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Guest Justa Fan

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Guest chrismurf

if you want to hear more of henriksen he does the voice for the main character in a game called run like hell. its a sci-fi adventure game in the same vain as aliens also features clancy brown from highlander (the kurgen) :bigsmile:

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Guest Loomis

yeah, I had red faction II for ps2, and I was suprised to find out that Lance worked on it. in the extras (after you finish the game) there's video of lance recording his lines for the game in the studio.

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Guest exangel

I have done a great deal of work in the video game industry, mostly R&D and sales, and I am highly flattered that Henriksen worked on voiceovers for anything. Speaking as a former developer I'm sad that anyone would think that his work to help improve the realism and intensity of a game could be so construed as "bad work" when I'm sure that he wouldn't have done it unless he really liked the concept. What he chooses to do is his job, and I think it's sad when people, particularly fans, get high and mighty about his career. That's my 2 pence.

I have not played Red Faction II but I will now keep in mind, same for XIII, because I honestly never have the time for games. The only one I play besides a Katamari Damashi (Damacy) PS2 & Get On The Mic (a Rap-Karaoke game, to practice my rythm for preformance) is Final Fantasy XI Online and that is ONLY due to my responsibility as the head of a clan (Linkshell). It actually saddens me when people have the time for games as anything other than stress relief, but then I remember most people do not enjoy what they do for a living, and then I can see why people "need" entertainment.

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