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The theories about Henry Crocell

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Okay.  You know the memory/historical scene from Frank's life, where he is sitting in a car with his friends outside Henry Croccell's house while he is being loaded into the hurse?  They are all coming up with theories about Croccell.  Is anyone else amused by the theories Frank's friends come up with?  I mean, I know it is supposed to be a sad, depressing scene, but Frank's friends are just such complete dufusses!   :laugh_big:
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:yes_big:Yes.  I remember that scene.  Those boys reminded me of the kinds of kids I went to school with.  Always suspisious of what they don't understand.  Making up wild accusations to fit there warped perspective.
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Guest LauraKrycek
I didn't really see it as funny... I saw it more as sad, because Frank was the only one who could see in the head of this poor, sick, sad man.  Rumors will always start about anything, but it was sad and poignant that Frank saw his pain and knew exactly what he was like.  Maybe Frank could've saved him, if he'd seen it in him sooner.
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