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Found 6 results

  1. If you wnat to see something I'm working ideas on before I do something with em, go here:https://www.deadjournal.com/users/ultravioletrant/Read the comments sections because part of the story is included in there too.
  2. So far, I have started on the DVD Review of SUSPECT ZERO (hopefully up and finished in 12 hours from now) and wrote another 100 words of the sci-fi novel (bringing it to 19,500 words almost)I have to revise a couple of pages ona couple of different short stories before i submit them, finally go back and beef up a couple of short stories before I submit them, tackle a couple of short stories I want to finish, and get the supernatural noir novel started beyond my ground work over in my Dead Journal. Then I have to choose what poems I need to submit (I'm procrastinating about it too much- I know). Other things I will work on, but I won't say for the moment.Off to dreamland.
  3. OK. I have been waiting on word that an article that a magazine is interested will buy it (the previous editor was bvery interested and then the editorial staff changed).I have also been scanning some printed pages from my Brother Word Processor into the computer via a program called Readiris. I have finally been able to figure how to use it the best, but it's not a perfect program for scanning printed pages.So I have one short story scanned. I just have to scan the other one (which is twice as long) into the computer before I submit that manuscript. The short story I scanned today pointed out a couple of errors I have missed. So a couple of pages to reprint on the word processor (sigh).so far I have written 300 words for the sci-fi novel today which stands currently at 95 pages and just over 18,200 words. I still have to go back to reworking a short story I have written and get that one ready for submission. I have various projects in the works. I just want to start getting paid for more written material when it gets submitted. I have decided to write a couple more poems before I pick some from the bunch to submit to a magazine later this week (I hope). That leaves me with some other short stories to revise and write. Finally, it leads me to a supernatural private detective novel I need to start writing (for submission to a publisher i need to decide is best suited for it).P.S. I need to call a magazine to ask where I can send a query for the new magazine they are starting (since I have finally found their phone number yesterday at the corporate web site).
  4. I'm getting there as I write words for the novel slowly. I didn't write any of the novel yesterday, but I felt like crap. Today, I wrote 250 words so far, but I will squeeze in some more words as I listen/watch DIRTY WAR on PBS.I have tried scanning some word processor pages to the computer using READiris to mixed results. Maybe I should scan the two short stories (that exist only on word processor discs for a defunct Brother word processor that still works somehow after 10 years) I plan to submit to magazines with teh next week or two.I have to also revise a Point of View (which I'm not getting paid for, sigh) before March 7th for a magazine. So the writing life is picking up slowly.
  5. Guest

    A Question

    Should I go the Publish On Demand model and collect all of my earlier ENTERLINE MEDIA work from the old Print columns in 2000 and 2001, early web site stuff from 2002 and part of 2003, and some unseen material (print or online) of old stuff?I was looking at CafePress.com and Lulu.com where it costs nothing to set it up.
  6. I went through three short stories I printed up and thought of some things to rewrite and add. I spotted some mistakes (they're like ****roaches sometimes, but seeing my work on paper is better than the computer screen).The three short stories in question are all crime stories in an unnamed city. You can pick up some clues to one of them by reading the VOID OFTHE ABYSS blog I have linked in my first entry in this blog.So it is off to work on those three stories this week.
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