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Found 24 results

  1. I recently bought Haunted on Blu-ray as part of Kino Lorber's going out of print sale for $8.99 along with The First Power (a Milleniumistic horror movie starring Lou Diamond Phillips). Haunted lasted for 11 episodes and only the first six aired on UPN. It follows Frank (Matthew Fox)- an ex-cop turned private detective- who has a near death experience after getting stabbed by the guy (Simon) he believes responsible for the disappearance of his son two years ago. After his near death experience, the door to the other side isn't closed and he is haunted by ghosts including the ghost of Simon. The TV show has the same color palette of Millennium and a score by Mark Snow. I wish Haunted lasted longer, but Matthew Fox went on to do Lost
  2. I always liked the name "The Frank Black files" to do a show specially because the name "Millennium", obviously wouldn't have any sense now. So I did a couple of pics just to see how it could look nowadays
  3. I always liked the name "The Frank Black files" to do a show specially because the name "Millennium", obviously wouldn't have any sense now. So I did a couple of pics just to see how it could look nowadays. Kristen, Klea and Lance.
  4. From time to time, I try to make photos to tweet to Fox. I think the best chance that the fans have for a movie is to make noise and say to Fox: We want our hero back. And for me the only way to have it is with Lance and Mr. Carter. If they are not involved, neither will I.
  5. From time to time, I try to make photos to tweet to Fox. I think the best chance that the fans have for a movie is to make noise and say to Fox: We want our hero back.
  6. I did this to celebrate the 20th anniv. And again, to tweet to FOX!
  7. Hello, does anyone know if there is a widescreen version of season 1 like season 2 & 3 ? Thank you
  8. Another pic to twitter Fox for the return of our hero.
  9. Dear MillenniuM-Family, in order not to always create a new topic, i created this topic to post videos/interviews of Lance in 2015 like this one - Enjoy!...and if you find something new footage of him, feel free to post it here!
  10. Hi. When I read that Lance Henriksen was going to answer the fans questions, the first one that I got in my mind was what would he (Lance H) think that Frank and the others characters (Hollis, Lara and Watts-if he is still alive) would be doing now? I would like to ask U that question too to see what U have in mind. Plus, what direction should the show take...you know...to keep it more "real" like the 1 season, more mystique and full of conspiracies like the 2 season or more like the 3 season, which I think is a mix of both seasons. And finally, what things about the show would you choose to leave behind and why. Cheers!
  11. La La Land Records have just announced that they are releasing a new volume of Millennium music and reissuing the first volume..both on June 5th. The advertisement says June 2nd, but it will be on June 5th!
  12. X-Files Lexicon did a brief interview with Mike Joffe, from the La-La Land label about The X-Files and Millennium CD titles, and what could happen with Mark Snow's new music for the revival. http://www.x-fileslexicon.com/exclusive/joffe.html Anyway, Mike has been a great friend to XFL, as well as TIWWA, so it was nice to touch base.
  13. Dear MillenniuM Family ! ...sometimes actors meet again in other film projects even at MillenniuM but not only there... This topic is about Lance´s reunion- i start first, so here are some examples... Lance Henriksen reunited with Brion James as Sheriff Bowman in MillenniuM "Luminary" (1998) previously seen in "The Horror Show" (1989) ...and as walkabout in our shoutbox said, Mark Rolston in "Survival Quest" and "ALIENS" both meet again in "ALIENS- Colonial Marines" a Videogame. now i'm curious about your discoveries
  14. ...as requested by earthnut... MILLENNIUM COMIC by IDW publishing #1-5 BEWARE! SPOILER ALERT! Feel free to post your opinion on the whole project,storyline,cover-art, design etc. who will begin ? Ladys first
  15. Enjoy ! Link : http://nerdyshow.com/2015/01/episode-206-frank-black-is-back-millennium-comic/
  16. New interview with Lance Henriksen, enjoy ! TOPICS: 1:30 - Harbinger Down, an all practical FX film. 7:40 - Aliens & Bishop 13:40 - Prometheus 17:12 - Near Dark 20:00 - Millennium 23:48 - To Hell You Ride (Comic book series) Dark Horse Publishing 27:14 - Pottery Artwork Trailer "Harbinger Down"
  17. As we know in the 90's there were lots of theories about a possible doomsday or about more violent crime till Millennium in Movies, Books, Series and Music : During this time, the work of the musician David Bowie was born. It might interest you, Part one "1. Outside" was published in 1995, a concept album, subtitled "the Ritual Art-Murder of Baby Grace Blue: A non-linear Gothic Drama Hyper-Cycle Part two "2. contamination" was no longer published. The plan was to release five albums to the turn of the millennium. Here is an excerpt from wiki: The liner notes feature a short story by Bowie, the Diary of Nathan Adler, which outlines a somewhat dystopian version of the year 1999 in which the government, through its arts commission, had created a new bureau to investigate the phenomenon of Art Crime. In this future, murder and mutilation of bodies had become a new underground art craze. The main character, Nathan Adler, was in the business of deciding what of this was legally acceptable as art and what was, in a word, trash. The album is filled with references to characters and their lives as he investigates the complicated events leading up to the murder of a fourteen-year-old girl. One is meant to assume that Bowie's character, Nathan Adler, works for the British government due to several references to the cities of London and Oxford, but in the liner notes these are revealed to be, at least in some cases, London, Ontario and Oxford, New Jersey, indicating that the entire story may take place in North America—or, indeed, that the distinction between the two places has become blurred and indistinguishable. Link : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Outside_%28David_Bowie_album%29 Admittedly not an album for everyone but i like it. I had listen to it several times but eventually drew me into this bizarre world of Nathan Adler... but like the Millennium series there will be no continuation. Who knows this album also and want to tell me his vision of the album? Simon.
  18. Just wanted to show you my christmas presents selfmade by my brother. I´m very proud of him- good work brother ! ;-)
  19. Hey guys, Two things, I'm desperately searching for the Millennium & X Files promo scores CDs. I've got the commercially available stuff including the Itunes Compilation, but would really love some more. So, any tips on finding these? I'm constantly keeping an eye on Ebay, but is there any other way? Score fan forums perhaps that I don't know of? Second thing, could somebody please list all the tracks (numbers) from the Millennium promos, which are identical to the ones on the itunes best of album? I'd really appreciate the help Ben
  20. Weiß jemand ob die Deutschen Episoden auf DVD´s geschnitten sind? Die UK-Ausgabe (auch PAL) scheint laut der Angaben bei amazon minutentechnisch länger zu sein. Wer kann mir da weiterhelfen?
  21. Hello everyone, I was a little slow to post our William B. Davis interview from July, I wasn't certain if there would be enough interest. But I'm pretty certain they'll be interest with this interview. We are proud to present our interview with Jeff Charbonneau, the music editor for The X-Files, Millennium, The Lone Gunmen, and Harsh Realm, Jeff was the right hand man for Mark Snow. Jeff is also a composer and a good photographer in his own right. Enjoy!
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