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Some incoherent thoughts about JCDD

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Thanks for bringing this topic up, Watts! I'm all smiling after reading this! JCDD, like the XF's JCFOS, has so many layers that what's the truth ultimately doesn't matter!

I had thought of "The Third Man", apart from the homage, to be referring to Jose Chung too. I hadn't caught the sewer escape connection :clapping:

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Well, after encouraging new members to revive old threads, I thought I should take my own advice, and revive this one. biggrin.gif

I've just watched the episode again, after a very long time. In the scene in the dead professor's office, there are various law enforcement officers, some in civilian clothing, at least one in police uniform, and a technician wearing a jacket with "SPD Latent Print Examiner". Once that caught my eye, and I was sufficiently puzzled by that, I rewound a few times. It did look like that character was carefully placed in the scene to make it obvious to the viewer.

Darin Morgan is meticulous in his writing, and he also directed this episode. I did immediately think of a fingerprint expert, but then thought that no police department would have such a specific title on their work clothing. But then I thought: Latent means "hidden", and Print could also mean "things written down".

I've got no further in my thinking than that. Which is why a topic title with the words "incoherent thoughts" is appropriate. fool.gif

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It confused me too. Chungs thesis about what happened was as far as anyone got regarding what happened to Ratfinkovitch. Then Frank knocks it out of the water. Then that's it. One has to assume the selfosophy psycho was responsible.. because Giebelhouses anti-porn feminist lesbian theory didn't quite pan out. Fran did say it was a torture session for information. And Ratfinkovitch was electrocuted. But that's all we knew even by the end.

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In a way, Ratfinkovich commits exsitental suicide. Ratfinkovich is forced out of a group association that provides much of his personal identity. In his desperate attempt to gain attention (even if that attention is negative) from current members he contacts Jose Chung and contributes to his article. Later, his plan comes to fruition with the pyscho's "interogation" sequence leading to his death.

The electrocution is the direct physical cause of death. Was the machine designed to kill? The eppisode never explores this possibility. The S.psycho was wearing gloves for the entire sequence from contact to departure. It is possible that the result was going to be Ratfinkovich's death no matter the outcome. However, S.Psycho is culpable only for evidence tampering.

I believe that Ratfinkovich wanted to either be allowed to return to the group or die. He found the prospect of living apart to be unbareable. He knew that his prospects for being accepted back in to the fold were extremely small. Yet instead of trying to move on with his life, he found that he could not and took an action that he knew would attract attention and had the greatest potental for contact with a group member. It is possible that Ratfinkovich knew that, and possibly counted on, the selected group member would violently end his life when he reveals how much information he shared with Chung.

Ok, I took this one way too seriously.Oo.gif

Great eppisode. Great post!

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