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The Others - On UK TV Channel 5

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Interesting stuff Eth.

I just checked on TVShowsOnDVD and there is still no mention of a DVD release. I even checked on Isohunt and all I could find was some no doubt awful 2001 film by the same name.According to the Wikipedia entry, in April 2008, episodes aired on the US cable channel Chiller. I'm surprised nobody recorded them and stuck them online.

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awful 2001 film

Graham, are you talking about the film with Nicole Kidman?

Has anyone checked some of the sites where you can view show episodes or movies? Went through my computer notebook and found a few sites.















etc., etc., etc.

Not sure about some of them since I haven't been to all the sites yet. There's actually a ton of sites and many of them are free.

You guys have sure ruffled my interest in seeing this show. All I have ever heard about is the movie.

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Whilst I checked them all and couldn't find it I am still promoting you to archangel from now on. I had never heard of half of these and it's amazing some of the more obscure shows you can find using them. 'T-Bag' for heavens sake (non-Brits I apologise) I was enamoured of that show in my youth and haven't seen it in ages.

So the search the for 'The Others' goes on and yes I think Graham was referring to the Kidman movie Darlene. Seriously, this is beginning to resemble the quest for the Ark Of The Covenant.

*Dons Indy hat and grabs whip*


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Guest WaveCrest

I looked at the first post and thought The Others was being repeated on Five at the moment. Then I saw the year the thread was started...oops. :biggrin:

Seriously though I hope Twentieth Century Fox will sub-licence The Others to Shout! Factory. They are releasing some good DVD boxsets, based on what I have read on a DVD discussion forum called Home Theater Forum and my copy of Simon & Simon: Season Three (on Region 1). The presentation regarding the print quality and menu screens is very nice.

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I finally tracked down a copy of this, thanks to Troy's help, on ioffer.com and awaiting this with baited breath. I know it's a fan rip of the televised episodes but I've waited long enough to see this now and that's my only option at present. If it is ever released in an official format I will be sure to support it.


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Hi there,

I'm still waiting for this, it's winging its way (I hope) to me from the US. I will definitely give you all feedback but I'm really looking forward to it. It's been so long since I have anything new from Carter/Spotnitz/M&W to view so this should do the trick nicely.


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