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  1. Wow, this looks like the real deal. If it's a fraud it's very well thought out. The photographs do look like the guy. The car history is compelling too. The phone calls can be faked. The pictures on the film are probably the key. If the news reports saw them, they could have described a little more. Wow!
  2. The more you watch "hard to watch" stuff, the easier it gets to view it, and vise-versa. We will watch stuff on flim that we would never be able to handle in real life, or so I hope. SILENCE OF THE LAMBS was hard for me when he left that body in the cell. I also, had trouble watching LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT or whatever it is called. The losers in that film were way too cruel. I stumbled upon some Vietnam movie where a platoon kept a woman as a sex slave; I couldn't watch it. Funny though, I have no trouble at all with DEXTER. Maybe I can accept blood violence and death better than plain cruelty to fellow humans? Does that make any sense? .
  3. such a potty mouth, Lance!
  4. I mean you posts are usually of interest yes it is a compliment
  5. 1 Archie Bunker All in the Family 2. Home Simpson The Simpsons 3. Mr. Spock Star Trek 4. Howard Cosell Monday Night Football 5. Kwai Chi Caine Kung Fu 6. Gilligan Gilligan'sIsland 7 J.R. Ewing Dallas 8. Bob Newhart Bob Newhart Show (both of them) 9. Tony Soprano The Sopranos 10. Barney Fife The Andy Griffith Show I know, I know no 1013 characters... I love MLLM but Lucy Butler just doesn't match up to the real Lucy (Lucille Ball) and I left her off the list too. I left off personal favorites like Seargent Schuttz from Hogan' Heros, George Castanza from Seinfield,and Cliff from Cheers.
  6. I'm glad we cleared that up: "not that there's anything wrong with that" I most often use "man crush" when teaching guys about idolizing American Football players; like Tom Brady. I'm pretty sure there are a lot of US men with man-crushes on Obama right now! Sorry, to get off topic, Yatanis. You do seem to be a "high quality" poster. I enjoy your contributions.
  7. Yes, mother-culture is sexist language as well, ha. The Olmec achievements in astronomy and calendars seems to lead directly to the Mayan skills in these fields? I am just a reader and not a scholar.
  8. Mayan prehistory is the Olmec; the real mother culture of South America?
  9. E. I think you are correct about the Mayan shedding their own blood, but I think prisoners were also killed.
  10. Didn't they take sacrifice victims down there? Could you imagine the horror and terror?
  11. I pay attention to updates, and I'll watch for a few minutes when I'm flipping channels. I like events that are not judged. I like to see someone come in first, or jump higher, or throw farther etc. I'll watch diving or gymnastics for a few minutes and enjoy its beauty or amazing skill, but I don't like people getting hosed by judges. Michael Phelps is getting too much "greatest Olympian ever" talk. He IS remarkable, but how would he do in the decathalon? Do all the participants get blood test after every event? ha!
  12. The data is not good for this. What about all those people that aren't hooked into the electronic grid?
  13. I was watching an episode of the Twilight Zone in which Jason Alexander plays death. The music was by Mark Snow. If it wasn't for this site, I wouldn't have noticed.
  14. Great movie and a half. I was so surprised that the movie didn't end at a certain point. I thought they could have saved Two Face for a whole new movie. So, yeah it was great, but maybe just a bit too long for me. I think the previous was better, but I know most will enjoyed the JOKER so much that they'll say this one was better.
  15. One of my favorite PC games - Civilization - uses Nimoy's voice for little snippits about tech. advances. I bought an album of his when I was like 8 or 10 years old, because it was SPOCK! It was the most horrible collection of him trying to sing. I still can hear him croaking "Where is love?" Since then I can't stand him, ha!
  16. Does it matter how things were filmed as to how well they work in blu ray?
  17. I see Obama as a demagogue. I am amazed at how people are swept up by him. But hey, you get to vote for who you want for whatever reason you want hu? Most of those that promote end times Christian ideas say the guy who comes and make peace when no one else could ought to come out of the Roman empire; doesn't mean they are right. One way you could go for a US person is the phrase that says he comes out of the sea. The Americas could be seen as land in the seas? Having an American as the antiChrist is very unusual. Of course some Christian faiths do not buy into all this end times stuff at all (like Calvinist). They say all that stuff already took place and Nero was the antiChrist. An amazing thing in all of this. for me.is that Israel is a nation. Historically speaking that is so improbable. It just hasn't happened for any other people. And that the Bible says that the whole world will come against Israel. Aren't we on the road to the whole world coming against Israel? Easy to believe.
  18. Joe, how many times do I have to thank you for keeping me in the know? Great looking clip. I love the line "Does it involve charging me with a felony?" Reminds me of when he walked in and saw his trophies in the police station. I'd better call Comcast and pick up Showtime again.
  19. Mad Men begins it's second season this Sunday. (A&E primetime)
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