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How does this happen?

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Guest strich

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It was announced today that Josh Wheedon is brining Firefly to DVD in December and to the big screen at some point in time in the near future.  He openly admits to the show not doing well and of having a very small fan base, but he felt that a feature film was relevant and necessary.

I watched Firefly a coupla times and it was entertaining enough to kill an hour, but I wasn't upset when i missed it (I think I was holding out for Tiffany Amber Theissan in the following hour  :bigsmile: ).

How can we get Mr. Carter to recognize that there is a massive fan base for MM and the benefits of, at least, producing a feature film as well as a DVD release (not that you aren't doing an outstanding job Se7en)?  

I'm really starting to miss the late night eps on FX.

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I feel the same way when i went to Wal-mart the other day and found:

Dark Angel

DR. Quinn


Charlie's Angels

Soul food the series


all on dvd. why are these shows on dvd and not millennium. Are you telling me there is a large out cry for these shows to be out there?!


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Just some thoughts on this:

I think it's been hinted (either here or elsewhere) that maybe Fox, who are the ones who decide these things rather than 1013, might want to see the final X-Files DVD out there for a while before they move on to MM. It's said that the reason for this is because they don't want the sales of either DVD sets to be reduced by having both available at the same time. That does make sense to me, given the cost of X-Files DVDs which are much higher than, say, Buffy.

Another point which occurs to me, is whether there might be difficulties in terms of the extras. I guess most people by now are used to commentaries and interviews on DVDs and I wonder if there might be problems getting various people to do those. Given the length of time since MM first started, it would mean people involved especially in Season One having to really exercise their memories to comment on what was going on either in individual episodes or generally.

(By the way, even worse than the Firefly DVDs is the announcement recently that there's a Firefly movie in the works. Much as I admire the work of Joss Whedon and congratulate him, waaaah! I want Frank and a MM movie :crying_big: )


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Guest Regan MacNeil
I for one am totally excited that Firefly has been released on DVD.  I never watched it and I don't plan to, but to me, the fact that they are willing to release a show that was canceled after 14 episodes just goes to show how successful the whole T.V.-on-DVD thing has become.  Also, the fact that it was created by the same guy that created Buffy (I think) tells me how interested studios are in releasing T.V. shows that are connected to other, more successful shows.  I have always thought Fox would wait until after all nine seasons of The X-Files were released before moving on to Millennium.  At this point, I really think that we are going to see all three seasons of Millennium released on DVD.  Millennium had more viewers than a lot of other shows that have come out on DVD and once Fox is ready to release it (Nov. 2004 I bet (HOPE)) I really think it will do well enough to warrent all three seasons being released.  Honestly, I think the only thing that would kill the Millennium DVDs is if they try charging $149.99 for them like they do with The X-Files.  I know we'll all buy them, but casual DVD buyers won't.  Anyway, here's hoping for Nov. 2004 :praying: !
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I think they will probably release Millennium box sets at $59.99 SRP and they won't go the insane prices that the Star Trek and X-Files DVD sets have.   I think FOX will do that since they know there aren't that many Millennium fans as there are XF fans (and I think they will probably say to 1013 what they can do on the budget FOX gives them to put together the extras for the Millennium DVD sets).

Be Seeing You,

David Blackwell

(who so wants to get the Firefly DVD set)

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....I think we'll see MM-S1 for under $100. but i also beleive that it depends on how much time C.C. can/will devote to them,for extras and such.  the usual routine with "FUX" seems to be that the more extras,or "added value content"-(how's that for an oxymoron?)- the more they charge-(for box sets that is.)            

           ....personaly,if it came down to either having a lot of extras or having them in 16x9 anamorphic i would choose 16x9 as,in the end,i want THE best video/audio quality for my beloved show.  ....not meaning to sound pompous but i know our dvdr's are the best quality you can get anywhere. period. but it's NOT 5.1-surround and it's NOT ANAMORPHIC video.-(if it was shot in 16x9 of course,which i beleive it was.)

                         ...well,we'll find out eventually!

BTW: what's next? releasing Josh wheddon's first sexual encounter on DVD! Cripes i detest that pud. :angry:  :angryred:

                              ~se7en :xmas_ouro:

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Soul food the series?

Okay, this has reached an abusurd point in the MM on DVD debated...

Hey, but its true.

Just showing the crap that is coming to DVD.

Yet, heres millennium, in my opinion, one of the best shows that was on tv basically forgotten.

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