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You Know You've Been Watching Too Much Millennium When...

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Guest Polaroid Stalker
Message added by The Old Man

This is a classic thread from way back in 2003! Add your thoughts as to when you know..! 

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Guest Polaroid Stalker

You know you've been watching too much "MillenniuM" when...

1. You seriously consider buying a red Jeep Cherokee like the one on the show...

2. You legally change your name to "Frank Black."

3. You desperately look for a shirt that reads: "The Marburg Virus killed 77 people in the Pacific Northwest, and all I got was this lousy T-shirt..."

4. You start sending your neighbor Polaroids of his family in the mail.

5. You seriously don't want a basement in your house.

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2. You legally change your name to "Frank Black."

4. You start sending your neighbor Polaroids of his family in the mail.

the others are a little wierd but if anyone does these two you need to seek serious help. NOW!!!!

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* When you obsessively look for a new house to move to....but only if it's YELLOW! (& yellow is 1 of your least favorite colors)

* You seriously consider getting an Ouroboros tattoo, and you're terrified of needles!

* You start "profiling" the murders and other criminals on the nightly news!

* You look in the phone book for people named "Frank Black", and seriously consider calling them!

The disturbing thing is.... I've done all these things!

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Guest metlakatla

Hey Provo-

Does that mean that the time is now.




Too much Mm--

when you use "powers and principalities" more than twice in the same sentence.

when you walk into a KFC and ask if your breasts and thighs have been screened for Marburg.

when Lucy Butler is more evil to you than a Gigli/Glitter double feature.

when there's an article or newsblurb on the FBI you scan for the name Frank Black.

when those german shepherds are looking at you alittle too closely.

Don't forget to try the veal


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Guest LauraKrycek

-You say (or think, it counts) "Hey, this reminds me of the MM ep where..." at least three times a day

-You know portions of the book of Revelation by heart.  You also own a copy of the Apocryphal texts, with Thunder Perfect Mind clearly bookmarked.

-You own a copy of The Complete Prophecies of Nostradamaus, and often look over it to compare it to prophecies on Millennium.

-You've considered moving to Pocatello, Idaho.  Y'know, just in case.

-Whenever people do an evil laugh, you see in your mind a little claymation devil with a curly moving nose.

-Jack-O-Lanterns -- can we say freakout?

-Using pictures printed off of the Abyss and other comprehensive MM websites, you have used a piece of posterboard to make your very own personalized MM poster.  You then take 5937202383 pictures of it for your own MM website.

-You read up on your superstitions and myths and follow choice ones carefully, because you never can be too sure.

-You've ever thought of someone you dislike as being "a real Lucy Butler".

Enough for now, really, this could go on and on...

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