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Found 9 results

  1. Guest

    Bugfest Feast!

    Okay...the Old Man requested to see some pictures of some of the things I ate at Bugfest last Saturday. I pulled these off the loacl news website. Enjoy!! I did! First, I started with the scorpion and silkworm pupa stir-fry:Then, you add some "critter fritters" made with mealworms, waxworms, and crickets: Add some "ant"-chiladas to your plate..yummy!!And for the piece de resistance' ~ Giant steamed Waterbug!!I even went back for seconds!!
  2. So, I'm really excited about the Bugfest tomorrow. It's a whole day dedicated to insects!! Ewwww...Kath would love that! Haha I will also be eating plenty of dishes served up with bugs at the Cafe Insecta! Great stuff...Check out the festivities at:NC Musuem of Natural Sciences Bugfest!Now aren't you jealous?
  3. I realized that I have spent a lot of time complaining about many of the bad things that my daughter does, and have not shared the positive aspects of who she is. Well, I'm doing that now!Shelby is very smart. She always gets excellent grades in school, and she is actually in an advanced reading class. She reads all of the time~just like Mom, she has about 4 different books going at once. When we hop into the car to go somewhere, she takes about 5 books with her "just in case." hahaShe loves animals, and always trys to bring a stray cat or two home just as I did as a child. I hate saying no, but we already have three, and it's hard enough to keep up with those! Something that tells me she is special is that our Siamese Cleo always chooses to sleep with her~Siamese cats are very finicky and will not tolerate anything unless they find it favorable in some way. As soon as Shelby is off to bed, Cleo hops up with her and knows it's her bedtime, too. Shelby is very active and loves to compete in sports and competitions at school. She has won the Presidential Academic Fitness Award three years in a row, and she always qualifies for the multi-school competitions. Though this year, she didn't place in the top three which left her feeling badly. I told her just qualifying to get to that point is an achievement in itself.Though her and I have difficulties, every parent whose house she has stayed at always comments on how well-behaved and thoughtful she is. She goes out of her way to be nice to everyone, and tends to watch over those children that are smaller and/or weaker than others.One time at school she had a problem with a boy in her class saying obscene and inappropriate things to her, and she didn't hestitate to inform me immmediately of her concerns. That takes some guts!The other night, she went on a night hike with me at work with a class, and I found a firefly larvae~which glows in the dark~and the kids were totally impressed. Shelby grabbed my arm and said "I'm glad your my mom. You're so cool." That was awesome! And even though she's gotten a bit girly about holding the odd critters that mom likes to bring home, she held that little "wiggly" thing all the way home~almost crying because it grossed her out, but holding it nonetheless!So I guess she's not so bad after all! Here's a pic she took the other day of us together~it's mostly of her~and that's okay! This entry is for her! I love you Shelby!!!
  4. Had a busy couple of weeks!! Last week was the final day of my homeschool group..we've been discussing The Lorax and the conservation issues surrounding this Dr. Suess classic. I saw these kids twice a month for the last three months and I must say I miss the little crumb- snatchers! Here's a pic of my class in front of the "Lorax" mural we created during the course of the class! This weekend I worked a park celebration that had over 1100 attendees! Needless to say, that was a busy tiring day. On Sunday, I spent most of the day exploring the Reptile and Exotic Animal Show at the state fairgrounds in Raleigh. Interesting stuff as well as a great place to people watch! Exotic animal lovers are quite a motley bunch!! :grin: Had a picture taken with an 80 pound snake around my neck-God! That thing was heavy! Check it out.....The pictures were hosted by Roark's Animal Safari - this guy is great! Equivalent to an American Steve Erwin (by crikey, what a beaut!! ); he's appeared on Animal Planet as well as other shows.....you should take a look at his website: Roark's Animal SafariAnyway, more blabbering later....I have to attend to the spawn of Satan. What? You didn't know??? I have literally given birth to a child of the devil!!! Parenting is such an enjoyable pasttime-I recommend it to everyone, especially my worst enemies!!! LOL!!
  5. Let's see...I really hate to just sit and bitch, but I need to get some things off of my chest. How has my week been?? Well, for starters, my couch is broke...and this sucks. People have been trying to be nice~"Hey, I know where you can get a decent used couch for a hundred bucks." Yeah-like I have a hundred dollars for a couch. HA !! I've been driving around for three days with my oil light blinking...not because I'm too stupid to add more, but because I didn't have two bucks for a quart of oil!!! I actually swallowed my stupid pride today at work and asked a few people if they had a spare quart in their cars, and they all looked at me like I was stupid. Is it only me that tries to carry extra oil???Okay, I tangented there. Anyway, then my allergies have been making me thoroughly miserable this month~runny nose, headaches, irritability...ALLERGIES-NOT PMS!! My allergist said two days ago that this was the end of the line-I need surgery. Yeah-yippe~actually, at this point I