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  1. I'm still alive. changes in life. still running the web site called Enterline Media- https://enterline2.tripod.com Check it out. Now I wish I could find a good affordable house or apartment for rent. rent prices are getting a little insane in kalispell.
  2. Life is taking some changes. Rough times, but I am enjoying some of it. Hanging in and going a a day at a time. I will try to check in every once in a while. In the meantime you can always check: https://enterlinemedia.livejournal.com https://enterline2.tripod.com https://myspace.com/voidprime
  3. My favorite buddy, the pomerainin named Winn passed away in his sleep on the morining of my brother's birthday. He would jump up on my bed and sleep beside me. he would play ball anytime and bring back the ball ready to have it thrown again. he was gettinga little slower and he rested more often, but he had that spark in him. I was hoping he would be around for many more years behind teh 2 1/2 years I knew him. he was my Step-Mom's dog, but we grew close. he found a new buddy and he came alive even more as his personality reached new levels. The accident was just too much for him. The dog will be missed and I was rooting for him to pull through. However, it wasn't going to happen. Rest in peace, my little buddy. I have a ball waiting to throw for you anytime.
  4. my favorite dog got hurt today. He's a fun loving Pomeranian named Winn. He's around 7 or 8 years old. He's my little buddy. He might have to be put to sleep. I just hope he survives this and heals. he has a dislocated leg, a broken pelvis, and he's paralyzed for the moment. He's in no pain now which is good, but I always hoped he would be around for a few more years. Know more on monday. Think good thoughts for the dog.
  5. I will be 32 on 9-11-2006. If anyone wants to get me anything (whether it is a DVD on my list you want to see reviewed for the web site or get me to read a digital film making book), they can check on my Amazon.com wish list link over at the ENTERLINE MEDIA blog: https://enterlinemedia.livejournal.com As for the 5th anniversary of 9-11-2001, my heart goes out to anyone who lost someone on that day. However, I think it is past time for all of us to heal and remember the good. Any day should be a good day if we can make it and not have certain days be shrines to the dead that we play over and over again on the TV. I will not do that. I will try to enjoy myself tomorrow night and avoid all 9-11 coverage period. Too bad nothing good ever airs on my birthday anymore. Guess it is time for a good DVD or two.
  6. The first half fo Friday sucked. the second half wasn't too bad. It is a cold night full of stars and a crescent moon. Just had to jump in. Yes, Tonya, I'm around and about. Off to watch some DVDs this weekend and do some writing (a time travel story I thought of today and a magazine article)
  7. Plenty of DVDs to watch and got an early Christmas present from a friend (a couple of DVDs). Bought WAR OF THE WORLDS previously viewed and watched THE BROTHERS GRIMM DVD tonight (also watched the 15 minutes of deleted scenes). Not a bad way to end the week.
  8. Monday afternoon- got caught in blizzard. Took two hours to get home when the drive usually takes one. Tuesday- Get email from my brother. He says his house burned down. People I'm doing a little work for sent em an email to let me go because other people watching their house can do the job and money's tight on their end as they run a car Wash/Hotel/ RV Park business (they're trying to sell) in Whitehall, Montana. Wednesday- The usual drop off point to pick up packages is no good. UPS won't deliver out to the current place where I live hence the in town drop off. I won't pick up packages at the Montana Shipping Depot because they charge $3 a package for any package left for pick-up at their place. Rip-off artists. Now I have to meet the UPS and FedEx or find a new place where they can drop packages off in town. I hate Eureka this week. If I had the money, I would move back down to the Flathead Vallery. Hope the rest of the week and year is better. And also my favorite Uncle (Al in Moses Lake, Washington) went in for open heart surgery last month. He is resting at home with some fluid still in his lungs, but I hope he will continue to recover. So it has not just been a bad week for family (I haven't even got into the latest problems my Dad is having including the MRI he is scheduled for on Friday). It has been a bad year.
  9. No new posts in people's blogs. The blogs are slow for the last few days or so. It is like a ghost town in TIWWA blog world at the moment
  10. Here's the deal. if anyone wants the one copy of DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES Season one DVD set (spread the word to your friends), pre-order BATMAN BEGINS off my Amazon.com wishlist and email me about it. The only thing you will have to pay after that will be the shipping cost for DHW S1. Offer good until 8 am ET on October 12th. First come, first served. Once the copy is gone (and BB pre-ordered), the deal is closed.
  11. So now I see no one has posted new entries in the last few days and no one has taken me up on my challenge from the entry before this one. Busy watching DVDs and I have to get back to work on a few short stories. All is OK for the moment, but I do still wish that I could win the lottery.
  12. I will review as many Horror related DVDs as I can, but I have a challenge . I'm looking for two to three people to write a essay on horror films or a movie (or DVD) review of an obscure (or foreign) horror film others might not have seen.
  13. I'm still around. I have been writing reviews for the web site and my live journal. Modem problems still exist, so I'm using someone else's computer in the house to get online. grrrr. Need to get a new modem as soon as I can get down to Kalispell (this is one time I wish the USA had a great train system like the UK).So in the meantime check out the latest DVD Reviews at:https://enterline2.tripod.comAnd TV pilot reviews and more DVD Reviews at:https://www.livejournal.com/users/enterlinemediaP.S. Don't be dark. I also still need to pre-order BATMAN BEGINS from Amazon.
  14. Guest

