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Found 1 result

  1. A guide to setting up Google 2FA (Two Factor Authentication) on your user account. In this day and age, it makes a lot of sense to enable what is called Two Factor Authentication (2FA) to help protect your online accounts. This is especially true for members who tend to reuse passwords on multiple sites (bad idea!), or use passwords that contain actual words, pet or family names etc. Using 2FA We offer 2FA free to our members for whom it is highly recommended. For staff member accounts, it is now a requirement. We provide 2FA via the popular Google Authenticator app. You first need to install the Google Authenticator app onto your smart phone, tablet or computer. Once set up, when or if we need you to verify your identity, you just need to enter the current code shown in the app. Every minute a new code generates. Type or copy/paste the code into our website to continue. How does it work? In simple terms, there are 2 steps: First, a one time setup process to link to your user account here, which is quick and easy to do. Basically, you install the free 2FA app onto a device that you own such as a phone, tablet or computer. You can install it from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. If you are doing this for the first time, the app will appear blank, but don't worry, just hit the + button in the app. Our set up process will give you a special unique setup code to link the app to our website, that you enter into the app. You can also do this for as many other websites as you like, just give each one a unique name inside the app so you know which code to use on the website you are using. Then once set up and when needed, such as when logging in from a new device or accessing a sensitive part of your account details, we will send a one-time 2FA passcode to the free app (that you installed during setup). How does help secure my account? The principle is that the 2FA code expires after approximately 60 seconds and will only work on the device you configured. Therefore, as only you have access to your phone, tablet device etc, only you can respond with the required response code it that it displays, before it expires. A little timer counts down in the app, if it is more than half way, just wait for it to automatically change to the next code, so you are not rushed. Although a potential hacker may have guessed or acquired you username/email address and site password, because they wouldn't also have the second device in the 60 seconds or so that the code is valid, they cannot access the account.
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