would be thrilled if they cut off my head if it would go away. But my allergist needs to send a note to my primary care provider, who then needs to send a referral to another doctor, and so on ad nauseum. By the time they get around to it, I will have lost my job anyway due to the work I've missed because I can't breathe or talk or shit due to this unending crap. This afternoon I let my daughter go home with a friend while I worked, remembering when I got back to work that she had an appointment with her therapist. I called the mom to let her know to have her ready to go and she mentioned that Shelby had a rash. I just figured it may have been heat rash because she helps to load students afterschool. On the way to pick her up, I notice that the car is pretty much on "E" and the damn oil light is blinking. I have approximately $1.65 in the bank. I get to the neighbor's house and observe that Shelby has this lacy-like rash all over her arms and legs. I'm not an idiot-I immediately ask her if she's ate something different or rolled around in the bushes..."No. No." We run to the nearest local Urgent Care where we were informed she has "Fifth Disease." Sounds ominous, but it's actually just a viral rash, caused by a parvovirus~in the same family as the parvo viruses that dogs and cats are vaccinated against. Not the very same virus, but same family. Nothing you can do about it...it's pretty much like a cold. You just wait it out. Mildly contagious, but before the rash appears. Can't wait to see if I get that one!! On the bright side, ~60 percent of adults have already been exposed to this virus growing up and will not be affected by it. with my luck, I'll be in the 40th percentile that has not been exposed. Asked them to write a note because the way this stuff looks-they'd think I was sending her to school with some strange hemmorhagic fever.I digress once more....Shelby's caring father is three and a half weeks late with child support. I call and leave a very pleasant, practically begging message to please send at least 50 bucks so we can get gas and food. He's caring enough to call back, give her some bullshit lines, then give me a 20 minute lecture about how he pays every week and it's not his fault I'm not getting it. Is this the point???? No~I think food and gas are the point.So, haha, by the time we get to her therapist, I walk in....and I cry. I bawl. I haven't cried in probably two years. Our therapist (and I say "our" now because Shelby and I have known her about two years and we both talk to her) let me cry. Then she informed me that it was perfectly legit to cry because I had too much on my plate right now, and that no one can do things alone. Which I do everyday because we have no family and very few friends. So, of course, I proceed to cry some more~once I started, I just couldn't stop!! Damn those stupid female hormones! Anyway, she had me break my problems down, MADE me borrow some money (what kind of therapist does this??) and generally allowed to me to vent. This woman is extraordinary~patience of a saint and pretty much the only person I tell our problems to because I don't like to burden my few friends-they have enough troubles. Then she says she has something to tell us-her husband is being relocated to another part of the state for his job and she's leaving at the end of the month. And then she cries!! I laugh and say"You're not supposed to cry." And then of course her crying makes me cry again. Now we're all unhappy, but now somehow less burdened with the weights of life because I don't know about you~but crying makes me tired and a bit more relaxed once I'm through. I mean, I know that it causes your body to release messenger chemicals...blah, blah, blah. But I hate it! I'm not supposed to cry!! I am the adult and I'm supposed to make sure everything is A-Okay. But I could analyze this forever...let's just say that after a harrowing day,....I feel better and this wonderful woman came to the rescue of a family she has no ties to. Funny how help can come from the oddest places~and I'm so thankful for that. I was feeling so badly about not being able to provide and be everthing I want and need to be to my daughter~I just wanted to literally be absorbed by the environment. Or die~whatever is more melodic to you. I have pretty much had the ephipany that this is why I don't make more friends. I am damaged goods somehow...although I do my best to make ends meet and be a loving parent, I can't do it all. But it is nobody else's responsibility but my own. I don't want to burden other people with my problems-I would rather uplift instead of bring down. And I definitely don't want a man to see that I'm insufficient. They would just think that if I can't handle my own life, then I must be looking for someone to rescue us. All I really want is someone to give a shit-about Shelby and I as people-not as charity cases or because they feel bad about our situation. But because they just genuinely like who we are. Unfortunately, this is who we are. (haha) I can't handle everything. I can't pay all of the bills unless her father pays what he's supposed to-which he never does. I keep hoping for the day where I will make enough money so that his paltry assistance-or lack thereof-won't cause me to falter. I know I'll get there. It's just days like this that I'm glad at least one person is willing to take the time to listen-even if she is paid to do so~it rescued us this day. Now we live to fight through another calamity.*I am now Mel Gibson, laying on the alter in Braveheart. I do not give up although they are killing me. I just yell out "Freedom!!"*
  6. Guest