    I Am 31

    I kinda wished someone would have pre-ordered Batman Begins for me (off my Amazon.com wishlist), but I will probably have to do it in a few days (I also want the new Exorcist prequel coming to DVD next month). I do need to apply for Amazon associate status for my web site to have refferals links to Amazon. I am thinking of it.The day before my birthday did suck. I spent $25 I wished I wouldn't have spent in the first place. It rained hard yesterday. It even snowed last night. Just so much went wrong yesterday. grrrr. Maybe my birthday will end well today and tomorrow will be great.
  15. It is on a sunday. I do wish it would be a better weekend when I could go out and go see a good movie or two. At leats I have the start of FOYLE'S WAR 3 to keeep me entertained on my birthday. It is quite suprising there is actually something decent on TV on my birthday.I do have an Amazon.com wishlist (I created it for the fun of it).https://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/registry...d=3NSBFC3L7RXFCHere is hoping I can have some fun on the day after my birthday.
  16. When I seem to be about caught up, some other DVD wants to take my attention to be reviewed. I do have a DVD review up for EARTH 2- The complete series at ENTERLINE MEDIA and I will have one up of SIN CITY soon. I'm trying to rush through ROSWELL Season 3 (easy since i have seen every episdoe before) to get a review up in the next day or two (since FOX sent me a review copy late). Then I have to turn my attention to DEAD LIKE ME Season 2 on DVD. Then I will probably be pounded with more DVDs next week. I did hear Universal is releasing the AMERICAN GOTHIC TV series to DVD in the USA in time for Halloween (you know that show with gary Cole and Paige Turco). In other fronts, this is the summer of my discontent. I don't wnat to go in many details about it. Just mostly family matters except for the fact my computer doesn't want to connect to the internet at the new home. I'm using my computer of my Dad's new wife to access the net. I don't why my computer won't connect (unless the fax machine of hers is having issues with my computer or two many things are already on one line or we might have a downstairs line that isn't internet compatiable). sigh. grrrr. I wonder if I bring my tower upstairs that my stepmom's computer monitor will be compatiable with my tower (just for testing purposes to check how it does on the line upstairs)>
  17. Of course, it had to rain on and off the day that the yard sale was held on (last Saturday). So the yard sale didn't go as well as hoped for. However, I do hope another yard sale is put on soon (like this saturday). I do really want to see BATMAN BEGINS again and really need to see WAR OF THE WORLDS. Next week will be chaos as I will probably be scrambling to watch DVDs and get those reviews out for the ENTERLINE MEDIA site.
  18. Anyone else having problems with hotmail? It seems to be running extremely slow for me. Everything else if running along at the usual speed except hotmail. grrrrrr.
  19. Guest

