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Guest Gothic39

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Guest Gothic39
I looking where I can find an epicsode guide or book about the show. It is strange when an good TV show appears and dissappears. I almost forgot about this show, until I met RavenWolf. I trying to refamilar myself with the TV show. Anyone can help, e-mail me off the list to GOTHIC39@aol.com. thanks -- Glenn
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Guest LauraKrycek

There aren't currently any published guides on the show.  However, I'd point you to what are in my opinion the two best on this show that are out there, from which you can get much more information than the typical episode guide, and for only the cost of your ISP.

Brian Dixon's "Millennial Abyss"

Graham Smith's "Millennium Desktop"

Both, of course, are run by two of our beloved admins on this very board, who both also hoard away information not available on their sites to dole out to us in achingly small, teasing portions.  But you can go there to get "reacquainted", as you say.  Hope to see you around the board!

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.....there is a published 2-volume guide to season-1 by N.E. Genge which can still be occasionaly found at places like www.alibris.com "the unnofficial MillenniuM compendium" is the title. it's okay,though she seems to spend MUCH too much time on MM-"realted" material than on "MM" itself!      

        ...i have them both and they are wonderfull collectors items.  if you re lucky enough to find one or both volumes count on paying anywhere from-(and this is a wide gap due to some dealers not knowing what they have,so to speak)-$12-$35-per volume. condition of book(s) is also a factor at alibris. my opinion: if you cannot find it at www.alibris.com then you can't find it!

             ...but laura is correct in that no "official" guide has ever been released. i hope to amend that situation,sans it being "official",sometime next year. :praying_big:

                             ~take care!,


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The 2 books mentioned by Se7en are good but as he says there's too much non-Millennium related info inside which is a shame because if it had been better edited, it could have been one complete S1 guide as opposed to split across 2 books and also probably could have contained a lot more info and behind the scenes pictures... There were too many odds and ends thrown in such as trivia quizes etc - I would have preferred just to be able to easilly find such info. Good collectors items though if you can find them - they crop up on Ebay occasionally.


Thanks for the plug! Work is continuing on a new complete and interactive episode guide but because of the scope its taking some time. Se7en continually cracks the whip across my "Old Ass" though...


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Guest wehavethefacts
I have the first volume of this but have never seen the second for sale anywhere.  It is a shame they decided to split it into 2 books, as it's a rather slim volume as it is - seems like an odd decision when you consider the size of the X-Files episode guides!
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  • 2 months later...

whoo hoo -  :bigsmile: just got the first unofficial guide in my mailbox - thought i was going to have to hassel the barnesandnoble.com used books dept. for a while. i got #2 a few weeks ago, off alibris.com.

haven't had a chance to read them cover to cover yet (which is strange for me), ya know, finals and all. i should have more than enough time at break. i've flipped through 'em, though, and i tend to agree. a lot of wasted space with pictures from other, unrelated movies and not enough of/about MM itself, a lotta trivia, etc. could've used some bts stuff, cc interviews, mythology reviews... sigh...

well, as soon as i invent my time machine i'll give ms. N. E. Genge some helpful suggestions - aw hell, if i've got a time machine, and subsequently large quantities of time, i'll write one myself. now how to get CC on board... hmm

yeah, if you were wondering, i'm crazy. and now back to history's first monotheist: yay essays!



this is who we are

we can't just sit back and hope for a happy ending

i couldn't swear it wasn't just an incredibly realistic simulation. not just the scenery, my whole life.

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Thanks everyone, just it an shame there is not an "official" one out yet. Glenn (GOTHIC39)

Well, there was one supposed to be published by harper Collins and be an off. season 1 guide, but it was never published (Harper Collins has been responsible for pulling the plug on more than one book beside the Millennium episode guide- a book on all four Alien movies written by Paul M. Sammon (author of Future Noir- The Making of Blade Runner, a great and intensive book on the movie Blade Runner) which was also never published due to a shake-up Harper Collins had in the late 1990s.

be Seeing you,

David Blackwell

"Don't tug on that, you never know what it might be attached to. "- Buckaroo Banzai


"There are no answers- only choices."

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Guest Pretender909
I have the two paperback adaptations mentioned above. In the second book there is a mention of a third "coming" titled Weeds. Was it ever released? I did see a Millenium Calendar when the show was on, but it wasn't pics of the shows characters, just imagery, and I passed on it. This was the standard 12 x 12 wall calendar. I THINK I also saw a monthly book type calendar, but this may be a false memory.
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