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1013 Fan Season Discussion: Leviathan

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I have continued to watch HR on Friday nights as planned. Just haven't had as much time to post discussion of them here.


The episoded was aptly named, referencing the part of the title of the 17th Century philosopher, Thomas Hobbes' best known work. In an over simplified nutshell, Hobbes study or science of political power advocated a style of governmental rule in which the leader or leaders were absolutely sovereign, inspiring a great sense of both security and fear in the subjects of the sovereignty. He believed the power must be secular, for the most part, flowing from the leader or leaders themselves, not appeals to "higher authorities" or "higher powers". He believed this was the most natural state underwhich to govern, the only way to overcome and control the what he called "the natural state of mankind." In short, the sovereign was encouraged to be a leviathan.

This episode definitely establishes Santiago's reign and style of leadership - his leviathanhood.

I have a few fav moments in the one. I love the teaser, with the bounty hunter's right hand man (for lack of a better term) is walking up to the house, while "Run On" by Moby plays in the background. The song is perfect for the scene, with this bumbling suited man, posing as a door to door travel salesman, using antiquated speech. Great stuff! The music also fits well with the entire teaser, right up to the point when the Bounty Hunter digitally freezes John Cabbot. I love the line and way the song ends on that note, and then the opening titles come up.

My other fav moment is when Hobbes and Florence find the house where they are keeping Pinnochio: Florence wants to charge in, and starts to. But Hobbes pulls her back, and advises caution. But, then, latter, when Hobbes thinks he hears Dexter whimpering, he charges in without a thought! LOL! I thought that was a classic irrational reaction. I think it played well for the story. It seemed realistic to me.

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Leviathan is one of my favorite Harsh Realm episodes and there are many things I love in it. Well, first of all, those Hobbes' over-romantic voiceovers, I like the first one especially. And I like that hilarious moment where Hobbes speaks his "mental letters" to Sophie and Pinocchio says him "Shut up, Hobbes". Hobbes is like "I didn't say anything!" and Pinocchio says something like "Yeah, sure, but I feel you thinking". LOL. :) There was another funny exchange between the guys: when that girl hides Hobbes, Pinocchio and Florence in the tanker, Pinocchio tells Hobbes that he shouldn't trust her, but then suddenly that girl opens the hatch and escapes our heroes. Hobbes grins, and Pinocchio rolls his eyes - that was really hilarious moment. :)

But there were some serious aspects in the episode, too. For example, that sad desire of virtual characters to know something about "mythic" real world. I like conversation between Hobbes and that VC girl. She asks him are there flowers in the real world and somehow it makes me sad.

Supporting cast was great, too. I liked Cabot, a character played by great John Pyper Ferguson.

Well, it was really good and interesting episode with some important character and story development.

To Selfosophy Psycho -

I'm working now on Russian site dedicated to 1013 and Morgan & Wong shows and I was going to launch it on Oct. 13, too -- so I'm really surprised to know that you are going to start 1013 message board at the same date. :) What a coincidence! :) I think 1013 discussions message board is absolutely great idea. I'm really excited about it and of course I'll register there. :)

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