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Night Stalkers Ratings on Sc-Fi

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ok so ill share a few things with you guys.

first heres a wiki pedia thing, ABC began airing a new Night Stalker series on September 29, 2005, with the character Carl Kolchak portrayed by Stuart Townsend. This 2005 version was more serious in tone than the 1974 series. On November 14, 2005, the network and creator Frank Spotnitz announced the cancellation of the new series, due to low viewership. The lack of interest may have been a result of the bleak tone that the new series took, much more like Fox's failed Millennium series than the original Night Stalker TV series.

In the pilot episode, there is a brief (about 3 seconds) shot of Darren McGavin in the newsroom as the new Kolchak (Townsend) is walking through it. Inserted digitally, McGavin is dressed in the same frumpy clothes he wore as Kolchak in the original series and smiling a knowing smile while fondling his hat. In another shot, when fellow reporter Perri Reed (Gabrielle Union) is searching through Kolchak's room, there is the hat that Darren McGavin wore in the original series, hanging on a coat rack.

ok now heres the fun part this is fresh off the grill and this came off the top of my head what do you think joe m?

Joe’s Tavern,

11:00 PM

The tavern felt of brisk air. Joe McCain had considered running the icebox his profession since the eighties. The smell of alcohol still permeated the tavern. Even at eleven o clock after the not so altruistic patrons had stumbled drunkenly back to their tattered and worn down auto mobiles their was still a sense of uneasiness that filled the room.

McCain decided to stay at least thirty more minutes, he doubted he would be having any more visitors. Although that was an assumption. His payphone he recently had installed hadn’t been working properly. Joe planned to have it fixed in the morning. He cursed himself for letting someone else install the phone. As his mind pondered about the phone he did not notice the silhouette that began to show through the glass pane window.

A report of a knock sounded from outside the already locked door of the tavern. “s***” Joe muttered aloud as he made his way to unlock the bolted portal. He successfully unlocked the door as the silhouette invited itself in. When it stepped into the illumination of the overhead lights the silhouette now appeared to be an ageing male clad in a black coat and oddly enough sunglasses. “Evening“, McCain spoke aloud to the stranger. His words garnered no response. Joe palms began to get sweaty, as the unknown man revealed a knife.

Joe did not even have time defend himself before he felt the sharp pain of a laceration slide across his stomach. The last thing Joe McCain saw was the unknown man standing over him and removing his sunglasses to reveal a pair of bright red eyes.

He stepped out of his car onto the cold and damp ground . He knew he could not save any lives now. He opened the door to the tavern. The smell of decay had covered the scent of alcohols.

He made his way

and yea kolchack lives i will work more on that next weekend. kolchak and mulder and scully. so what do you think?

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yea its night stalker 20005, uh it will be fun having mulder and kolchak fight and kolchak bring up how he would have felt mor compatible with authur dales.

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