politcal on here you get censored.
  9. https://2012base.com/Other/2012_Debunked/ This is a great site with debunking of the 2012 hysteria. It's good to read many sides of an issue, even if you aren't going to change your mind :}. Haven't been on here in a while. I hope all is well?
  10. Yes, Sam even says he didn't really "kill" him. The balance agent seems to fit the show. Though I love Lucy (pun), I think Pepper is just another manisfitation of the evil entity that was in Lucy as well.
  11. On tonight's episode of LEVERAGE a bad guy was conned into thinking he was infected with a Russian variation of our old friend - the Marburg virus.
  12. Well argued Earthnut. Catherine did have to deal with a lot, but that's what real lifemates do. The concept of the yellow house needed her to make it a home.
  13. I didn't care for how Cath. treated Frank. Although she had stuck by him through some hard times, in the end she could not accept and love him for who he really was. Frank spent great energy trying to protect her, and she didn't appreciate that enough. He went so far as to vanquish her capture and torturer, the PM, and she was was disappointed in him for being human enought to kill the bast...d. I had hopes for Frank and Laura when he moved out of the yellow house... too bad.
  14. Saw the first show tonight. Very entertaining. The plot wasn't too mind stretching, but the specail effects were good. I thought the climax scene was bit campy. I'll watch a few more espisodes. Saw the first show tonight. Very entertaining. The plot wasn't too mind stretching, but the specail effects were good. I thought the climax scene was bit campy. I'll watch a few more espisodes.
  15. Hey, think of all they money you'll save if we miss Christams in 2112! These crop circle people could make more money if they made a circle that could double as a maze. Then they could charge people to wonder around in it.
  16. yeah, my students were reading this last year, so I read the first book... let's see, lonely girl moves, meets hot guy, turns out a dangerous guy, and of course fights with other girls and goes shopping...... yeah.. even though a lot of the boys read it.. it's mostly a chick book I didn't bother with the movie, but boy did I hear all about the web postings as it was being casted and filmed...ha
  17. I get a kick out myopic veiws that make people MLLMcentric; the show didn't invent the uroborus or the line "It's a gift, it's a curse."
  18. Thanks, I'm off to NETFLIX to order Breaking Bad seaons one now!
  19. Yeah, I'm not as disagreeable as I seem to come across in here. HA!
  20. While I have started a thread questioning watching season three more than once, but I can not imagine not wathing once.
  21. Gosh I think that is what I was saying? I have no idea about the alien franshise comparrison. I'm not a S. Weaver fan. I do love the Lucy/Peppers/Longhaired guy character. I love how Lucy uses legalize so calmly when dealing with the police/FBI/Group.
  22. It is much more common to have little particles of feces in your food when you eat out. Then there are the workers that decide to spit in the food while they prepare it. Glad I can cook. Often these bizzare "mouse in my food" events turn out to be planted by the person who discovers it?
  23. Okay, I think you have a good arguement. I love it when people can support their veiws. I beleive that the legion mythos developed as they wrote the show. I dont' think they thought of Lucy when they wrote the Judge's character, but they did develop the concept further through her and Peppers. But there is no way of knowing without talking to the writers?
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