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  1. the same plot week after week with a different monster? is that the show I remember? and some cranky boss that never beleived the story? nightstalker?
  2. are you in the market for one? or just curious?
  3. Yes, I put up that web site last week somewhere in here; where is it now? interesting Inititates in some of these societies have little idea of what they are hooked up with. Many think they have just hooked into a very good business asscociation. There is much nonesense in the literature about these groups. But- that does not mean that there is no basis in the existance of them. Don't throw the baby out with the bathwater. It is difficult for me to beleive that Bush, Blair, and a host of others get together and sacrifice babies and plot to enslave us all. Yet, it is easy to believe there is a "super-good-'ol-boy-network" where the haves take care of each other and take marching orders from those with the most gold. I live in a not very poulated state in the US. Considering the small number of electoral votes we have, it is strange how many visits we get by presidential canadates and others. I suspect that one or more of the real power brokers of the world has a very nice place in the mountains, and others come to pay their respect or get advise. I don't believe they are all in an XF type conspiracy. I just think there are money people and others who pull strings from behind the stage.
  4. I don't think I will ever buy an exfiles season on DVD. I have the first two of MllM and can hardly wait to but the third. MLLM examined the nature of evil. It made me think about the human condition. While very entertaining in the first few years, XF was only about a governemnt coverup of various strange phenon. and oh yeah aliens. The cigeratte man can't hold Lucy B.s bra strap as far as an evil character. MLLM was about the state of your mortal soul; XF was about someone is going to make you a zombie or something.
  5. I've only seen the pilot played over and over here. I wasn't too taken in by it. Perhaps the show is better? I really loved the old show. Especially the idea of being led by "lucifer" at the end, and the angles around the spaceship. I had better look into the new series eh?
  6. And I just thought it was nice twist at the end of monster, to effect our emotions. Some of you think long and hard on these epeisodes, don't you? The dissapointment of incongruent storylines seems to be a major dispair among many fans. Could it be that there just wasn't a master plan for the show? I don't think all Millinium was as well thought out as some of you might want to think. For instance, I don't remember the title of the show that had the guy in the iron lung? With all of that suppsesed money and deep knowledge he had, that was 50's looking contraption.
  7. I don't watch CSI anymore, but I don't hate it. Why all the disdain for it on here?
  8. It does look a bit like "let's get in on the CSI bandwagon". It is hard for me to see the main actor (I can't place his name, rob morrow?) as anybody but the doctor he played in Norhtern Exposure, but the show does look like it could turn into something good.
  9. I could understand letting a serial killer out to .. oh I don't know, donate a kidney to his sister or something. To let him out to look at ashes - a year after his father's death just seems rediculus For those of you that are against capital punishment. Do you hold it against Frank Black; that he killed the poloriod man?
  10. if you want freaky Illuminati kind of stuff.... https://www.conspiracyarchive.com/NWO/Bohem...rove_Attack.htm
  11. The changing images at the top of the stairs, killing a main character, and the kidney in the fridge.... one of the altime best horrors on TV. Lucy Butler tells you who she is, Legion. Legion, many demons, killed him. Legion also offered Frank a job as that Pepper guy.
  12. Midnight of the century is now a Christmas must see - right there with National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, Trading Places, and A Charlie Brown Christmas. Like I have posted before, I'll take Midnight over It'sa Wonderful Life anyday.
  13. and I thought Doug Moe was the last successful coach of the Denver Nuggets.. I had no idea he had moved to Madison and taken up writing.............
  14. Then there is the intertnet site that has some drilling team somewhere go very deep into the earh and hearing the sounds of the damned. They have the sounds on site I believe. Hollow earth theory? Didn't Christ himself go into the bowels of the earth?
  15. Any good books I should read? I haven't read fiction for a long while and someone suggested the DAVICI code; I was very dissapointed with the hollywood ending. I am sure some of you can lead me to better tilles.
  16. "far out groups of the christian right"? What are you talking about? Could you give examples? Didn't hollywood just put a N. Cage movie about the Illumnati? Are you saying it was funded by some christiain groups? Or... is the "far out" a reference to the late John Denver, and these groups sing his songs in their worship? Afer all, he did talk to God in a movie, right? The Buildibergers, Illuminati, Council of Forgien Relations, the Masons, Skull and Bones, Federal Reserve System... icons for kooks, or shadows and hints of what has, is, ane will be? One way to not believe a demon is real is to make a cartoon out of him. Another is to rationalise him as a functiton of your bio-chem make up, or environmental stresses as a child. Another way is to get busy with entertainments or the struggles of living your life. A final way is to spin any truth that gets out with a lot of nonesense so that no one can know for sure what is real and what is fantasy. Wait, isn't this the script for "Somehow Satan Got Behind Me"?
  17. I think his name is Roy Hazelwood? He looks a bit more like George Goble( flat top hari cut and all) than Frank Black. I have seen him on some true crime shows as well.
  18. okay, now I am worried, what have I gotten mysefl into? how many of you neo-millinneinst have any actual criminal investigation experience?
  19. some of the best TV ever was in season two, no doubt
  20. wow, what a nice welcome, thanks to all of you for responding
  21. My thing is.... so what if I didn't like the way season two ended? There is so much good in season two that I will gladly take the bad with the good. If they annouced that Fox was going to do a mini-series or a movie I would jump for joy, even if was going to be done by Wong and company.
  22. I got out season one and watched it over Christmas break. Then I surfed the net for Millinnium and saw that season 2 was coming out in January. How happy am I? I hope I haven't become something of a "trekkie" kind of human by joining this site? As an elementary student I was told that I would be living underground and flying my car to work when the next century came. As it turns out I was living in a track house, driving to work in horrific trafic, and wondering if two digit dates on computers was going to wreck havoc on our world. One of my favorite things to come from that time was a dark TV show that explored man's age old battle against giving in to evil.
  23. I see no need to complain about what "they" did to "our" show. You take the bad with the good. Gnosticism, Scientology, neo-Nazism, Satanism, The Knights Templer, The Masons, Shamanism... are just backdrops to examine the basic premise of one individual fighting temptaion on the road to salvation. Evil is eveywhere and it wants Frank Black. I will take "Midnight" over "It's a Wonderful Life" anyday. "Somehow Satan Got Behind Me" is a great adaptation of C.S. Lewis' "Screwtapes Letters". "Behind Me" just might be my favorite single TV show of all time. The return of Lucy Butler in "Room With No View" along with the horror of "The Makido" made evil seem both concrete and mystical at the same time. What "The Twilight Zone" and "Hit**** Presents" tried to acomplish is realized in the the first two seasons of Millinuem; thought provoking images of horror and an examination of the human condition.
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