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MLM autographed LD-sleeves!

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Guest se7en

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.....I almost forgot that some time back Gra recomended i put a link to the gallery on MDUK,since-(even though we try like hell!!!)-most don't get the link between TIWWA and MDUK.  

    Anyway,a little over a month ago i was interacting with "Sarah-Jane Redmond" via email and she agreed to autograph every LASERDISC sleeve that featured her in the eps! so we mailed out all 5-sleeves-(scared shitless the entire time because these sleeves are certainly not available at your local Walmart!)-and she sent them back around a month back!

    ...the really cool thing is that she wrote on the sleeves "in character" towards myself and denise! :jumping:  :devil01:  :jumping:  :cool-big: ,and then signed her real name underneath. the full story,as written by Graham,is included with the pics of the now autographed sleeves. some of them are hard to make out becasue she had to use metallic markers,which we sent her,so close up shots are also included with the full text written underneath.

     ...happily she has also agreed to answer even more interview questions,for the book,and has told Alex Daikun-(the evil Dr. Ephraim Fabricant in "Lamentation")- about it,and she said he seemed really receptive to it,though i've yet to hear from him "yet"- :sad_big:   ...and if she has time-(she is currently shooting the 2nd year of a canadian comedy called "ALIENATION")-SHE "may" try and help me get in contact with some behind the scenes crew,or at least gives me some tips!        

     ...to say that this was one of the best things to happen this year is a MAJOR understaement for me! we both feel incredibly honoured that she has done this for us,and in such a fun,distinctive way!   here the link below-(i hope it works!)-and the full story with it.  ...thanks to graham for the great job he did with the very little time he had. and,obviously,thanks to the wonderful,talented,generous and most alluring and downright sexy/evil of all of satan's minions: "Lucy Butler",and the rare treasure that is "Sarah-Jane Redmond"!!!      

         From both Denise and I: "THANK YOU SARAH-JANE"!!!



                         ~LET'S BE CAREFUL OUT THERE,

                                                       se7en :ouro:

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Guest LauraKrycek
I saw these on your site awhile back and figured I'd missed a post about them or something.  That's fantastic!  Must be so cool for you.  How great that someone so well-known would be so nice and down-to-earth, not to mention cool and witty!
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