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  1. Hard to watch and scary are two different things in my book. I've seen some gross stuff on TV (glad I missed the head deep frying, yuck), but being grossed out, or shocked is different than be frightened. Like the ol' man said, the fridge scene was chilling. On the other hand, I was really freaked out by the guys being buried alive AND having there mouths and eyes sewn shut in the pilot, but Lucy's kidney play struck something deeper in me.
  2. Welcome, tell me more about the 23 in MLLM.
  3. Manila reports Ebola virus in pigs By Roel Landingin in Manila Published: December 11 2008 20:24 | Last updated: December 11 2008 20:24 Philippine officials tucked into servings of lechon, the popular dish of roasted whole pig, in front of television cameras on Thursday to reassure the public of the safety of the national staple meat after the discovery among hogs near Manila of a strain of the Ebola virus. Arthur Yap, agriculture secretary, and Francisco Duque, health secretary, said the Ebola Reston virus, which had never been found in pigs before, presented a low health risk for humans and was different from the deadly African variety. The World Health Organisation was reported to be looking into whether there was any chance humans could have become infected. The outbreak could deal a blow to Philippine plans to build a pork export industry. The government halted an inaugural shipment of frozen pork to Singapore and quarantined three swine farms. Pork vendors in public markets in Manila sought to assure buyers that their products had passed government inspection and met safety standards. “December is the month when we sell the most pork at relatively higher price,” said Evelyn Reyes, who operates a small pork stall in Quezon City. “I really hope the government does a good work of calming people’s fears about the Ebola virus.” Pork accounts for more than half of the average 61g of meat consumed daily by each Filipino. The virus was first discovered in 1989 in macaque monkeys imported from the Philippines by a laboratory in Reston, Virginia. Scientists are trying to determine how the virus spread to pigs.
  4. Yeah! Freedom of speech lives! Sometimes we have to work things out by talking back and forth. I really believe that most posting on this board have good intentions.
  5. Yeah, just a over-talkative-middle-aged guy. He took Jordan and Catherine in when there was danger, right? I thought he was supposed to be some comic relief or a foil.
  6. Okay, what I get is that beauty is in the eye of the beholder; I'll watch season three again some snowy weekend when all my NETFLIX discs are in the mail and there's no football on TV.
  7. Too bad I found this so late. My FF team is doing well this year, but I don't think any of the other managers would get any MLLM team names.
  8. If the world is run by corporations, they want healthy, happy consumers; if they are making money on a replicator they'll let us have it. If the world is run by egalitarians, they want everyone to be equal even if it means lowering everyone's standard of living, so you wont' get a replicator until everyone can have one (unless you are one of the leaders of course), which means you won't get one until about 200 years after it was invented. If the world is run by the Illumibatti, then you'll only get one when you go through the secret membership rituals. If the world is run by the reptilian aliens then you only get one if it fattens you up quicker, or makes you taste better. If the world is run by demons, they'll let you have one only because the food tastes like crap and is bad for you. If the world is run by God then he already has a storehouse of manna that he might give you instead.
  9. Thanks for the news! I hope they do it justice. I do love their work with MAD MEN. I wonder if they'll get rid of the bouncy ball that always takes our hero back to the villiage?
  10. X- Files HOME Curse of Frank Black .. only because it's Halloween, but a kidney in the fridge is the scariest Movie Jacob's Ladder ... great movie!!!!!!!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kjMjYzB4-yM
  11. WELL SAID! I remember watching it on TV and saying, "What a lazy load of crap"
  12. I always thought Frank deserved better than Cath. You would also think that after what the PM had done to her, she be relieved to see the SOB killed. Her character was always a bit stiff for me. I was so hopeful that Laura and Frank would hook up, but she turned out to be pretty mental hu?
  13. Since it's just a recording on the net, I don't put too much stock into it. The Russian newscast didn't convince me either. I am curios about how many Eastern Orthodox churches survived all those years of Godless communism. If fact, I wonder what this priest was doing, say 35 years ago? While it's ignorant to say that all of psychology is demons, I am sure that evil exists in some of the real sickos.
  14. Noli nothis permittere te terere. This is my favorite latin phrase
  15. I know that not everyone gets HBO, but this series has me hooked - in spite of the southern american stereo types. If you have HBO check it out. https://www.hbo.com/trueblood/
  16. I'll keep watching, but it could get too campy even for me?
  17. thanks for the link.. looks like some nice NETFLIX titles for October... ha
  18. "For me it's Bela Lugosi's Dracula. It terrified me as a child and still sends a bit of a shiver down the spine, and all without gore or effects. It's also how I like my vampires,evil, selfish beings,not romantic leads." Exactly, MO! Let's leave romance novels to teen age girls and dissatisfied women? And let porn do Vampire sex movies. Just give me an evil blood sucker that can hypnotise the babe and then bite her neck. Then let's end it with a dice, dry steak in the heart.
  19. 8 billion dollars for this big underground ring. Shame they don't have that kind of money to help lower energy bills. By the way, how much power will that thing drink each minute it's on? Oh, by the way they don't really know what they're playing with. They made up dark matter just because their formulas and theories don't work with the amount of observable matter, so they invented "dark matter" that MUST exist, right? They hope to learn about dark matter, and how stuff is created and oh yeah, the God particle. Hope my doubts are erased, and they actually learn something concrete for their oops our money.
  20. Yes, I watched it. I was entertained. It is sort of X-files ish. I liked how it set up the characters. I will probably watch it for a while, maybe I'll even start watching HOUSE again, since it will come on right after FRINGE.
  21. it's a classic theme, the protagonist will not give up his soul.. the bad guys will try to isolate him, trick him, offer him creature comforts, and such, but the hero refuses to give in... Number 6 or Frank it's the same role
  22. Careful what you say about the elders; they'll elect you number 2 or worse.
  23. The Prisoner!!!!!!!!!! yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That bouncy ball never made sense to me, but the rest was outstanding. I love the clothes, the town, and most of all the PLOTS! I remember the show where he escaped, but in the end it was just another set up to attempt to break him.
  24. Hey Old Man, Don't you always get to sit where you want when you see a show; I mean are seats assigned in your theatres? Here in Colorado it's it's always self seating. Guess, I'll see the movie in December or January, then. YEAH NETFLIX
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