    Nearing Monday

    Feeling a little bit better today. Hope I will get the chance to see BATMAN BEGINS tomorrow. It's bad enough that I missed setting the timer for tomorrow's marathon of FIRST WAVE on the SCI-FI Channel (USA version), but I will be able to get the last five taped in the quality I want, but the first three will not be as good. You see tehre is a VCR that will be taping the first three which sometimes tries to eat tapes and needs a very bad head cleaning. then they will be recorded ina mono source where the last five will be hi fi (with four being recorded straight to DVD). I do wish I had a better source to tape the first four (including that fourth one in case delays happen and I missing taping it) episodes. Grrrrrrr.FIRST WAVE marathon- 8 am ET/PT to 4 pm ET/PT on June 20, 2005.Then I have to say I hate weed eaters! Tons of tall grass to cut (with even some standing in pockets of water that haven't soaked back into the ground due to some very heavy rain a few days back). Not very fun to do. I still feel I'm not done. Yep, I just don't like the new step-mom at times. that is an entirely different story.
  20. Damn cold. Hopefully all will be right as rain by Monday. No fun having a cough, and being plugged up.2005 SUMMER MOVIE PREVIEW (Still work in Progress):https://enterline2.tripod.com/summer2005movies.htmlCURSED DVD Review:https://enterline2.tripod.com/cursed.htmlWill do some slight revisions on the CURSED DVD as soon as my head gets a little clearer.
  21. Even though Montana needs the rain, I wish it wouldn't rain and the sun would pop out for the next couple of days. I have my computer sorted out. Giot rid of that pesky Aurora malware annd back in business. So far, so good.
  22. Guest

    Hanging In

    I have a computer to wipe clean and rebuild soon after it got infected by some malware known as Aurora. Microsoft's Anti-Spyware (Beta version) has barely been keeping it in check. Many other computer users have been having problems with Aurora. It is a very new form of malware/spyware that tries to change your Internet Explorer settings. Nasty thing. iT even replicates if you don't get every single trace of it.I'm not at home. I'm using a different computer to write a new review for my site (a review of the first episode of THE 4400 Season 2).
  23. It just makes me wonder since certain things are in the wind. I just wish I could do something more about it. I don't wnat to go into it since I'm already disgusted by it.
  24. Besides finding out a power bump caused the VCR not to record Friday's episode of STAR TREK: ENTERPRISE (and not winning the lottery again), it looks like this week might be fun. I had a nice short chat with the video store girl at Super One.I will probably see two movies at the theaters this week (I really want to see HITCHHIKER'S GUIDE TO THE GALAXY and I have a free ticket for some turkey by the name of XXX: STATE OF THE UNION). I have some photos to take for an article I will finish this week, some DVDs to watch, and other writing projects to get back to.Now how can I make this a very worthwhile entry? Bribe everyone? No. Show naked girls? No. Say "Don't Panic"? Tempting. I do wish I was going to see a movie with someone this week. I haven't been to a movie with someone else for the last five years. Basically that means I have seen movies all alone for the last five years when I go out to the cinema. Sad but true. Oh well. What is better than going to a movie alone is hoping you will be the only one in the theater. Talk to you later.
  25. I just haven't sent a brithday card to anyone in years. It just is that I'm not really close to anyone. Also I'm not good at getting birthday presents. just a flaw. It is my Dad's birthday today. He turned 58. I do wish I could have gotten him something for his birthday, but I didn't have a good clue. His new wife mentioned if I got him a birthday card and she rattled off at me when I said I didn't. I haven't gotten him a card in years. I was thinking more of what I could get him and the week was a disaster which didn't help me at all.However, I am better at getting Christmas cards out and sometimes a Christmas present.
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