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Vote for Millennnium on DVD!!!!

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Guest Frank_Black_UK

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Guest Frank_Black_UK

Sorry if this has been mentioned elsewhere but FOX TV DVD have a poll running for TV shows that should be released on DVD

It takes a while to process but does eventuly register your votes... please be patient!!!!


Please go and show you support by voting for Millennium  :yes_big:

Please place a vote for TLG and Harsh Realm too as second and third choice  :eyebrows_big:

:thankx-big:  :cool-big:

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Yep, I mentioned it earlier... but only 2 hours before you mentioned it!   :laugh_big:  The way I see it, you can never mention this poll enough if it mean seeing MLM released on DVD for fans, as well as LGM and HR.

Also, I just moved this topic to the MLM on DVD forum.

Keep those votes for MLM, LGM, and HR comin'!

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Guest wehavethefacts
My vote is cast, let's get it to number one!  Millennium is not even in their vault of shows, like they don't want to acknowledge having produced it!
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Guest Yaponchik
I checked the box about 20 times; doesn't change the percentage; either there are a lot of voters, or the percentages don't get updated right away.
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Its working for me as it let me vote a second time. It's written in Flash, have you got the latest version? Follow the link on TIWWA's splash page to make sure.

Even odder is that the figures are not percentages as they currently add up to 237.57!

AND they still haven't recified that error!  :angryred:

Graham :ouro:

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I'm so happy I found this website!  :wink_big:

I had been thinking about the show and was trying to find re-runs and much to my disgust, found out that FX doesn't carry them any more. :angry_steaming_big:

Thankfully, I found this website full of information.  I was wondering why I couldn't find the series on DVD.

I'd like to see the DVD explain the references made in the show, especially biblical ones.  Revelations is a very difficult book to understand and their are many theories on who wrote it and why and what all the events and characters represent.  It would be nice to know where the writers got their ideas and inspirations.

Now that I know this is here, I'll be checking in to get the latest news.

Thanks for such a comprehensive website on a show that was underappreciated for the creative chances it took.   :thumbsup_big:

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