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  1. You disagree that our brains fill in the blanks to make sense of things, or just that it does not apply to MLLM? I don't watch podcasts, so I shan't see what you mean throught that.
  2. Our brains often make connections where there should not be any. This is how optical illusions work; we see what we think we ought to see. It easy to apply this to MLLM. Certainly some of the mythos was worked out by the leaders at 1013, but some of it just kind of happens because the topic has limited images and we put them together our own ways.
  3. I expect this kind of journalism from MSNBC, but was it really on Fox or O'Rielly? I get a kick out of people being anti-evi-pharms, but want stem cell resarch .. who the heck do you think does the research and how is it paid for?
  4. I am not suprised by how people behave anymore, gun. You see I read a book that tells me that most people will behave very badly. It even states that as time goes on men will become lovers of themselves and call what is right wrong and what is wrong right. While beastly behavior still makes me very sad, I've learned that it is too often the way of the world. I have hope, but from any manmade solutions.
  5. "The heart has reasons that reason cannot know. " Pascal. I suspose this applies to the evil heart as well as the good hearted.
  6. https://www.comcast.net/video/-zodiac-kille...ed-/1108363612/ Wow, maybe someone will write a book about people claiming to be related to the Zodiac Killer? Or, maybe.. this is movie of the week fun.... both kids are right and the Zodiac, in addition to being a serial killer also kept two families?
  7. I have to defend SOMEHOW SATAN GOT BEHIND ME - the episode wtih four demons sitting around. This episode has, religion, philosophy, satire, humor and good insight to the human conditon. Is it campy? yeah Yet it has some outstanding dialog and wit that is rare on a TV show.
  8. I have to agree. Real FBI ladder climbers wouldn't risk any loss by attacking groups that their bosses relied on for help. Yes, McClaren is annoying; but what do you expect from season three? ha!
  9. "Anamnesis certainly challenged church dogma about Mary Magdalene" As someone already versed in gnosticism, I groaned when this episode was shown. It is interesting story telling, but it is often used by anti-Christians to undermine the Christian religion. Dan Brown has made nice money weaving these old stories into a Hollywood friendly books. It just saddens me that far too many people get their history from movies and novels rather than actual historians.
  10. This is my favorite episode of MLLM. It is like a hip version CS Lewis's Screwtape Letters. I don't think it would be as good if you you didn't already know a lot about the character of Frank Black. The thread of this depressed looking man that can see their true essence is a great back story that adds insight. The philosophy and religion behind the devils' words is amazing. The satire is thick: it makes fun of MLLM, X-Files, FOX, and "true crime" stories. Two of man's most evil inventions are not atomic bombs and guns, but the alarm clock and TV. I can not say I have a favorite part. That would be like saying I have a favorite part of a Renoir; I like the whole of it!
  11. entertaining... I guess they can all just sit and sing "kum by ya" now!
  12. I don't know. It seems reasonable to me that Iran will try to NUKE Israel by 2012. I do remember the hype just before 2000. My wife worked in IT and was making huge money making sure computers weren't going to fail because of Y2K. MLLM did a great episode on this, didn't they?
  13. I couldn't find anything about a release date on the net. This looks like a must see for me. Thanks for the heads- up.
  14. Hey, I don't have a JEEP, but I think I understand - I have a Toyota Tacoma You know how long these babies last, and it plows through our occasional blizzards - not to mention how well it does off road in the Rockies. But I suspect you have more mud to get through back there?
  15. Yes, there are archetype characters that show up in most literature and screenplays. I also read somewhere that there are a limited number of plot lines, but I don't recall the exact number.
  16. Job 1:11"(U)But put forth Your hand now and (V)touch all that he has; he will surely curse You to Your face." This is the challenge Satan gave to God. The idea is that Job had sort of a cushy life, but that if you took away his wealth (job) and harmed his family (yellow house and p.m.), made him ill (metal illness of Frank?) and even surround him with friends that give conflicting advice (MM group). he would give up on God - even to the point of cursing God to His face. Another theme I get from this is that you can give yourself over to the dark side, but it can not force you to become evil. This is why Lucy/Pepper are always making offers to Frank. Like Job, Frank never gives in.
  17. My take is the Lucy could (like Satan or as Satan?) not force Frank to join her. One of the character traits of Frank is that he will not give in to any deals or temptations that Lucy or Peppers etc tried to offer him. He reminds me of JOB.
  18. no worries, mate... I just wanted a reality check. I don't know what you mean about our different mentality about things like that. I have been given to understand that the US still has a very large Christian population and that Europe has largely dropped that for humanism; I wonder if that is true? I do know that it is perceived that we "take things into our hands" more so than some groups. I wonder if that is true as well.
  19. Instead of Hollywood remakes we could just buy Chinese made English dubbed bootleg copies of the moves and the creator would get nothing?
  20. Yep, I find body parts in the streets weekly here in the USA. Come on, do you really think of us like that? Of course, we Americans read about the murders in mutilations in Mexico and South America and have a similar view of our southern friends. My first thought on most crimes like this is drug funded gangs sending messages to each other.
  21. There seems to be no limit to the evil mankind is capable of carrying out on each other.
  22. I hope I can keep this real life information out of my mind while watching the show.
  23. The BART officer that shot this poor guy quit his job rather than face the internal investigation. Many have speculated that he was reaching for his tazer, but grobbed his sidearm by mistake. Wow, what a coward. On the other hand, please realize that Police Officers handled hundreds of rough situations each day and you only hear about it when things go bad. Please, do not blame all good hard working cops for what a few idiots do.
  24. I can hardly wait for this "odd" show, old man. The tricks played on Number Six to break him and his refusal to give up his soul was great fun to watch. The really odd part to me was that bouncy ball that always captured him in the end.
  25. Has this already been posted here? I found it on a fairly crazy website about aliens, and pyramids and such. Watcherwebsite 11:11 13 33 2012 Synchromystic Symbolism & End Times Prophecy Angels = Messengers = Cherubim = Zodiac = Clock of Doom in the Heavens Ouroboros Symbol of End of Age Galactic Event 2012 - Message = Sign of the Apocalypse? 2012 End of the Age - End Times AION symbol Ouroboros, serpent eating its own tail end time prophecy David Flynn research RE: 2012 & End of the Age. The Greeks called the End of the Age the SUNTELIA AION Ancient historians and especially Plato referred to a cycle of catastrophe at the End of the Age. The AION was symbolized by the Ouroboros.
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