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  1. I got my Season 3 Box three days ago and i still don't understand why the release date in Germany is much earlier than in the US. The bonus material is pretty interesting. Lance Henriksen talks about a possible Millennium movie and says that not only he but also Chris Carter himself thinks, that it could work and be shot in some years. That would be wonderful. If CC would ask me if I want a Millennium movie or an new X-Files movie I would choose Millennium.
  2. I don't get it. Why is Season 3 not released yet in the USA? I'm from Germany and even there Season 3 will be released on May 25th.
  3. Ich hab da mal ne Frage: Weiss einer wo ich Episode Captures von den Millenium Folgen herbekomme? Ich mein das so wie bei xfroadrunners.ocm bei den X-Files Folgen.
  4. Lady3jane,ich hätte wissen müssen das du mal hier auftauchst:D Ich bin FrankBlack aus dem x-files mania Forum. Erinnerst du dich?
  5. Well,I noticed that ,too. When I first watched this episode i saw it. But this are not Gillian and David,this are their stand-ins. But I can`t remember where I read this.
  6. The Music in "The Thin White Line" which is also used at the end of "Goodbye Charlie" is great!
  7. When will there be new Millennium Music in the music section on this site? You know www.x-filesmusic.com? There is lots of music opf the X-Files. And on this site there are only two Millennium music datas. Can`t somebody add some new music datas? That would be great! :) :D
  8. Hi I am from Germany and i am a big 1013 Fan. Does anybody of you know if the Millenium DVD Sets will be released in Germany ,too? And another question: Are you guys from the USA or the UK?
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