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Found 8 results

  1. After a private beta testing period, I'm pleased to announce the launch of our latest feature for fans of Millennium, Chris Carter's critically acclaimed television series, The Millennium Group Homepage. Long time fans of Millennium will remember one or two fan created homepages over the years featuring the Millennium Group's Ouroborus logo, and whilst this one is no different in featuring the mystical symbol, the aim with our new version has been to make the page as genuinely useful as possible, whilst of course keeping in tradition with series. Whilst the basic idea is to have the homepage function as an Internet browser homepage as per the request of our forum members, its also perfectly okay to bookmark the page and use it at any time. Currently the Millennium Group Homepage has the following features: Millennium Group logo with 'Welcome Frank' message and accurate 'days remaining' countdown message in tribute to the Millennium Group network log in screen as seen series. Options to personalise the welcome message, the days remaining countdown timer and as an extra treat, select either the standard Group logo (Ouroborus) or the hacked Owl version depending upon your allegiance! Ajax-powered Google Internet Search using the Google Search API, which means you can perform multiple Google searches without ever leaving the page and narrow your search to Web, News, Images, Blogs, Video (Youtube) and Books, even when flicking through the pages of results. Google currently limit their Search API to a maximum of 64 results, this is not changeable but should be more than enough. Also, there is a small issue with the Blog search results being limited to one page, this is awaiting a bug fix from Google. Built in ajax-powered RSS import - to fetch, display and keep you updated with the latest topics from TIWWA Millennium Message Board (our forums), the latest news articles from our main website M-TIWWA and latest news from the BacktoFrankBlack.com campaign. Options to smoothly open and close the various parts of the page depending upon your personal preference. Integration with Millennium - Thisiswhoweare.net - Search our main website and if you prefer you can narrow your search parameters to episode transcripts, profiles (episode, cast, crew and character), our Music Guide, articles, reviews and more. Rest assured, all internet searches via the Google Search function are private and are not logged, stored or accessible by us. Please follow the Privacy link at the bottom of the page for more details. Your settings to personalise the page are stored in cookies on your local computer for 31 days (due to increase shortly), so its personalised every time you open your homepage unless the cookies are removed or expire. However you can change the options as many times as you like. Unless you personalise the page, the welcome message is set to Frank (Black) and the days remaining currently match M-TIWWA, which is the amount of days remaining to the popular December 12, 2012 (the often quoted and supposed end of the Mayan calendar). As the page has a permanent link, we are able to update the page with improvements without the need for users to download new versions. Simply bookmark the page or set it as your browser's homepage. Whether you use it for fun at home, college or work, or find it genuinely useful, the new Millennium Group is ready to be bookmarked and can be found permanently at https://millennium-thisiswhoweare.net/millennium-group-network
  2. As you probably know, you can include additional data in your profile which shows up next to your posts on the board's forums. A couple of years ago, we added extra text fields and options to display your favourite writers, directors, episode/s and seasons etc. We don't baffle new members by including all of these options on the member registration page, but everyone is free to update their profile at any time with this extra information. Sometimes its for fun, sometimes its useful. Recently I began watching Millennium Season 1 again, its been some time since I last saw a full run of the show aside from seasonal episodes, and today I was inspired to add an additional option where members can store the date that they last saw Millennium, whether it be an episode or a season, it really doesn't matter. You might find it interesting or useful from a person point of view to keep track, or it may be relevant to a topic you have contributed to. So to enter March, 2006, you just enter 03-2006 including the hyphen. On a related note, you may be interested to know that the forthcoming version of our board software will feature additional contact fields for Jabber and Skype.
  3. Dear Friends, To mark the 6th Anniversary of TIWWA I have created a few simple ideas that people can get involved with to mark the occasion. Any Birthday is an event but this is certainly one to throw our support behind, six wonderful years of Millennium fandom is a wonderful achievement and I am sure you will join me in raising a glass to Graham, the reason we have this fabulous place in the first place. For today you will be able to play selected tracks from the three season's of Millennium, these tracks will rotate occasionally, head on over to my blog to see the last.fm playlist in action. If you are a Last.fm subscriber you can even access a whole range of Millennium tracks by searching for my library by selecting 'user' 'markhayden' - either way it's a great little playlist as takes you straight back to the wonderful episodes these tracks came from. Every party needs music people so crank up the volume. Here's your task, should you choose to accept it. What's a Birthday without a cake? All you have to do to get into the party spirit is bake a cake, buy a cake, buy a muffin, if you're dieting an apple with do, in fact, any treat of choice will do. Stick a birthday candle in it and share your honorary TIWWA munching moment with us. If we get a number of these I will create a gallery for them to mark today's occasion. Go on, you get to treat yourself and it isn't a difficult task to do, results of my own efforts shortly ;) Do keep your eyes peeled on the shoutbox for some fun topics to get involved with and head over to the Celebrity Deathmatch Topic to party on down in true MM style. That said, raise your glasses, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TIWWA.
