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From Typos to Alternate Universes

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While IMing with a friend, a series of typos, that I made, inspired me to imagine an alternate real world universe and X-Files universe.  Here is the explanation I offered for my typos:

I was refering to the alternate universe where Scully is spelled with a "K."  And Agent Skully is actually Agent Daniel Skully, who is partnered with Fox Mulder.  Dan Skully is played by Julian Anderson.  And there is still sexual tension between Daniel and Fox.  

Also, the X-Files is still on the air for its 10th season, because they didn't change everything to make the ratings drop, and gays in the entertainment media are also very popular in this alternate universe...

and this year's season finale featured...

the cast of...

Queer Eye for the Straight Guy!

The Fab 5 is friends with Agent Daniel Skully, and the team was brought in on special assignment...

to do a make over of AD Skinner!!!


We were dying laughing for about 10 minutes just imagining it all!


I invite any and all to ad to this scenario... I am picturing cameos/crossovers from Will and Grace... etc!  lol

Please, people, if you choose to add on to this thread, please be respectful and not belittling of gays, lesbians, or bi-sexuals.  Thanks you.


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Guest LauraKrycek
LOL!  With the Dan Skully... something similar to that has been thought of before; people used it as an example, citing various events in various episodes, to show that Mulder and Scully were in love.  They were like "Yeah, imagine if it was Dan Scully.  You'd definitely think something was going on then."
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Shudders to think of an alternate Millennium timeline where Frank Black (is a woman) or teh alternate timeline where Frank Black is living with Catherine (who used to be a guy) and Frank has Jordan (adopted or a daughter from a previous marriage).

:rofl:  :rofl:  :rofl:

Be Seeing you,

David Blackwell

P.S.     Strangely imagines and alternate timeline for The Lone Gunmen where there is a whole new meaning why they're called the Lone Gunmen.

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