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Those Jap incomplete DVD's again!

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Yes they're back but this time sold by someone else who admits that there are two episodes missing. I must admit the silver pressed dvd aspect as opposed to dvd-r quirked my attention...



.....FYI: you can now buy silver colored DVD-r's that cost about as much as my beloved ARMOUR-PLATED-DVD-R's. but the thing is,unless the color blue or purple dusturbs some people 'me' wonders what these dvd-r's are meant to convey-(or "not" convey??) if they are true DVDs then this guy/gal must have $6,000-(for bare bones model)-DVD-replicator.-(wish i had one! :smokin: )   ...as Gra says,though,at least he's honest about it being incomplete.

                                          ~se7en :ouro:

     BTW:........LOL!.......i LOVE how he writes,in the biggest boldest letters: "NOT CHEAP DVD-R FORMAT!!!"    :tongue:  :rofl:  :jumping:  :laugh_big

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I'm tempted to buy this for a collector's item, but I'm waiting for the official DVDs from FOX and don't have PayPal.   I wonder if this is Mr. Hong Kong who sold the DVDs before since it said the guy regiostered his account in Hong Kong.

Be Seeing You,

David Blackwell

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Guest Frank_Black_UK

I have this set and it is as far as I can see (I'm no expert on such things) a pressed DVD set. Comes in a card, printed and sealed in celothane box although not official it's very well made. My guess would be it's some dodgy mass pirating ring, producing these along with other DVD's (like the Jap X-Files ones) the people selling them just buy them in bulk and sell them on at a profit, rather than producing them themselves.

Just my theory   :laugh_big:

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