  4. The Elder Staff Team including myself have been very concerned about a recent bout of server sluggishness that you may have also noticed. For example, messages taking a while to post or edit, new topics taking a while before they load into your browser etc. For this I apologise, it has been very frustrating especially when you have a lot to do on TIWWA. We have been working with our web host to try and track down the issue and today the root cause has apparently been identified and addressed. I hate to speak too soon, but already I'm seeing a marked difference in the page loading times and I'm able to whiz through the topics, blogs and gallery. Either that or everyone else on the plant using the Internet has disappeared!
  5. Welcome to the new staff blog at This is who we are! We'll will be doing our best to keep you all up to date with behind-the-scenes news, ramblings and a general heads up of what to expect from TIWWA in the coming months. Its all a bit work in progress, so please bear with us and don't forget to give us any feedback, thoughts or ideas along the way. As far as I know, this will be the first example of a team blog at TIWWA - the difference being that multiple editors (in this case our staff team) have been assigned to the blog to post content. Don't forget that you too can set up a team blog yourself, just assign editors to your own blog and if you don't yet have a blog, you just need to make 25 posts on the forums to create one. I strongly believe that team blogs are a great idea! With multiple editors helping to add content to keep your blog it will stay fresh and alive on a variety of subjects and themes you could choose from, that you may have in common with some of your online pals at TIWWA. Think about it and if you need help setting it up or adding members to your blog as Editors, just let us know in the Blog Support forum and we'll get your sorted! Thanks again to all our members, for continuing to support the Millennium community and for being what we consider to be such dear friends.
  6. As previously announced in our entries about forthcoming features, by now I'm sure you will have spotted our new live chat Shoutbox running at the top of the board index (you need to be logged into the board to see and use it). The Shoutbox is visible in all forums and topics, so you can shout a message at any time, even whilst you are posting in the forums. Someone described it as following you around the board, which was a fun description! However, we have removed it from the other components of TIWWA like your blogs, gallery and downloads manager. Its great to see the Shoutbox being used and seemingly working well, I think it will prove to be a popular feature. Its only visible to and usable by registered board members who have logged into the board, so it will be spam free and more easy to follow. If you have any questions about it, we've just added a new dedicated Shoutbox support forum, so please feel to create a new topic in there and we'll do our best to help you out with any questions you may have. If we don't know, we'll find out for you. Also in there, you will find a handy guide to the Shoutbox features, like how to catch up with the conversation archive. You can add smilies and images to your messages so have fun. Besides the small Shoutbox at the top of the board index page and its forums and topics, we have a dedicated full Shoutbox page available from the main navigation menu. Think of it like a full chat room page that you can resize. It shows you who's 'in the Shoutbox room' and all of the conversation so far.
  7. TIWWA Members, The Happy Halloween skin has been made the default skin theme for the coming week, its tradition after all! Therefore, if you were using the board's usual default skin (called M-TIWWA in the drop down list of available themes at the bottom of most pages), you will notice that you are now seeing the Happy Halloween skin. After Halloween, it will automatically switch back to normal. Don't forget you can still change to a different skin when using TIWWA at any time you like, by choosing from the list of available skins at any time. For Blog Users - If you now have a large empty space under your chosen Blog header image If you are using one of our many available blog header images, you may see a large ugly space underneath it, now that the Happy Halloween skin on the main forums has been made the board's default skin. This is because your Blog hasn't already been locked to the default M-TIWWA skin, which it needs to be if you want to make use of the available header images. (For those interested, the blog header images are 100 pixels high but the Halloween skins allow for larger images ie. big pumpkins! so there's a gap). How to fix: You need to go to your Blog Settings, click on Look and then Lock your blog to the M-TIWWA skin. When we go back to the normal skin for the forum after Halloween week has finished, you won't need to make any further changes.
  8. If you have a free blog here at TIWWA, available to members who have more than 25 posts, you may like to now that a new content block is now available supporting the campaign for the return of one Frank Black. It features the following banner, all ready to go from your list of content blocks:
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