    Awesome Night!

    Most awesome night! The emoticons probably express it better than me....met a cute guy, had a few drinks, some great conversation, and now I'm left wanting more!!! Ha-Ha - can't scare him off (yet!), but man those gorgeous blue eyes!!! Love those electrical sparks that make you sizzle...hate being "proper" so you're not considered "easy"! Horrid thought-makes you want to abandon parenthood and run off into the singles world!! Of course, I would never do that-but one can have fleeting thoughts, right? Oh well, man , no drug equates to the high of attraction! Too bad reality will kick in soon..he'll find out the true me!! Ok-I'm not that bad! Just wear my thoughts and feelings on my sleeve-damned female hormomes that make you act like an idiot! Current mood: EuphoricSong playing: "Rock you like a hurricane" - Scorpionsthen again, I could be making this all up...you'll never know!
  7. Guest

    New Profile Site

    Hey Everybody!Just put up a profile at MySpace.com. Check it out at:http://profiles.myspace.com/users/23637635 Cheers!!! Tonya
  8. Guest

    My Nephew's Band!

    :guitar:Ok, he's not really my nephew-he's my best friend's son. But I've known him every since he was 9...he's 18 now. Anyway, they have a pretty cool band out of Greensboro...if you have a taste for this kind of music. In the pic, he's the one in the back w/the white shirt on. I've seen them play a show or two. funny..I'm not really into the screaming incoherent lyrics, but the guitarists are awesome,and the music is powerful. If you want to take a listen, they have a website with some MP3's on it. And for those of you that can't access MP3, they have a bio site on purevolume.com with direct downloads of a few of their songs. Check them out and tell me what you think. They are "Those Wo've Yet To Fall",and their website is:http://www.thosewhoveyettofall.com/
  9. Felt this was as good of a place as any to share my thoughts...it won't cost me $200 bucks an hour and I can still pour my heart out! :grin: I was just thinking about the war in Iraq and how I feel guilty when I DON'T think about it. I'm a military brat, father was in Vietnam and Desert Storm. My brief marriage was to a "grunt" and I've always been a big supporter of our troops. Our troops, not this war. My best friend is over there, trying to take advantage of the money situation; meanwhile, her four children are at home without a mommy. I worry about her everyday, and it only takes a minute to take a life. I admire her strength and in a way I'm envious, but I don't think I could leave my daughter for a year plus. At least she has a choice-the majority of men and women over there do not. I think about all of the death and destruction and it bothers me. Anybody dying-doesn't matter who. Maybe it's unpatriotic for me to say, but I don't think people shooting and killing each other is solving anything. I have a homeschooled eight year old boy in my nature classes who talks incessantly about war and death and killing. He draws pictures of people with guns in nature journals with captions like "devil" and "monster". I've spoken to his mother in an unobtrusive way as possible under the circumstances, but she does not acknowledge that there may be some issues to deal with. Smart boy, but I see future problems for him if he doesn't get help. I can't twist his mother's arm; I can only gently share with her my observations and experience. Deep down inside I want to tell her he's on a path to murder and have him see a doctor. But I can't-it's not the "Way we do things". F#%K the way we do things---it's not the right way!Back to your regularly scheduled programming.....

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